Okay, so I started writing this awhile ago and just recently found it in an old draft on my email. I just finished writing it, so sorry if it sucks.

I never thought I would be in jail of all places for my sixteenth birthday. Especially not with my buddy Jarrod. I bet you're wondering why I'm sitting in a dingy and cramped jail cell. Well ya see, today is my birthday and Jarrod got this great idea that we were gonna throw this big bash. The party was going great, lotsa booze, dancing and music. But then the cops showed up lotsa people made it out, but I of course could not, the party being at my place and all. So that is why I am here, tapping my feet away, waiting for my wonderful older brother to show up and bail Jarrod and I out.

"Pst, Ben," I hear Jarrod's deep voice, I glance over in his direction, with not much enthusiasm at all, seeing as it is his fault I'm in here.

"What," I say darkly, before dropping my head back in my hands.

"Are you still mad at me?" he questions, poking his long bony finger into my side, causing me to jerk my head up.

"Slightly and I will be for quite awhile longer if you keep poking me," I snap, irritated at the fact that he poked my side. "This was a really shitty birthday," I mumble without really meaning to out loud, wishing I could take it back instantly because Jarrod's face instantly turns disappointed before he ducks behind a shaggy curtain of blonde hair. Fuck I know how sensitive he is about doing things for people, and it apparently meant a lot to him to make my sixteenth the best ever.

"You really didn't like it?" he says quietly from behind the curtain of hair. Shit I better fix this.

"I liked the party, but, this here, this sucks. Happy birthday from the State of Minnesota," I say, chuckling slightly at my cleverness. He flips his hair away from his face, all signs of disappointment erased.

"For real? You liked the party?" he says looking hopeful. He kinda looks cute. Oh gosh what am I saying, men aren't supposed to think that about other men.

"Well duh I liked the party. Who doesn't like getting wasted and dancing on tables with random people?" I say with a grin, trying to hide the fact that I just thought he was cute. He starts to say something but stops as we here a jingle of keys coming towards us, our heads turning to look at the cell door. A man in his mid twenties, dressed in a standard dark blue police uniform,appears, flipping through the keys for the right one before sticking it in the lock and opening the door.

"Morlen, Erikson, you made bail, so get the fuck out unless ya wanna spend the night here," he says jerking his thumb over his shoulder to emphasize what he just told us. Instantly Jarrod and I jump up and make our way out the cell door and down the hallway to the main entrance.

"Thank fucking god," I say as I see my brother Shawn's tall form leaning against the wall by the door, "Took you long enough to get here."

"Chill, little bro, I had shit to do," he says, pushing himself off the wall, "get your shit and lets go."

"So.. ya gonna tell me why I bailed you two dumb shits outta jail?"Shawn questions before taking a drag off of a cigarette and passing it to me.

"Party," I say casually, taking a drag, and passing the cigarette to Jarrod.

"Must've been a good party. About how long before the cops broke it up?" he says staring at the road absent mindedly, more than likely reminiscing about the last party he threw.

"About eleven thirty, t'was great," Jarrod says before rummaging through the pouch on the back of my brother's seat. After a bit of searching he pulls out a fat blunt. "Ya savin' this Shawn?"

"Huh? Nah, we can smoke it now," Shawn says lazily, taking the blunt from his hand and lighting it up. He takes a long hit off of it before passing it to me. I take it from him before raising it to my lips and inhaling, holding it in for as long as possible and exhaling before passing it to Jarrod.

He smiles and does the same before passing back to Shawn and crawling up into the front seat in between Shawn and I. The passing of the blunt goes on for awhile until it has been used all up and I have become a lazy bum who is hungry as hell. I 'fall' over onto Jarrod's lap and stare up at my brother.

"Shaawn," I whine giving him my best begging face, "I'm starving."

"Beeen, you are dumb," he mocks before sighing, "what do you guys want?"

"Cheesy bacon potato burrito," we both shout in unison, it has become a new regular of ours, at least ever since Taco Bell came out with it. "from Taco Hell!"

"I still don't get why you call it that," Shawn says before driving the car in the direction of Taco Bell.

"Because the service is shitty," I say, still on Jarrod's lap, I'm quite surprised he hasn't noticed yet.

"But the food is amazing," Jarrod says happily before absentmindedly petting my hair like I am some kind of animal in his lap. It is kind of nice. Wait, what the fuck am I saying, men aren't supposed to like being petted by other men.

"Stop petting me fucker," I say before lazily slapping his hand away, he just chuckles and ignores me, too high to even care.