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I stopped. "It's not like what you think," I started, and it left my lips not like how I thought it would. It sounded evasive, tired and nothing like the angry, snappy tone I had heard in my head.

He shrugged. "Ok," he turned to leave.


The word sounded foreign from my lips, as if it didn't belong. I shuddered under my pullover, wanting so desperately to take those words back, but I couldn't.

He stopped, mid-tracks, as if he was waiting for me to say something, anything, I didn't know. He was always so unreadable, I never really knew how he felt all the time, but yet... Somehow I was inexplicably drawn to him, I couldn't understand why.

"I, I..." it came out as an almost whisper, my voice was quivering, on the verge of cracking. I bit my lip hard in a bid to make myself resist the urge to cry. "I..."

He patted my shoulder gently and I shivered from the warmth of his palm on my shoulder.

My arms found their way around him and I rested my head on his shoulder, wanting to cry but unable to at the same time, not wanting anyone to see my vulnerable side. I shut my eyes tight, letting his warmth fill me but at the same time, feeling more guilty than ever for lying once again.

He was still in my arms, he didn't move at all and it was as if he was letting me 'steal' his warmth.

"Thank you," I said, looking at the ground, running from him as fast as I could, not wanting to know his answer, not wanting to look into his dark, almost maroon eyes, not wanting to know what lay within those seemingly sorrowful depths. I turned into the stairs and sprinted down the steps, dashed down the corridor and ran into the female toilet, nearly colliding with a teacher.

At that moment, I really hated myself.

He looked like an angel, standing there on the rooftop, alone, jet black hair made slightly unruly by the wind. The sun shone on his skin, the short sleeves of his shirt making the duality of his skin tone, slightly bronzed and rather pale, obvious. He towered over me by slightly more than an average hand span, but I never had to crane my neck in order to see him. He had taken his glasses off, I wondered why. Was he somehow, tired? I had no idea, the only times I had seen him without them was when he was asleep in between lessons.

I had called him out, or rather, I sent him a message, asking to meet him. I didn't think that he would agree, after all, I guess we weren't rather close, having only two classes together. It was almost a miracle that I could sit next to him in chemistry class, he was always surrounded by his friends, or as anyone who knew what happened in school all the time, his band mates. Somehow on the first lesson he took the seat next to mine and our strange relationship began, just like that.

He was always silent, I learnt his name through what he wrote neatly at the top left hand corner of the cover of our first set of chemistry notes.

His name was Ray.

"You're late," Jade remarked, tying her long, jet black hair into a neat ponytail as I slid into my seat beside her at the cafeteria.

I shrugged.

"Something happened?" she asked, blue eyes clouding with worry and I shook my head, in denial, of course.

"Ok," she reached for her faded denim messenger bag. "Here's the agenda for today's meeting..."

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