I own this poem. Please realize
That to claim it is to plagiarize.

A/N: Written for a story of mine over at Fanfiction dot Net.

We've both been through this before
A love that never stays
We both want something more
But in time the urge, it fades

The hurt will never leave
The numbness will remain
And though we each will grieve
We bear a blood-red stain

But we are strong!
We'll never grow weary
We've kept up the fight this long
Our world might seem dreary, but

Maybe all we need is
A second chance, another go
As opportunities greet us,
We have the power to make it so

Take the bull by the horns,
And get up again
Take the world by storm
We can make it happen
Make us happen

You and I can redefine
The social norms that keep us trapped
Show the earth our paradigm
Who says we won't laugh last?