She hides under the layers.

Puts on an act.

She's a great actress:

Fake emotions, Fake smile, Fake laughter, Fake love for herself.

Lies buried inside her untold.

She blames herself for the facade she has replaced with the real her.

She puts the blame on the big secret she vows not to share.

She wants a friend that can see through the act.

A confident to push her through.

A person to make her feel better without her having to tell whats the matter.

But the girl just hides, hides beneath all the lies.

Fake facial expressions, actions.

What a great actress she is ?

BUT, she wants someone to see, open there eyes, take a chance and see its all a lie.

That is all she wants.

But she stays quite and stuck behind the sun, keeping it all buried inside, pieces falll, and she is ready to collapse.

There's nothing left to hold.

Emotins have all overflown and have been tore away from her soul.

The girl lost the little light she had.

All she needed was a friend.