My sight was blurry around the edges, almost like a dream. I was peeking out around the corner of a building made of mud and brick, looking into a shadow in the night of the market. No one was out, as everyone had gone home after a long day's bartering. It was going to rain. I could taste it in the air, which was thick with the scent of rotting fruits and vegetables that had been thrown out, no longer good to sell. I watched as Allious lowered his mouth to the woman in his arms. She was beautiful in her white gown. Her bright red hair spilled over his arms, her head thrown back, pale neck bare, welcoming the bite. Her hands on his shoulders tensed for a mere second before relaxing as his fangs pierced her tender flesh. A light rain began to fall and my hands pulled the hood farther over my head.

The name of this woman came to mind, Nallia, as well an overwhelming feeling of jealousy. But this was not me feeling it. It was the person through who's eyes I was seeing. I felt my mouth move, but it was not my mouth. Barely above a whisper, words were spoken in a language I could not understand.

Suddenly, I watched as Allious's arms tightened around the woman. Her eyes flew open, and her hands began pushing at the broad muscled arms that held her. She began to scream words in another language, and I recognized it as french. I didn't know french, so I could not decipher what she was saying. Soon her screams faded and her arms hung limp at her sides. And still Allious kept locked onto her neck.

A grin spread across my face. Why was I smiling? I felt an unfamiliar pull on the right side of my face. No. This was not my face.

I tried to scream at Allious, at the woman in his arms. He was going to kill her! The ears I was hearing with heard her heart start to slow, as it began skipping beats. She was dying! He couldn't do this! It was breaking a vampire law, and if the council found out they would put him to death!

I was trapped in the body, watching the horrifying scene play out before me. The mouth on my face whispered one word. A tremor seemed to go through Allious. He pulled his mouth away from the woman's neck and looked down at her in horror. Desperate french words flowed out of his mouth as he lowered her to the ground, shaking her gently. I saw the front of her gown stained bright red, and her fair skin was now nearly as white as her gown. Finally he just sat there, a look of fear and defeat on his face, staring at the woman on the ground.

Thoughts flew through my head as the smile faded. He needed to turn her. She was too young to be turned, but it would be his fault, and the council would put him to death, then she would be mine. Her heart was nearly stopped. And still he remained there, staring at her in disbelief. What was he doing? Turn her! Turn her before it's too late! I need her! Turn her...

I woke to dim lights and the scent of roses. I was confused about the scent as I looked around and saw that I was in a limo, and laying on Allious's lap. I didn't look up to see his face; I just knew the feel of his lap from many nights of laying in it, watching movies. A hand brushed the hair out of my face as I sat up slowly. My head was spinning, but a few deep breaths cleared that up straight away. Looking down on the other end of the limo I saw why I smelled roses. Julius was sitting there, wrapped in his angelic white cloak, holding three bright red roses. The look he was giving me was a mix of sorrow and desire. Why did I want to go to him and sate both of those looks at once?

"Are you well, my Angel?" I turned my head back to my vampire love's words. I pushed away from him and pouted in the corner. I let myself be pissed. It helped push back that sudden urge to go to the blond vampire.

"Why did you let him do that?" I snapped, throwing a glare at Julius. He lowered his eyes to his lap, fingering the ends of the roses. A very human reaction. He was ashamed. Aw. Poor vampy.

"I am truly sorry, Angelica Chains," he said softly. I had to strain to hear him.

"Julius realized that I wouldn't be able to convince you to return home, so he figured if you were to sleep, you wouldn't be able to argue with our taking you to the airport anyway," Allious said a little too quickly. Fucking vampires.

"You know I'm not getting on any fucking plane," I stated, pulling my jackets tight around me.

"We've discussed that during your slumber," Allious said. I threw a glare his way, too. I had enough glare to go around, it seemed. "I explained to Julius how truly stubborn you are-"


"You are welcome, my Angel. We are allowing you to accompany us to the Council Hall."

Great. I'm the tag-allong. Well, it was better than sitting on a plane for four hours, going home, and waiting to see if Allious would come back... I knew he would, but I just hate being told to do things. I'm an independent woman, damnit!

"No need to feel small. You are bigger than your stature, my lady," Julius said quietly, raising his eyes to me. Did he just read my thoughts?

"Julius. Stay out of her mind," Allious barked sharply. I looked at him, then at his brother, wide-eyed.

"What are you, psychic?" I asked him. He gave me a half smile and merely nodded in response. I gave a "Hm" and leaned back against Allious, my arms still crossed.

"I am much more than that, Angel, if you would care to find out," he purred.

Allious's arms appeared around me to hold me tight. Ah, primal instincts. "Must you say such things?" He asked his blond brother, who lost his small smile, looked down, and went back to fiddling with the ends of the roses.

"Apologies, Allious," said the blond. I suddenly noticed that with each time he'd spoken, something in my head pulled towards him. Something wasn't right. I'd never allowed myself to be rolled with vampire tricks. What the hell had he done to me?

I took this moment to do something I didn't normally do. I closed my eyes and concentrated, visualizing a hand-like energy pushing outwards from my aura. It was light blue with tints of yellow. I could see Allious's aura, a purple haze floating around him, and off of the arms holding me. On the other side of the limo, sitting slumped in the seat was Julius. His aura was a pale gold, with lines of dark red radiating out from his head. I pushed the stream of energy from me towards him. Just before reaching his aura, he looked up, and his aura flashed, seeming to target mine. I opened my eyes, my head spinning. Julius was staring at me, shock evident all over his face, his lips barely parted.

I raised a hand to my head, attempting to stop the limo around me from doing flip-flops. I slowly turned my gaze to Allious, who was looking out the window. He hadn't noticed anything. What the fuck? How could he not have felt that?

"Angelica, I do not like being fought." Julius chided from across the limo. I shot him a glare, and instantly regretted it when my vision flashed with the too-sudden turn. I squeezed my eyes shut and put my head in my hands, forcing Allious to loosen his hold on me.

"Julius, what did you do? Are you sure you are well, my Angel?" Allious asked, petting my hair once.

"Yea. I'll be fine... It's not Julius's fault... I... I just have a headache." I was lying for him. Why was I lying for him? He'd assaulted me at the hotel, held me in the air by my throat, and insulted me by calling me a meal, and I was lying for his defense? What the hell?

I wasn't really paying attention to where we were going until Allious let out an "ah" as he looked out the window. The limo rolled to a stop and the driver got out to open the door on my side. Freezing wind rushed in, smacking me in the face. Damnit, two jackets were just not enough. I got out and attempted to look at my surroundings with the wind whipping my hair about. We were in front of a very plain, windowless white building, surrounded by forrest. The sky above was beautiful and almost clear. A long winding drive way seemed to loose its way into the trees, so you had no view of any kind of other civilization. I stood hugging myself, waiting for Allious and Julius to exit the long black car. They pulled the hood of their white velvet cloaks over their heads, covering half of their faces, and stepped out into the snow. The driver shut the door, returned to his seat, and drove the limo away.

The brothers came to my sides; Allious on the right, Julius on the left. We turned to the building, and the double doors opened wide to welcome us. Allious leaned down to me and quickly whispered, "Please, my Angel, for everyone's safety, say nothing and do nothing unless asked." I gave him a nod. I was walking into a building full of vampires, in the middle of the woods. I'm good against two vamps, maybe three, but I wasn't stupid enough to try anything in a building full of the most powerful of the damn things.

We walked through the front doors, wide enough that all three of us stayed side-by-side. It wasn't as warm as I'd have liked it inside, but it was out of the wind and wet snow, so I wasn't going to complain. Once inside, it was like walking into a doctor's office. It was a reception area. And white. Everything was white. The quaint cushioned chairs against the walls, the coffee table in the center, the side tables topped with white lamps, even the carpet was as white as fresh snow. They must have had to shampoo the floor every day to keep it that clean. The thing that stood out, though, was what was on the coffee table. Magazines. I used to think that all vamps read like, old books in ancient languages, but there on the table were magazines. I recognized a couple of titles and held back a giggle. Vampires Monthly and Darkness Abounds. Yeah, they're in the media, too. Go figure.

The cute receptionist in black pigtails and large gauges raised her head to look at us. Without even a smile, she slid open the glass window and said, "The girl must remove all weapons." Oh. So she noticed. Goddamn vampires.

I looked at Allious, expecting him to defend me and my Pride and Joy. I got a look that said Sorry. Rules are rules, accompanied with a one-shoulder shrug. I huffed and stomped towards the receptionist's desk, making it obvious that I wasn't happy. I unbuckled my holster and handed my babies to the now-smiling Pipi-receptionist-stockings. Enter pouty-face here. Oh, I wasn't happy. I don't go anywhere without my Pride and Joy. Not only did I have people wanting my head on a platter everywhere I went, but... I just felt naked without them at my sides.

Once my fourth and fifth limbs were concealed behind the counter, the girl looked to her left to nod at someone on the other side of the wall and hit a button, resulting in a buzzing sound. I realized it was an access lock when the door across the room opened and a tall white hooded figure walked in. Well, walked after he had to bow slightly to get through the door. He had to be seven foot, easy. When he stood up straight, head nearly touching the ceiling, he raised his hands and brought the hood back. Dark brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. His facial features were as striking as his height, looking like he was carved out of stone. His eyes were odd, indeed. A dark red. Like dried blood, and they took up the whole of his eyes. No pupil, no whites. Ok, so maybe odd is a bit of an understatement.

I watched as those red eyes looked at the men at my sides, not giving a glance to me as he spoke. Its difficult knowing which direction those eyes were pointing, really, but I just felt it.

"Allious, how kind of you to escort the accused to the trial of his doom." That voice was so deep, I felt it reverberate through my bones. Wait. Julius was on trial?

Allious pulled his hood back. his brother was looking at the floor. "Malcom, I am not here for my brother's conviction, as you can understand," Allious purred.

The tall man, Malcom, nodded once and stepped aside, motioning to the open door behind him. "If you'll please," he said, "the trial is about to begin."

I felt rather invisible, but followed my vampire love's lead passed the scary tall vampire and through the door, with Julius close behind me. When we entered into the main room, I was taken aback at the sudden change of decoration. Ok, color. It was like walking into a black hole. It looked like one of those scary rooms you only see in horror movies, where it's like the darkness is a solid thing, and it seems to be pressed around you, trying to suffocate you. In the center of the room was a single chair, simple, wooden and white, with one single drop light above it. Around the rest of the room was one long desk, which sat eleven figures with two obvious seats that have yet to be occupied, silhouetted against some white light coming from behind them. Very ominous, indeed.

Allious put a hand on my elbow and led me without a word to a chair that I didn't see, close to the door that we had just walked through. As he sat me down he whispered into my ear, "Please, Angelica, as I said before-"

"Keep my mouth shut and my ass planted. Yea, I got it," I whispered through my teeth. He let go of my elbow with a slight shove and abruptly turned and walked away, being joined by a super-tall Malcom, who stopped him for a moment. They started arguing in french. Yet another language I didn't know. This was one of the times I really wished I had taken those extra language courses in collage. I didn't know what they were arguing about, but after a couple of backwards glanced towards me, and I bet it was about yours truly. I suppose it was settled, because they moved too fast for me to see, and suddenly the two empty seats were occupied. I could tell which one was Malcom, towering over everyone else, so Allious had taken the other seat. From the shape of his head I could tell he had put his hood back up. So had Malcom.

There was silence, a stillness in the air that nearly made my eardrums pop. Then the deep, thundering voice of Malcom reverberated through out the room. "Julius! Come forward!"

A slow swooshing let me know that Julius was walking towards the center of the room. His white cloaked figure stepped into the light beside the lone chair. He shrunk to half his size, I guess he was kneeling, head bowed. "I come before the council, at ye's request, that I be judged for my crime." There was a very noticeable tremble in that smooth voice. That overwhelming feeling came to me again, to go to him and offer comfort, to sooth the fear in his voice. I gripped the sides of my seat, feeling my knuckles turn white. Ass planted. Ass planted. Ass planted.

"Would you be so kind as to explain to us your crime," Came a young-sounding woman's voice.

"If you would please, my Lady, I would rather not speak it. The mere thought of my mistake haunts my every waking second..." His head lowered more. "I am ashamed." The last part came out in almost a whisper.

"As well you should be, Julius." My attention snapped to the silhouetted Allious. Pain was evident in his voice.

The deep voice of Malcom pierced the darkness once more. "Julius Obliette, you are charged with attempting to turn a human under the legal age. Then killing her. Do you offer an explanation?"

"Yes, my Lord, if I may."


"I... I found the girl, Council, near death, her heart almost stilled." His head rose and he took a deep breath before continuing. "Someone left her there, drained. I was only decades turned, and I judged her to be of legal age, if not barely so." His voice trembled. It sounded like he was about to cry, but he continued. "I tried to save her. She was so beautiful... I... I had to save her..." One single, loud sob wracked his body. Then he stilled.

"Did you see who left the girl?" Said the young woman's voice again.

...I watched as Allious lowered his mouth to the woman in his arms. She was beautiful in her white gown. Her bright red hair spilled over his arms, her head thrown back, pale neck bare, welcoming the bite...

"N...No, Councilman," Julius said.

...I watched as Allious's arms tightened around the woman. Her eyes flew open, and her hands began pushing at the broad muscled arms that held her...

"If she were so close to death her killer must have been quite near by," A different voice, suspicious.

...A grin spread across my face. Why was I smiling? I felt an unfamiliar pull on the right side of my face. No. This was not my face...

"The... Killer must have only left. I believe I was there just in time." Julius sounded panicked.

...A tremor seemed to go through Allious. He pulled his mouth away from the woman's neck and looked down at her in horror...

"I tried... I tried to save her, don't you see?" Julius stood.

I forgot to breath. Oh Goddess above... It couldn't be...

...She was dying! He couldn't do this! ...

"Calm yourself, Julius!" The silhouette of Allious stood.

...Desperate french words flowed out of his mouth as he lowered her to the ground, shaking her gently. I saw the front of her gown stained bright red, and her fair skin was now nearly as white as her gown...

"You couldn't understand! Any of you!" Julius tore his cloak from around him and tossed it aside. A simple white dress shirt tucked into black slacks, shiny dress shoes at his feet. He was standing with shoulders tensed, rising and falling with his panicked breathing, fists balled at his sides. My hands were numb from gripping my chair. I stood, and saw Allious's hooded figure move, looking in my direction.

"Lords and Ladies of the council, allow me to speak to my brother for a moment, so he may calm himself." Allious pleaded.

A moment of silence and Malcom spoke. "I will allow it."

In a rush of air, Allious was at my side, pulling Julius along by his arm. He led both of us through a door to another room. My eyes stung at the sudden brightness of the fluorescent lights above. When I could see again, Allious stood before both of us, hood back, looking from one to the other. His eyes finally settled on me.

"Did I not instruct you, Angelica Chains, to stay seated before the council?! You do understand that they will kill you without even a first thought!" His beautiful eyes bled into the whites, like liquid jewels, melting before me.

"I understand that, Allious. But I need to talk to Julius for a second, ok?" I turned to the lightning blond man at my side. He was staring at me, and I gasped. His eyes had bled to a fiery gold. So different from the usual grey.

Allious grabbed my elbow for a moment and said, "You will explain everything to me when this is over." He let go, and he left, leaving Julius and I staring at each other. I wanted to go to him, to touch his skin, run my fingers through that bright, bright hair.

I shook my head and took a few steps back. "What the hell did you do to me?" I said more calmly than I'd expected to.

Julius's jaw clenched and unclenched. His hands were still fists at his sides, and his breathing was quick but even through flared nostrils. "I do not know what you mean, my-"

"The fuck you don't Julius!" I snapped. "You did something to me in the hotel, and the limo. Something to my mind, something...intimate, for lack of a better word. After, might I add, you insulted me and held me in the air by my throat!" I balled my own fists at my sides. Not so much in anger, but to keep myself from touching him. My Pride and Joy would have been very comforting right about then.

He lowered his head, still looking at me, and a low growl came from somewhere in his throat. He smiled. It was not a friendly smile. "Intimate, you say, Angelica?" One step towards me. I stood my ground.

"Don't be coy, Julius. You got into my head. Somehow. What the fuck makes you think you have the right to do something like that? Hm?" As I was speaking, he'd taken another step closer, putting him inches from me, forcing me to crane my neck at a painful angle to keep eye contact with him. Not that that was the best idea in the world, but primal instincts had taken over.

"I have every right," he said, voice so smooth. "Your dear Allious took her from me." My eyes went wide. He knew what I saw, and I knew what he had done. "Oh yes, I knew what I was doing. I know what I am doing now. Allious will pay-"

"You're trying to set him up... Why are you... How... He's your brother!"

Impossibly strong hands took hold of my arms, keeping them at my sides. I couldn't look away from his eyes. Fuck. "My dear brother tore my heart out of my chest!" He said it like it left a foul taste in his mouth. "He had no care for me, his brother. He swooned her and stole her love from me. For centuries I have dealt with such pain, you cannot begin to understand." He paused a moment, to put a smooth cold hand to my face. Every nerve in my body told me to move away, to not let him touch me, but I couldn't budge. "And now, Angelica, I will take you from him, and he will pay for what he has done." He moved the hair off of one side of my neck. "I will take you, because you will not fight it." Goddess help me, I couldn't move. "I will take you, and you will scream for me." He lowered his head to my neck, drawing in a long breath through his nose. "I will take you, and break you..." An arm went around my waist. "With blood." A kiss, so gentle. "With power." A rush of thick, warm air crawled over me, and he drew a long, wet line up the skin of my neck before drawing away and looking into my eyes. "And I will make him watch."

His power poured over me, into me. It dug its way into my eyes, my mouth, my chest, my stomach, and made things lower in my body tighten. I felt sick for it, but when a final wave of hot power hit me, I could not deny him. He was my God, my Goddess. He was the air I breathed, and everything that kept me alive. He was everything I saw.

Until, for the second time that day, I saw nothing.

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