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"I saw that," came a low, husky voice from behind me as a hand snaked around my waist. I yelped as I poked the all-too-familiar arm. "Naughty naughty, my sweet."

I rolled my eyes. "You retard," I muttered under my breath. "And so? The bitch deserved it."

Roy ignored my reference to Julia as he surveyed the damage done to my knees, which wasn't much. A couple of bruises and tiny cuts here and there, nothing I couldn't survive once in a while. He brushed his thumb lightly against a cut on my arm and I winced.

"Don't touch me," I struggled against Roy's arms around me and he let me go. "I'm sorry," I looked away.

There was an awkward silence once again and I looked at the ground, hating myself for creating it.

"Why so serious?"

I looked up, coming face to face with Mylere and I shrieked as I hugged her tight.

"Oh. My. God," she patted my shoulders lightly. "Ling, stop squishing me. I'm not your stress ball."

My eyebrow twitched as I let go of her. "You're under-reacting," I grinned.

Mylere rolled her soft gray eyes and shrugged. "Well, things change. Besides, when you start volunteering and helping out around kids, you start to develop a... Motherly instinct."

I smiled wryly. "You, a mother?" I eyed her super short skirt and her long, bushy blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail to show those gigantic earrings of hers that Dr Toreck, the P, would kill her for. If he saw them. "Ok, maybe your chest would do fine, but I doubt everything else would!" I hooted with laughter and she rolled her eyes.

"You poor thing," Mylere ruffled my hair, voice dripping with her trademark sarcasm and I groaned. "Flat as a surfboard."

"Shut up," I muttered through gritted teeth as Roy chuckled.

"So how's your new class?" Roy asked. Mylere was made to repeat a year due to her being absent for almost the whole of last year. She randomly decided to 'go on a journey of self-discovery' and apparently since her aunt (who was her last living relative) didn't really care if she went to school or not, off she went with the money she'd gotten from working part-time for the last couple of years. It was actually quite a miracle she wasn't kicked out of the school and she had become somewhat of a legend amongst the people of our cohort. But well, money talks in my school, so we all knew most could 'pull a Mylere' and get away with it.

"Boooooooooooooring," she yawned. "The boys in my class are pathetic, the girls are no better. Where did all the head-turners in our school go to?" she pouted.

I raised an eyebrow. "Into younger boys now, Mylere?"

"No way," she shook her head. "Ethan was enough trouble."

None of us spoke. Ethan was a year our junior and Roy tutored him in maths. The kid was nice enough, but he was really possessive and extremely insecure. When Mylere couldn't take it any more, she suggested a break up and if Roy had been a second too late, Ethan would've leapt to his death from the school rooftop. The week later, he transferred to another school and since then, we never heard about him ever again.

We reached the cafeteria. Mylere looked around and catching sight of another blonde, Tricia, who was also made to repeat a year, she waved goodbye and left the two of us alone.

"No, not there," Roy groaned.

"Why not?" I grinned as I leaned forward.

"Oh, God, no," he cringed and I licked my lips, satisfied.

"I win," I added a circle to our tic-tac-toe game that we were playing during history lesson and Roy grimaced in mock pain. Mr Luke was one of the most boring teachers alive, other than playing assorted games such as hangman or listen to Mr Luke, there was not much I could do... Except for wonder what Ray did during his history lesson - we shared the same history teacher.

Roy sighed as he shook his head, crushing the foolscap paper we were playing tic-tac-toe on into a ball and taking aim, threw it into the dustbin, much to my amusement as it went in. A few classmates turned to look at him admiringly while Mr Luke continued writing on the whiteboard, apparently, we were going to have a mini test where we would be required to answer one of the essay questions he wrote on the board.

"Did you study?" I asked as I reached for my book on Stalin, which was the topic we were currently studying. Our class was ahead of Ray's by one lesson due to the scheduling of the timetable and some part of me felt grateful for that.

Roy shrugged. "Read a bit on his economic policies, that's all. Anything else and I'm screwed."

My eyebrow twitched. "By Luke?"

He rolled his eyes and laughed. "Nah, that would just turn me off totally."

"Roy," Mr Luke stopped at our table and passed the two of us our test papers. "I hope to see a better essay this test."

Roy's eyebrow twitched as I did my best to suppress my laughter. "Yes sir."

I stayed in school till about 7 in the evening to finish certain papers for chemistry with Ray's help. Well I doubted he intended for it to happen but somehow he noticed that I was struggling with redox and so he offered to explain it to me with that awesome smile on his face that had me breathless for the rest of the night. I left for Jade's house to finalize the details for the photo shoot with Ray walking me out to the bus stop in silence. My skin burned from the occasional contact we had when his hand accidentally touched mine and my heart was crying out for more of his warmth but I said nothing even as we parted at the bus stop and I sat there in solitude, waiting for the bus, watching him disappear from my line of sight as he walked further down the street.

Roy wasn't with me tonight, he had gone home earlier to help his uncle move in. Things in his family were complicated and I knew he didn't like people knowing about it so I rarely asked. I switched on my iPod and pressed shuffle. Strangely, the first song to come on was 'Damned if I do ya (Damned if I don't)' by All Time Low. I laughed sardonically as the bus came and I boarded it alone.

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