My Darling

Knocking on your door; hoping for an opening.
Tapping on your window; awaiting your beauty.
Murmuring the promise; listening for your reply.
Crying out your name; wanting you to remember.
Weeping in the rain; praying for your love again.

I found you in the wet grass; face stained with tears.
You begged at my feet; forgiveness you want granted.
"Please, let me love you like I was supposed to," you say.
I consider, for brief moments; my heart disagrees.
Shaking my head, I turn to leave you in sweet agony.

My heart was burned by your lack of grace.
Scarred forever and ashes falling, it will tear before my end.
One gesture and you leave me to myself so that I can absorb the truth.
The ultimate question that will end my life: Do you love me or have you simply forgotten?
One slash by your shimmering blade will cut my heart from my chest.

I can see in your eyes that you think my love for you has vanished.
But, my darling, you do not see the pain I feel.
When taken in deep consideration how could you possibly know?
This torture, the unending pain, is something I would never let you bare alone.
As I have said many times, my love for you will go unbroken.

Rising from the sorrowed ground; gasping for breath.
I feel the tearing in my chest: a broken heart or a soul ravished by hell?
I walk amongst the ground blundered and afraid for I do not know my path.
Speechless, threadbare, sadistic, perplexed, impure, solitary: the image of my being.
I retreat from your domain as I knew you would want me to, but regret haunts me.

Watching you from the distance hidden in the brush, I fall against the stone.
Heart seizing with misery, breath taken by anguish, my will rendered by death.
Once mine and forever yours, my heart clings to the burned remains of our love.
But there is nothing left where we once basked in each other's souls.
It was such a long time ago and we are both convicted guilty of the murder.

Fallen again, I crawl on my hands and knees, the twigs slicing into my young flesh.
It reminds me so much of your ignorance, your stubbornly set ways.
Why must we put ourselves through this agony when our hearts beat in sync?
If ever I was to be blamed I would cling to you and breathe one last remembrance.
Death will claim us, but who will go first; when will our time flee?

Now on my knees I shout to the heavens, pleading forgiveness, love, and life.
The Angel is arriving; I feel it edging towards my skin, my heart, and my soul.
Screaming your name, lungs nearly bursting, I hear your footsteps.
Do not think I have tricked you, my darling, because it is far from that.
When death chose me first, I called for you for reasons I cannot explain.

Darkness is around you, drifting through the air, seeping into your soul.
I could sense it when your voice rang throughout the clearing and clinging desperately to my heart.
Reaching out I took your hand: touching, kissing, and comforting you.
The reunion I always wished has now been granted only our time is cut short.
Gasping you say your last words, but you are not yet taken,

Your soul holds beauty beyond which I have never seen, your touch warm and soft.
Held tightly in your arms I am content, but your cries pain me for eternity.
Our last moment did not occur to me in this nature.
So little time I have to tell you my regrets.
Forgive me of my misfortune.

There is nothing to forgive, let us remember our love in happiness.
Your eyes are closing, the weight of the angel's song lays upon your shoulders.
In my arms you cease to breathe, your heart is still.
Clouds pass as your lips turn blue, the wind sounds and life is taken.
My Darling, death's angel leaves us to battle for eternity.

© Copyright 2009 by Taylor Sikes