I walked slowly to the neighborhood park, holding tightly onto my cell phone.
I was crushed, we had been together for almost two years now,
and he had said we needed a break?, Why?, Did he not want me anymore?,
Was I not good enough for him?, Did I do something wrong ?,

So many questions, No answers.
I always ended up going to this park when I was sad, or unhappy, something about
the park.. Just made things feel better.
I stopped at the gates of the park, it was about Midnight, The sky was clear, the
stars where beautiful and there wasn't a cloud in sight, Just the big full moon shining
I walked into the grass , and shut the gate behind me, I sat my cell phone down on a bench
then slowly walked towards the two swings in the back of the park,
I sat down in one of the two swings , and slowly started swinging, not trying to go
high or fast, Just swinging.
I closed my eyes, still swinging slowly.. Then after a few seconds I felt someone's arms gently
lock around my waist, therefore stopping me from swinging., I was quiet for a seconds,
Then he whispered softly in my ear,
"I'm sorry, My love, I didn't know what I was thinking earlier, But I've realized I can not live
without you love. You mean Everything to me, Without you I'm just lost, and I never ever wanna
loose you again, I'm sorry, give me one more chance?, I promise I won't screw up this time..."

I was in tears, speechless, so I just nodded yes to him. He still had his warm gentle arms around my waist, I had laid my head on his shoulder, After I managed to actually talk I softly whispered in his ear "Yes... I..forgive, you love." He kissed my neck softly, still not letting go of his hold
on my waist, "I love you always & forever, My Juliet," he whispered to me,
"And I love you too, always && forever, my Romeo." I whispered back to him.
And without ever letting go of my waist, he slipped me out of the swing, and turned me around
I was facing him, he smiled at me, and wiped away the tears in my eyes , Then he kissed my
forehead softly, and lifted his left hand up, as did I, and we linked fingers, "When you feel alone my love, just look at the spaces between your fingers, and know that's where mine fit perfectly" he whispered in my ear. I smiled as he kissed my forehead again, then he lifted his right hand and placed it on my cheek and gently stroked it, as he leaned in and passionately kissed me. "I love you, My love.. And I always will, Never forget that." he whispered as he gently kissed me again. "Mm, I love you too." I managed to whisper back to him as he put both his hands on my cheeks and kissed me once more.

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