I own everything written in this poem; using this without permission or claiming this as your own is plagiarism and, as I understand it, a copyright violation.

Spinning around, I can tell that I'm moving in circles
But when I give up and fall
The world is the one that's crazy
Moving around me
I can feel the rotation of the Earth
Is that normal?
What is normal?

The tune dancing in my head gives me a beat
Soon I'm spinning again in the street
Are they looking at me like I'm crazy
Or is that envy?
I can feel their eyes on me and laugh
Is that normal?
What is normal?

You say it one way and I take it another
Words are flexible
Just because I think my world is good, I'm crazy
To try to understand everything
Why can't I understand?
Is that normal?
What is normal?

Give me a word, I'll spin it around
What you think is my sky is now my ground
Shooting so high I forget to look down
When I do, I'm dizzy
But I feel like I'm just a foot off the ground
Is that normal?
Am I normal?
What is normal?