She's the sound of water in the morning
When we breathe in the smell of sweat and cigarettes
She's got smiles for Daddy
And a little soft hand for me
I sing secrets into her fingers
And she still thinks I'm silly
What a beautiful baby

All my days grown sunshine flowers
When her bright face flows through my window
By my bedside
Playing hide and seek in the stairways
A miniature display of all things grand
As if the rich life is simply sewn inside the womb
Of a woman who doesn't know
The beauties of pastel pasted colors
Smothered into the sky
Right above the highest highs

You're napping now
In a house too small for each of us
Though it's rooms outnumber the three sets of stairs
We'd rather draw Fay circles around the trees
And dance to Daddy's music arms entangled in strings
The grass stained white with our dresses
And feet growing from the garden door
Our gateway into the Lethe of summer streams

You are my cotton sundress and woven hat
Falling up to reveal my calves
You are the sweetness of chamomile nights
Hung up against a starry sky
Flowing back and forth from a white porch swing

You are the one
Who doesn't belong to me
And yet makes me happier
Than the thousands of small smiles before you

My lovely
My dear