During my travels with my master, the three reactions I see the most are horror, surprise or relief.

Usually guilty ones are horrified, afraid of who is going to judge them on the other side.

The ones who are surprised are usually the young ones… usually soldiers in battle.

The ones who are relieved are those who have been suffering many, many years. They usually follow us the most easily.

Which is why when I see her reaction, I stop quite literally stop dead in my tracks.

"Hello," she says to us. "I've been waiting for you."

I want to reach out and catch her, but my master holds me back. He watches her until she lands on the pavement. Only then does he reach out and take her by the hand.

I do not look at her as we move away from where she fell. We move silently through the crowd that has gathered, her bare feet pattering on the cement sidewalk. To the people, it is the wind moving through the leaves on the tree.

My master stops and we all look back at the crowd.

"No regrets?" asks my master, which surprises me because he doesn't speak to the people we take.

"None," she says. "None at all."

We walk on.

After a while, she leaves us. She gives us a small smile and says, "Wish me luck." Then she turns and goes. She doesn't look back at us. We watch her until she vanishes.

"These are my favourite ones," says my master. "You don't get them very often."

"Why?" I ask as we turn to go. "What's so different about that sort of people?"

"They actually welcome us," says my master with a faint hint of a smile. "It's nice to be wanted once in a while, don't you think?"

A/N: I know this story is kinda weird... It kind of came out of nowhere. What do you guys think? Please let me know.