AN: So I went to a Pow Wow recently, and one boy I saw there, one simple native boy - inspired this story. I took one look at him and I was like - BOOM! There's a story. So here's another one-shot. It's a bit random, but whatever's, here it goes.

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"Each shade of blue

Is kept in her eyes.

Keep blowing and lighting,

Because we own the sky."

©M83 - We Own the Sky


"Hurry your ass up!" Chijoni hollered up the stairs. I mentally cursed my cousin and gave myself the once over in the mirror. I was on the usual attire - my skinny jeans, a t-shirt and my high tops. Pulling on my gray hoodie, I zipped it up halfway and let my tagged necklace fall out. I glanced back at the mirror, just for good measure, smiling at the words 'NATIVE PRIDE' embroidered across the back of my sweater. "ANY DAY NOW!" Chi screamed from downstairs. I rolled my eyes and cursed under my breath. Sauntering down the stairs, I couldn't help but laugh at my cousin.

Standing at only 5'4, she was wearing a short skirt, with a tight v-neck sweater and some high heeled cowboy boots. "It took you that long, and you still look like you're going garage sailing?!" she asked me incredulously. I frowned at her. She was my best friend, my cousin, but she was a pain in my ass and style is where we differ. She was glitzy and had to have everything perfect. I was a bit of a tom boy, loving my jeans and sneakers. "Come on, the Pow Wow has already started." she said, grabbing my arm. I had just moved near the Pechanga rez from outside of town, but she was from around so she wanted to get me in on the 'Hot Guy Scene'. The Pechanga Reservation - five minutes from her house - was holding a Pow Wow for the Fourth of July. Our mothers were in Tennessee visiting family and she wanted to get me out. Although Pow Wow's weren't any new game for either of us. We had been to our fair share.

Our mother's are sisters - Taya and Tala Baker of the Cherokee Reservation in Tennessee. I was born here in California, like Chi, but we both had strong senses of ethnic pride. We participated in the traditional Tribal dancing Competitions all around the state, even out of state sometimes, and it was safe to say that we were good. It shocked some when we would walk away with an award because our race is extinct in our part of California.

Black Cherokee.

Yeah, both our fathers were African American, mothers Cherokee Natives.

Strange? Yeah, but we were hardcore Pow Wow Princesses. We never really knew our fathers. They never had much to do with us.

This was the first time I would be in close contact with the Luiseno Indians on the Pechanga Rez. Chi had lived here longer and had some Pechangan friends. I had met a few at some competitions, but never had been close to any of them or their land for that matter.

"You're wearing heels to a Pow Wow?" I asked her as we pulled out of the driveway. She gave me an evil side glance. I chuckled under my breath.

"Yes!" she hissed, "Them Luiseno boys love feminine girls." I rolled my eyes. Typical Chi. She was all about boys, loved them, dated them, lived for them. I on the other end of the spectrum lived for dance. I had only dated a few boys in my seventeen years of life in comparison to Chi's hundreds. "There'll be a lot of hotties. Why do you always dress like a he she? Boys would pay more attention to you if you took some pride in yourself! You look so pretty in competition, and then - you dress like this?" she said jabbing a finger at my attire. I sighed heavily. We had had this conversation time and time again, and it never changed. And I didn't think I looked that bad. My hair was long, nearly touching my lower back - in layers, after I begged mom to get it trimmed. Cutting your hair if your native is like cutting off your spirit. She caved after my begging for months, only if I agreed to keep my hair that I got cut. My eyes almondy and a dark bluish gray. And of course the traditional high cheekbones and pronounced jaw line.

"I like dressing comfortable, kay? Not like some hooker." I flicked her arm as we both laughed. "And besides, if guys don't like the way I look, then they can just turn the other way." I meant this, but it did sting a little when guys would fall over Chi and just look at me like I was the annoying best friend. I had always felt a little competition with her, but never came to any extraordinary avail. My courage would just fizzle out before I had a chance to act on anything and then she would tell me all the things that I did wrong and feel sorry for me.


Sort of, but that's just the way my cookie crumbles.

I was just a meek person I suppose. Being mixed, I've always been looked at strangely. It takes a toll on your confidence because you never know what people are thinking when you perceive you. The only time I was free of my self esteem disputes was when I was dancing. The feeling of the spirits and cultural love eliminated all fears and I was free to do as I pleased.

As we got closer to the Pow Wow, I could hear the familiar pounding of drums and melody of chants. I wanted to dance, my body itched to move with the beat, but I was restrained in my seat. I could already see the people, crowds of foreigners peering at the sights, amazed by the culture that surrounded them. I felt that way whenever I was at a Pow Wow - engulfed with one of the richest heritages on the planet. My feet began to tap on the floor board of the car - something I always did out of excited habit.

"Will you give the tapping a rest?" Chi grumbled. I rolled my eyes.

"Sorry!" I exclaimed, "I'm just excited. I feel like I haven't been to a Pow Wow in forever." in reality I was just at one a few weeks ago, but still, I was addicted. "Just hurry up and park." Chi nodded in agreement. She went in the direction the parking control pointed and drove the rows of cars until she found a suitable parking spot. I opened the door as soon as the car was off, letting the sound of my native music fill my ears. It was a sweet sound, one that fulfilled a quench in me. "Come on already!" I complained as she checked her hair in the side mirror, "You look stunning, let's go already!" the sun was still up, but slowly falling.

Chi was greeted almost instantly by some girls she apparently knew near the entrance.

"Lina!" Chi cried out as she hugged on of the three girls. The shortest smiled warmly at me and I returned the favor. Each girl had your usual long, jet black hair, high cheek bones and beautiful almond eyes framed with thick lashes.

"This must be the cousin we hear about!" Lina said as she released Chi. "Hi, I'm Lina. This is Trin and CJ." she said pointing to the other girls. They smiled and murmured hellos. I grinned back shyly.

"She's pretty." CJ whispered to Lina, not meant to be heard. None the less, it felt good to know that not everyone thought I was a hideous ogre.

"So, let's go!" Chi said enthusiastically. I nodded, glad to get going, to see the sights and people. Each Pow Wow was different in it's own right. Different people, different artifacts, different dancers, different everything.

We fallowed a small crowd of people and I felt like a kid in a candy store. My eyes wandered, seeing boys and girls in their traditional dress, preparing for competition. The craft tables always held my interest as well. I stopped dead in my tracks when we came across a group of teenage boys, in traditional dress, talking and laughing. A few caught my eye and I flushed, looking away.

Did I mention I am a complete pansy when it comes to flirting and boys.

Luckily Chi and the others fallowed suit. We ended up near a craft table that sold feathers and hair wraps. I gazed up longingly at the gorgeous hair feathers and wraps that hung on a line for display. Each one was intricate and unique on it's own. I reached up and lightly ran my fingers over the feathers, loving the light, soft feeling they had on my fingers.

"What are ya doin?" Chi asked me with a grin. I smiled.

"Nothing." I answered her quickly.

"Well there's a cute boy that seems to have taken interest in your 'nothing'." she said, nodding her head behind me.

"Oh, that's Takoda." CJ announced a second later.

Slowly I turned to face my observer.

A handsome boy loomed near the snack bar. One hand lightly resting on the counter, the other clutching a water bottle as he talked to the server, his eyes still trained on me, even though I looked back. His costume was assorted colors, but red took up the primary space. His hair was drawn into two braids, falling over his shoulders, which were unclothed despite his costume. I could see his naval and the stomach muscles that rested there were very - yummy. I had seen my fair share of native boys, he was captivating. By now I would have looked away blushing, but I held his gaze for what seemed like forever. Chi interrupted me a moment later.

"Are you done staring him down yet? He's probably scared to death." I laughed, knowing he was probably just trying to figure me out like most did at first sight. I glanced back one more time to see him smile my way.

Cue my blush.

I snapped my eyes back forward and headed out with the rest of the group.

Takoda, huh?

Chi grabbed my hand and dragged me along until we reached the dance circle as the tot's danced. My favorite part of the Pow Wow was to see the little kids danced - well that and partaking in dancing myself. I grinned as I watched a particular little girl in an orange costume dance gracefully around the circle in the traditional shawl dance. I gazed on with admiration for the little girl in orange. She was amazing and reminded me much of myself.

Feeling eyes upon me, I glanced up to my right to see the boy from the concession stand staring, standing near what I guessed was his family and friends.



Tired and out of breath, I shifted my costume around on my shoulders as I met my ma under the easy up.

"You did great!" she squealed, kissing my cheek. I smiled, looking down at my beautiful mother.

"I need water." I announced, walking away from her and the rest of the family, toward the concession stand. I began to get hot despite the amount of skin that was exposed, uncovered by my costume. My ankle bells clanked as I made my way, smiling at the dressed up little ones and their mothers. I saw a little girl running around, suddenly tripping and falling, her knees skidding on the ground. Her face contorted adorably and I stepped closer to her. She looked up when my body cast a slight shadow over her, tears pooling in her huge doe eyes. I grinned, bending at the half and scooping the little girl up, setting her on her feet.

"You okay, taskii?" I asked, calling her little sister in Lakota. I helped her dust off the front of her jeans and she grinned a toothless grin at me.

"Thank you, tiblo." she answered back, big brother, momentarily catching me off guard with her knowledge of the language. I patted her head as I rose to my feet and she took off, into a group of kids, playing and laughing once more.

"Well, wadn't that just adorable?" I cringed at the voice. I turned fully to see the face of my ex girlfriend, the one that couldn't get it through her thick skull that we were done.


"Kina." I laughed nervously. "How's it going?" I asked. She grinned her mischievous grin and I wished I would suddenly keel over and die. It was two seconds as the thought passed in my mind as she clung to my arm.

"I missed you baby." she cooed. I looked down at her, disgusted. As gently as I could I detangled her from my limbs and took a pace backward.

"You and I aren't together anymore." I said sternly. Her face fell into a scowl, before she slunk forward, reaching for my arm again. I dodged and she looked pissed.

"Common, just one more time for old times sake. It won't hurt." I sighed frustrated, well aware of my group of friends a few feet away, just watching and laughing.

"Sorry. No can do." I told her, turning to leave. She caught my arm.

"Why?! Have you moved on!? Uh?! Who's the other slut?" her voice began to raise and she was catching the attention of other people. I glared at her angrily.

"You and I are not together." I hissed. "It really shouldn't matter if I'm with someone or not. It's done!" I pushed her away and stormed over to concessions for water, bells on my costume tinkling the whole way.

"Rough day, my friend?" Tito, a long time friend, asked, sliding me a bottle of water from behind the counter.

"Onsi la, you have no idea." Mercy. He smiled his annoying smile.

"I saw the great show down, man. You'd think after a while she'd give it up, uh? It has been like three months." I rolled my eyes.

"I know, but I guess she just doesn't understand." I muttered angrily, untwisting the cap of my mni and taking a swig. I stepped to the side to lounge with Tito for a moment. I glanced around at all the people and sights.

Natives, costumes, the music.

It was home to me.

Taking a breath, my vision honed in on a light skinned, long haired beauty. I was momentarily stunned when she drew her hands over some hair feathers, suspended in the air for display. Her fingers grazed their surface so lightly and gracefully. "Ah, the Baker cousins." Tito laughed, watching the girl.

"Baker cousins?" I asked, as I continued to watch as a girl that looked similar, whisper something to her. She turned to look at me and my breath nearly caught.

She was gorgeous. Cheekbones that were sky high played on her face. Her jaw line strong and defined, yet feminine. Her eyes a gorgeous almond shape. Her fitted jeans and high tops set her apart from her friends, who were clad in skirts and tight shirts. I held her gaze as Tito explained.

"The Baker's are half bloods. Some of the best Pow Wow dancers on this end of the country though. My mom knows Chi, that one in the heels, from the competition in San Marcos. I talked to her a few times. She's real nice."

I smiled and she turned around and scurried away, but not before I saw 'Native Pride' in the back of her sweater.

There was nothing sexier than a girl with a sense of ethnic pride.

"The other one is Naiyah, I think. Chi said they call her Nai." he continued to babble as I watched her form disappear in the crowd. I turned back to Tito who had a knowing smirk on his face. "Hot, huh?" he asked. I shook my head and clutched my water, beginning to stalk off. "You know they are!" he cried as I got farther and farther away.

I got back to my mother a few moments later, as I watched my little sister in her orange costume dance across the dirt floor. I smiled with brotherly pride. She was the shit.

"Hey honey." my mom smiled. I grinned back. She watched the young dancers in content for a moment before she looked up and almost gasped. "She's gorgeous." my mom cried, looking in the direction of the observers stands. I snapped my eyes in the same direction, my eyes landing upon Nai Baker. I stood for a moment, stunned all over again as my mom laughed at my glazed over expression. "I guess you agree." she giggled. As if she felt my eyes, she looked up.

After a few seconds of a stare down, I smiled. She flushed and smiled back, quickly looking away.

This Fourth of July was turning out to be an interesting one.

"Well! Go talk to her!" my mom nudged me in her direction. I playfully pushed my mom.

"You know you're the only woman in my life." I teased. She rolled her brown eyes."Where was that revelation when you were with that hussy, Kina?" she hissed and I clasped my hands over my heart, pretending to be wounded. The pulse of the drums stopped and my sister ran off the dirt under the easy up. The sky was getting dark, no more sun to make the it glow. The fireworks would be set off in a bit.

"KODA! Did you see me!?" my little sister screamed, worming her way through people to jump into my awaiting hug.

"I did, wiciala." Aside from my mother, Mila was my favorite girl in the world. "You did me proud!" I wailed as I set her on her feet. She grinned at me and grinned back, looking back at the observer stands to see Nai examining me and my sister. Her friends too had their attention turned on us, with that 'aw' look on their faces. The little sister always scored points with the ladies.


"He seems to be quite enamored with you." Lina giggled, watching him and what looked like his little sister under their easy up. I smiled, he looked like a sweet older brother.

"He's probably trying to figure me out that's all. I don't look like the normal Indian." I tried to sidestep her observation. She laughed.

"I don't think so, but whatever you say chick. He's some kind of gorgeous though." I nodded in agreement. He was handsome, stoically like the natives you see in the movies. I felt a hand clamp down on my arm as Chi dragged me closer.

"The fireworks are starting." she mumbled. "Let's get closer." she said, instructing the others girls to fallow. I recognized the evil glint in her eye, I knew what she was up to. She pulled me along until we were in very close quarters with Takoda and his group of friends, that he met up with when the firework announcement came over the PA. I groaned lowly as most of the boys took a moment to ogle Chi and her friends. I felt a blush color my skin, even knowing that they weren't looking at me.

We waited for the show to start, I awkwardly avoided the boy's gaze.

"Go talk to him." Chi murmured. My eyes grew wide with terror. I couldn't!

"I can't Chi! He'll probably think I'm weird, or being forward!." I tried to reason.

"Forward? Common, this is the twenty first century. Girls do initiate conversation sometimes!" she rolled her eyes.

"I can't!" I shook my head quickly. She nodded.

"You're right. You're not ballsy enough anyway." she muttered looking away. She was trying really hard with the lame reverse psychology. The more and more I thought about it, the madder I became! I was sick of being just the tag along cousin that boys overlooked! Now a cute guy is watching me like hawk and I'm being a little baby! I'm Naiyah friggin' Baker, damn it! I have BALLS! - well in the bravery sense, not technically, that would be…strange.

"Okay." I told her, feeling a sudden burst of courage. "I'll do it!" she looked at me shocked, probably because her retarded reverse psychology finally worked after all these years.

"Really?" she asked me incredulously. I nodded. "She's gonna talk to him!" Chi squealed to the other girls, who squeaked and giggled in approval. I looked over at Takoda, who was talking and laughing to his friends.

Shit! How the hell am I going to do this?

"Well, go on then." Chi nudged me in his direction.

My feet felt like fifty pound weights, I slunked across the distance between our groups. Only a few feet away, I was literally freaking out. I turned to flee, but saw Chi with her smirk and expectant looks on the other girl's faces. I suddenly felt like little girl in junior high, doing something stupid just to fit in with the popular girls.

Determined not to a bona fide sissy, I turned back in Takoda's direction. His friends were all handsome, which I seemed to discover upon arrival in their little group. Their eyes snapped up at me and I felt flush. Most of them smiled or looked at me curiously like Takoda, wondering what the random stop in was for. I smiled weakly. Takoda smiled back, his teeth straight and white.

Some of the guys sensed my nerves and fell away, letting me come a little closer to Takoda. Some stood watching and amused.

"Um, hi." I began lamely. I felt like smacking myself in the face. Takoda grinned and said nothing. I looked back at Chi, shuffling my feet nervously. She had a sympathetic look on her face, expecting me to embarrass myself and run off. Again I was surged with courage and I had no idea what possessed me to do so, but as the first firework shot off and exploded in the sky, I stepped into Takoda's personal space, looking him dead in the eye.

I'll show Chi!

Takoda's suddenly looked curious as to what I was doing, but pleased none the less. I caught some of his friends smirks. Fireworks now bursting in the air, showering us with vibrant light.

I closed the last little bit of space that was between us, whispering "Happy Fourth." before I touched my lips to his. I could taste the shock that played on his mouth.

The alarm in my head was going off about that time, screaming.


The kiss was only intended to last a second or two, but as I was about to pull away, the boy that I had said merely four words to began to respond to me.

I expected him to push me away, repulsed. But on the contrary, his hands found the swell of my hips and pulled me closer. His lips were soft and incredibly warm. My hands began to think on their own, one raising to rest on his waist, feeling his stomach muscles move and flex under my touch. The other lightly resting on the side of his neck, under one of his braids.

He ran his tongue lightly over my lips and I nearly died. I hadn't even French kissed a boy, but none the less, this boy was to hot for me not to open my mouth, so I did. My lips parted slightly and he took advantage, touching his tongue to mine. He gently began to nibble on my bottom lip as I pretty much melted against him. The fireworks booming above, his friends, my friends, watching of his hands came up to cup the side of my face and tangle in my hair. When his friends began to whoop and whistle, I was pulled from my light headedness and he nibbled then on my top lip, pulling slightly and then touching his tongue to mine once more before pulling away. The cat calls and whistles got louder as my head drifted back to reality. I leaned back slightly, feeling my hands that were still very much on his warm skin. My eyes remained closed as I was afraid of his reaction.

I felt a tug on my hip and my eyes snapped open, the grand finale of fireworks booming over us.

"Fourth of July is the best holiday ever." he muttered, then suddenly smiling. I couldn't help but grin back.

I cannot believe that I just did that!

"I'm Takoda by the way." he added with a laugh. I giggled, feeling a little dizzy.

"Naiyah, Naiyah Baker." I introduced myself. He gently laced his fingers in my hair again and whispered,

"I know."

My cheeks flushed and I looked back at Chi and the other girls who had a combination of shocked/happy looks on their face. I winked at Chi and she gave me a thumbs up while mouthing 'Nice Job!' I giggled and then looked up to see the last firework explode and fall from sight.

Fourth of July is a very good holiday indeed!

AN: So there you have another first kiss one shot to the first kiss series! Hope you enjoyed it and I totally wish I had the balls enough to do something like that. That boy at the Pow Wow was some kind of gorgeous, but me being the pansy I am, I didn't even smile his way. Yes, yes, I know that I'm beyond lame, but that's what my writing is for. To write about all the things that I wish I could do, or wish happened to me. My life is lame and therefore, I give you my fiction here on FictionPress! Haha, but thanks for stopping by, and make sure to review and check out my other stuff on my profile! J