**my friend told me to upload this for her because she doesn't have an account. she told me i inspired her to write this (no she is not my lover!)

Your Love.

A poem by Rachel.

I'm going to bed, into my sleep and have a lot of beautiful dreams,

I'll wake you up in the morning wishing you're there,

To kiss your lips and ruffle your hair,

You'll kiss me so sweetly until I fall deeply,

The touch of your lips to mine brought chills down my spine,

As I lay in bed, I see your face, I see your grace; I feel no pain,

Why did I let you go my love, for you seem to grow,

My is locked so it may not break in two,

You gave me this ring, and it gives me wings,

And with these wings I shall sing,

I will read you a poem of love; my poem will read the stars above

ABC, 123, my love starts with you and me.