A girl and a boy sat there in the meadow, under the moonless night sky. She looks at him, and says,

"Are you alright?"

There came no answer from the boy, but after a silent minute or two; his head fell miserably into his hands as locks of his golden hair bundled together. The girl rested her small hand on his shoulder, and sighed.

Another silent minute.

The girl looks at her companion with an indescribable look on her face. "It's gonna be okay." She says as she leans closer to the boy.

A strong breeze blows at them, and she could've sworn she saw droplets of tears on his face while the wind blew his hair away.

"...It's going to be her loss." She finally said. She hated herself for not crying with him. She hated how she could still be okay while he suffered. She hated how that slut would reject such a perfect guy. She hated why he had to be so sad.

Her hating is interrupted as he slightly tilted his head up and said, "You'll be able to see falling stars tonight." Strange thing to say, yes, but isn't everyone strange in their own way?

Indeed, a meteor shower graced the night sky and reflected in their eyes. How perfect the scene is. Or would have been.

"I still don't understand." He said to his bestfriend. She gave him a sad smile in return, and told him, "You don't have to. No matter what happens, you know I'll always be there for you."

The boy covered his eyes and whispered something to her.

The meteor shower finishes its show, and the night sky blackens once again. Finally the girl had something to be grateful about. Because the meteor shower ended at just the right time, he couldn't have seen the tears running down her face as she painfully nods. She didn't want to have to explain again. Explaining to him about her broken heart would be like counting each star that fell.

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