My head spun around as I took in my surroundings. There were flying objects, moving metals and tall buildings, none of which could ever be found in my world. The only reason my race left the humans were because they thought humans were slow. But that was definitely not the case now. Our inventions could never be compared to these spectacular ones. How my people would be ashamed for calling the humans stupid and slow.

Their ancestors were nothing but cavemen. And now, slowly after many years, their civilisation evolved into such complexity. I could tell it was all about harmony. If only our race could have the harmony among us, we would be invincible.

I admit we are only of brains, but not of heart. I know that my intelligence level is very high, but I cannot guarantee that I am smarter than three human brains. Humans share their knowledge with each other, but in our race, everyone only keeps to themselves. There was no such word as us in the dictionary, just me and I, just single, never more. How I wish I could let my race see what the human race has become, but this is impossible now.