The Sound of Water

by Sana Noor

The gravel crunching underneath our soles

We stumble on the uneven ground

It's nothing like the straight pavements

We've walked on our whole lives

The sun blazes down upon us

From the cracks above between trees

Here and there

There are trees everywhere

Sweat trickles down my face

I wipe it away with my hand

For a second I'm tempted to lick it away

As my thirst for water tries to take over

Further away in the distance

I can hear a sound

One that seems to calm my senses

And relax my nerves

Over in the distance

The sound is familiar

One that I never thought I would be happy to hear

In my world of sodas and energy drinks

My feet seem to be moving towards the sound

But my mind seems to wander

Towards the feel of the coolness of it

Going down my throat

I know I'm nearing it as the sounds grow louder

It fills my heart with hope and joy

As I take long strides and make my way

Towards the babbling brook

My heart leaps with happiness

At the sight before me

The water makes a wavy, lustrous pattern

And I bend down towards it

The water flows through my hands

As I reach out to touch it

Just to make sure it's real

I'm so glad that I followed the sound of water