I sat on the little bench under my window, and pulled my knees up to my chest and rested my head on them, then I wrapped my arms around my legs to keep them up.
Then I looked up at the moon and thought to my self "I wonder what it's like up there?...It's so beautiful from down here..." Then breaking my thought my sister Zafrina came up and sat facing me, and said softly "Beautiful, isn't it Artemis?" I smiled and turned my attention to my sister and said "Yes, it is quite beautiful..." She grinned "Wouldn't it be fun to live up there.. And. of course we'd boyfriends?" I smiled at her, then said "Yeah, that would be fun Zafrina." Then she got up and stood beside me, "Speaking of boyfriends... it's our 17th birthday and Demetri's here, As is Felix, he's taking me out he said he planned stuff for me... And Demetri won't tell me what he planned for you, but anyways I'm staying with Felix tonight.. So Demetri can stay with you, or you can stay with him, or whatever... Soo, Let's get downstairs!, But first let me dress you?" I smiled at her then said "Oka-..." before I could finish she grabbed my arm and dragged me to the closet.
She dressed me up in a knee length sleeveless black dress that was fitting at the top and wavy at the skirt part, kinda like a ballroom dress. and it had a black lace pattern that was a little longer then the dress, It was all my favorite things. She added black lace fingerless gloves and a long silver chained necklace with a golden heart pendent, and a couple of bracelets, and I was set to go.
Zafrina sighed happily and said to me "Perfectly stunning my beautiful sister, And it brings out your stunning emerald green eyes." I blushed and smiled."Thank you, Zafrina... but did you have to dress me up this much?.. I mean it looks like I'm going to a ballroom dancing party." she giggled "No, but you never know what might happen, and anyways.. You can always change later." I looked in the mirror at my self, she even put my makeup on.
"Ohh! Thank you Zafrina! You're the best twin I could ever ask for!" I said as I hugged her tightly. "You're welcome Artemis, and thanks.. Same here." she smiled and hugged me back.
I let go of her, the It hit me , the guys where still waiting for us downstairs.
"We'd better get down to the guys." we both happened to say at the same time.
We laughed the linked arms and headed downstairs.
Demetri and Felix where both sitting talking on the couches, but when Zafrina and I got to the bottom step they both got quiet and abruptly got up, and slowly walked to us.
When they got to where they could see the full view of us their mouths dropped.
All Felix could manage to say was "Uhh, Ohh, Umm, Uhh.." Then Demetri closed his mouth and smiled at me and my sister. "Wow, you look Beautiful, My love.. As do yo Zafrina." he said in his sweet scratchy voice that made me wanna melt. Demetri nudged Felix with his elbow and he snapped out of whatever shock he was in. "Yeah, you look stunning, Baby.. And so do you Artemis." he smiled and kissed both of our cheek, then at the same time they both said "Happy Birthday Girls!" We both smiled and I blushed. Demetri took my arm and Felix took Zafrina's and we all went outside to their cars.
Felix and Zafrina hopped into his Black and blue mustang convertible and waved goodbye to us and drove off .
"So, my love.. I planned a couple of surprises for you tonight. Do you wanna go change? I mean you look stunning, but not all that comfortable.. Zafrina get a hold of you?" he smiled as he took my hand and kissed it.
"Yes, I would like to, and.. Yeah she got me." I laughed, then I ran upstairs and changed into my favorite jean shorts, shirt and flats, the I ran back downstairs grabbed my jacket and purse and ran back outside to him.
When I got outside, he smiled and said "You're still stunningly beautiful, my love." then he gently kissed my lips.
His car was a convertible too, and he had it's top down, but I didn't feel like hopping in like I usually did. So he opened the riders door for me, and went around and sat in the drivers seat.
He kissed me once more then we zoomed off in his Black Lamborghini.

"That was the best night of my life, Demetri! Thank you so much baby!" I said happily as I clung to his arm on the way back to his car. "I'm glad you're happy my love." he said as he kissed my forehead. I blushed, as I always did and he smiled and took my hand.
He planned the sweetest night for me, First he took me to a beautiful restaurant in downtown L.A and then he let me shop a little and for a while we just walked hand in hand down the streets downtown, when it got slightly dark he took me down to the beach, and we played around there for a while and talked as we slowly walked in the waves along the beach, then we just laid on a blanket in the sand and listened to the waves as we looked up at the stars.
Then he took me to a planetarium, and we looked up at the moon, and the stars.. That was my favorite part. So all together he just spoiled me rotten as he always did.
We got to the car and he once again opened the door for me and shut it, then went around and got in his seat, we drove off out of the parking lot and I thought we where going home, but then he stopped at a car dealership. "What are we doing here baby?" I asked curiously when we stopped.
He smiled then said "To get you're final present, My love." I blushed once again.
"You're... getting me a car?!.. You've already given me so much today.. Awwww! I love you Demetri!" I said as he gently pulled me out of the car. "Pick which ever one you want ,love"
my eyes opened wide "Really?!" I said happily and kissed his cheek, "Ohh! You're the best boyfriend in the universe!" he smiled, and gently kissed me.
I looked at a couple of cars but there was one that I really liked, it was a Yellow Porsche convertible. I sat in it and thought for a few seconds. "I think I want this on!" I smiled as I got out of the car. He grinned "I thought you'd like this one, it looked like you to me." he picked up my hand and kissed it, once again I blushed. He quietly laughed and kissed my cheek "I love it when you blush, it's so cute, my love." I just smiled at him. He went and payed for my car and brought me back my keys, I lit up when he threw them to me. "Ohhh! Thank you a million times Demetri!, you truly the best." I said happily as I hopped inside of my new car. He leaned in and kissed me, and said "I'll see you at home, my love.. Just follow me okay?" I smiled and nodded.
He ran back to his car and drove off, I followed behind him closely.
He ended up going to his house, and Zafrina said I could stay with him, so I decided I would spend the night with him.
We got to his house after a couple minutes, I pulled up beside him in his drive way, and got out of my car right before he got out of his. "Than-" I tried to say, but he cut me off by pulling me in close and kissing me gently, I smiled. " I love you." I said softly to him. He smiled that smile that just made everyone want to melt " I love you too, baby."
He took my hand and we both went inside.
We talked for a while, then I asked if I could take a shower because I had gotten all dirty from the beach, he said I could and showed me to the shower and went back to the living room,
I took a short shower, and he brought me some of his clothes, I still wore my shorts but he let me wear one of his shirts.
After I was all dry, I went into the living room back to him and snuggled up next to him, he put his arm around me and kissed my cheek, he let me pick a movie to watch so I picked my favorite, "Romeo and Juliet" the one with Leonardo DiCaprio and Clair Danes. I went and snuggled back up to him as we watched the movie.
About half way threw the movie I fell fast asleep, in his arms.

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