Ok, so this is just a re-make to my badly written fics with run-ons and horrid grammar. I'm starting off with my favorite dream to the least.

And I'm gonna cut out a part because it's too long.

To my Disappointment

Life. They say that it's unfair and full of disappointment. I too, say the same.

"Don't cry..." I whispered. It wasn't loud enought for my mother to hear "I'm here." once again, my words were swept away by the wind. It all started one night after my extracurricular class, wushu. I had a passion for it but I never showed it.

After class, I just sat on whatever chair or maybe chat with someone but that time, it was different. It was late and the adult class was ending yet no one had come to pick me up yet.

I looked over my left shoulder where a mirror was. I loved that mirror. I could look over there and see inside the teacher's office which was just right on the left side of it. The room was small of course, the school was just a room broken into more rooms at the top of a 3 stories building and they were all music classes. I was on top of the building of course, the only floor used for all the classes from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Why do I say that and explain all of that? Well, I was looking at something I've never seen. The mirror reflected the inside of the room from my angle. I saw something like a black hole. My attention wasn't on the mirror anymore. I was already checking out the office. It was the normal office of all time of course but right in front of me was a black hole. I took one step into the room and the office disappeared. It was a park and what I saw was something I couldn't believe. It was beautiful, it was dark but I was now looking at the ancient Colosseum.

Was it Roman or was it Greek? I should have paid more attention during History class. I turned around and saw the school and the class still going on. I looked back at the Colosseum and duh, I couldn't see inside of it. I looked up at the sky thought. The moon was almost full and the stars shone brightly. It had so much more stars than ever and it was so silent and it felt so lonely but hoping to see some more. I slowly walked in. As I was getting closer to one of the big round door-less entrances. I noticed that it was like a normal door. It wasn't too large and if I were any taller I could hit my head in my way in. The room was small and cramped. A bunk against the wall, a door at the left corner of the oval room, a TV on a small desk at the other side and a chair. That's it. The room looked pretty and comfortable but I didn't want to get it so I walked on, making a turn around the Colosseum.

First, I saw my best friend Arcelia. She was a purple belt and right now, she was just sitting on her bunk and on top and her little brother under. They were both staring at the TV but it was so silent and there was no light coming out of it. It was off yet they stared at it, completely absorbed into the tiny machine.

I rather not interrupt them even thought they weren't doing anything. I kept on walking and walking, I saw more people after various rooms there was a person but I skipped it. I couldn't tell if it was a guy or a girl but the face was blurred almost like censoring. I decided to stop thought after a long while of taking a turn. I climbed to the second floor from where I was and entered.

I opened my eyes, I didn't know that I had them closed and I found myself in a broken ship. It was rocking softly, I was falling thought. I watched as more lightning struck down from afar and hit the sea, whirpools, broken barrels, some barrels still intact were floating around. I felt like I was going to fall in and drown and time stopped as I blinked some more and I was actually just standing in the middle of it.

A colossal pink monster rose from the sea and sank back down. I turned to my right and saw a boy in white but really dark hair and skin, somewhat around my age and he had a yellow belt just like mine. I didn't even know the position. The ship was rocking but it was in a...diagonal way almost as if it was sinking but froze. In fact, a part of it was under the water while I stood in the middle as if the ship was the world, holding me down with its gravity but it was just a wooden pirate ship as I looked at the flag. He stood in front of the mast, staring at the structure of it but only the bottom of where it connected the ship.

"Hey, wassup?" I blinked and realized that he was looking at me. To shake my head and point at myself signifying to ask if it was me would be stupid. I was about to do it but we were the only ones in this ship.

Restlessly, more lightning struck and it struck loudly, it hit the water and as I stayed silent the longer, the closer it got.

"...Juan?" I asked, my voice came out in whispers.

"That's me." He answered calmly with no emotions whatsover. That idiot...

"What are you doing here?"

"I heard that this place was a dorm."

"Really? Are you going to stay here?"

"Of course not, this place is for the rich and snotty." Just look at that hypocrite.

"I would." He leaned on the mast and I was suddenly back to the entrance of where I had used to get into that ship.

I wanted to look back in for a moment, maybe just to say one more thing to him but I decided not to and jumped off. I landed right in front of another room of course. I looked inside after hearing sounds coming from it.

"Brad?" I said out loud. God, why didn't I keep it to myself?

Fortunately for me, he didn't turn around to look at me as if he was just like Arcelia, completely absorbed at whatever he was watching but the TV was on. That was less creepy.

I just decided to stay. It seemed so fun.

So I went back to the school and turned around to see the office. The portal wasn't there anymore but the entire Colosseum and the office was no longer there. I kept on moving my head around like a idiot but I was checking my constantly changing surroundings and I found my mom. She came to pick me up and there was my sister too.

"I got two pups!" She said to me, jumping. It felt awkward to see a 30 year old woman to act in such a way so then I turned to my mom "It's a dorm here, can I stay?" I asked.

"Ok," she said plainly "but don't say that I didn't warn you if you do not want to stay here anymore. I smiled or so I thought I did and as I was about to thank her. I was in the office. THE office, not the Colosseum. My wushu teacher wrote down my name in a list then looked at me.

"You are staying with..." I was hoping for him to say Brad. Brad is a really hot and tall guy. I was one of the tallest here but he was younger and taller than me. That was the bad thing. He's from 1996 and I'm from 1995. I did not want a younger guy but it wouldn't change his image. I was no way, in love with him. I don't love guys for their looks, I love them for their personality and strenght.

He had been here for more than 4 years, I suppose or maybe less. He was still red belt, not because he failed but he woulnd't do the exam. And as I was thinking all of this, I realized that time had stopped but I kept hoping to be roommate with sexy Brad as I like to call him.

"Brad." YEEEAAAH! I didn't even smile and I was happy. I turned around and I saw hands putting clothes into a bag. I realized they were mine and I was the one packing from the main room of the school. I just closed the bag, picked it up, and went inside the Colosseum where Brad was.

He didn't notice me thought, he was still watching TV so I just entered but accidentally kicked a bag of his.
I froze and all I could think was "Oh god, oops...".

"Huh?" He turned to me and looked at his bag "Sorry, come in." He approached me and threw his bag to the other side of the room and I took another step forward only to kick something else.

"Watch out, it's pretty messy here." I noticed although I couldn't see a thing on the floor and the room wasn't very bright. I stepped on something this time. I realized that I stepped on his boxers so I just dropped my bag and jumped to the bunk.

"You take the top." he said plainly as he stared at his TV. I wanted to take a bath and change but I couldn't so I just laid on top, trying to ignore the loud volume of his TV.

"Where's the bathroom?" I asked. He stood up and I jumped down. He door on the left corner of the oval room, the only door anyway. It led to a really tight passage and I mean really really tight. I had to walk on my side and he and I were terribly skinny but I had no strenght unlike him.

It felt like I walked the longest tunnel in my life when it was just a short one. I reached a dead end with him and he said "It's over there." He pointed at another passage on the right but it wasn't in the dead end but a few decimeters away from the dead end where a dark window was. It had no curtain, it was small and square but it showed nothing but darkness. I walked in the passage which was more of a cramped rectangle room. He followed me and pointed ot the door in front of me "That's the bathroom." I opened it and it was nice and clean so I turned around "Thanks." I didn't want to use it thought. I don't know why but it gave me such a creepy feeling.

I turned around and Brad was gone but three crates were in my left so I checked it out and I saw my nephew ran outside. All I could think of was, what the fuck? As I was about to walk into the tight passage once more. My nicece came with blades in her hand, it was one blade being held by each of her fingers and she hit me with one, then another, and another. I fell on the first hit and she kept on going. The blades were aluminium blades that are used in training but it hurt. It was hard and each time she sliced me, she would use a next blade and everything around me turned dark. I was no longer in a room but in a dark place where I could see myself getting slice by a blade getting sharper each time and until the last one came, everything turned slow so I grabbed it and threw it away.

I was back in the room again and my niece was gone. I left the room. Now for sure, I'm never going there again. EVER.

Brad was still watching TV so I just climbed to the top bunk and slept.

I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and I realized I had my cellphone with me, I used it as an alarm clock and the next thing I knew that I was the last one to wake up. Brad was gone and so was everyone from the Colosseum so I went to the original building and it was taichi class. Everyone were in their uniform. So I just waited for the day to end but I could not remember anything. Right now, I was just in the original building from where I stood and my sister was there with some pups. I played with them and I was in my room. My sister took them away and left. I set my alarm to 5 a.m. and when I woke up. I went to the male dressing room which no one used.

To my surprise, it was now a kitchen and dining room. There were two doors on the right. I just approached and no one seemed to notice me. I felt left out so I just went to one of those doors and I was in a bathroom. There was a 4 rows of toilet, they were more like those plastic chairs that you could lay on and get a sun bath at the beach but there was a toilet in the middle. I laid on one and it was comfortable but it was more like for pooping. I then turned around and there was a bathub in the other side. I wanted to take a bath but then a boy and a girl came.

They were form my school but in academic school. I changed my mind and went back to the kitchen. It was cramped when I took my seat and at that moment, everyone noticed me. I had a bowl of rice in font of me and some chopstick, I picked those up but then I realized that this whole time, my wushu teacher was shouting at her niece, my best friend Arcelia.

"YOU ARE NOTHING! I TOLD YOU!" he shouted as he used his chopsticks to point at Arcelia. She looked calm but I could tell that she was sad. She looked up at him.

"I'm sorry, I-"

"NO BUTS! You sicken me and I can't eat now! After you finish, grab a real blade and we'll have a duel!" I was quite frightened myself and now I couldn't tell how she would feel since it's directed to her.

Soon, everyone left the room and it was just me, Arce, ad Brad. I wanted to comfort her as she looked at the floor and a few tears escaped from her eye and trailed down her cheek. I only focused on her shoulder and saw a hand rest on her.
For a moment, I thought that it was mine until I saw the whole thing. It was Brad.

"Don't cry." he said softly.

"I can't do it. I can't kill him. Brad, you're a red belt and I'm purple and even you can't beat him."

"Just grab a sword and slice him then that's all." he said rather cheerfully.

Arcelia immediately chuckled lightheartedly and they both stood side by side, one arm around each others neck like really attached friends. I felt horrible thought. I guess over those three days, I fell in love with my roommate that was clearly in love with my best friend.
I walked back to the original room that was completely empty.

Memories hit me and I realized that I didn't know what day it was and if I had missed school or not. SHIIIT!

Black and green blurred as I ran back home and found my mom crying.

And that's my tale. I just left for 3 days and this happened. As I tried comforting my mother, she didn't seem to know that I was with her despite the fact that I put my hand on her shoulder and ignored her smoking.

"Don't cry." I whispered. It wasn't loud enough for my mother to hear "I'm here."

"I told her that it didn't matter but it actually does!" she sobbed out.

Life. They say that it's unfair and full of disappointment. I too, say the same.
Brad actually loves Arcelia, what will I say to my school teachers to justify my 3 days absence? Now look at what I did to my mother. It all turned out to my disappointment.

Ok, this is waaay better than my first! I love how I made the ending! If this was so long that you can't remember the beginning then re-read the first two paragraphs at the beginning and you'll see how magnificent it turned out! Or at leas that's what I think since it's my work.