Remy sighed as she watched her best friend dip his date at the end of the song. The look of utter contentment on their faces was enough to make any sane person want to-

"Sorry to interrupt the pity party," a voice interjected, not sounding sorry at all.

"I wasn't having a pity party, Logan. I was just taking a break to watch everyone else dance." She winced as she realized just how pitiful that sounded.

"Relax, Rem," he said, ruffling her hair, in a move that probably would have gotten him in trouble had Remy been in the mood to care about such things. "I'm not here to judge. Besides, Aiden's being a bit of an asshole." At her look of confusion, he clarified, "By rubbing Lila in your face, I mean. That was uncalled for."

Remy ran her fingers through her hair, trying to get it back in some semblance of order. "Not really. I mean, it's been almost a month. I should be over it by now. And he's been so nice about the whole thing. I can't fault him for not feeling the same way I do." She glanced back over at her best friend, smiling sadly.

Logan nudged her. "Remy."


Noticing that her gaze had drifted back to Aiden and his date, Logan gently brought his hand to her chin to tilt her head back towards himself. "Eyes here, cupcake."

"Sorry, I just…"

"I know. But really, Remy, you can't expect to get over him in a month, okay? I mean, he's your best friend. And plus, you've liked him since before the dawn of time!"

"Eighth grade," Remy corrected. "I've liked him since eighth grade."

"Exactly," said Logan, "before the dawn of time."

"Hardly. It's only been four years."

"Four years is a long time, cupcake. Like twenty percent of your life. You can't expect to get over that in a month."

"I guess."

"Now, come on," he said, standing up and extending his hand, "let's dance."

Logan chanced a glimpse down at Remy and sighed. It was obvious that, while she may have been dancing with him, her mind was elsewhere.

Probably thinking about Aiden again, he thought with a frown. He wished he could say that he didn't know what she saw in him, that Aiden didn't deserve her, that Remy's feelings for him were misplaced, but that would be lying. He understood exactly why she liked Aiden, and they would be well suited as a couple. Much better suited than we would be, he thought ruefully. He and Remy were friends, but they argued a lot. Sometimes it seemed like they didn't do anything but argue. But then, Remy had been much less argumentative since the whole Aiden debacle, and Logan found that he sometimes missed their arguments over petty things like whether tater tots were best in honey mustard or ketchup, and their larger arguments about, say, the death penalty or global warming.

And, while Remy didn't blame Aiden for not returning her feelings, that didn't mean that Logan couldn't. If he couldn't see what was right in front of him, then he was an idiot. Logan sighed and rested his chin on Remy's head.

"What'cha thinking 'bout?" she whispered.

"You, cupcake," He replied honestly, dropping a kiss on the crown of her head.

Remy pulled back slightly to look up at him. "Why do you call me that?"

"Call you what, cupcake?" he asked grinning. At her look, he replied, "Because you remind me of a cupcake. You're sweet, like cake, but tiny."

"I am not tiny!"

He brought his chin down to rest on the top of her head again, just to prove his point. "Yeah, you are. You're a tiny cupcake."

She wriggled out of his hold. "I am not a cupcake!"

"Hey, hey, Remy! It's not an insult, you know. It's a term of endearment. Besides, cupcakes are cute."

Remy wrinkled her nose. "Yeah, like little kid cute. No seventeen-year-old girl in her right mind wants to be compared to a cupcake. Maybe that's why Aiden doesn't like me like that! He sees me like a kid! Like…like…a cupcake!"

"Hey, that's not it, Remy. You're not a little kid. I know that. Aiden knows that."

"Then why doesn't he like me?" Remy was quite aware of the fact that she probably bore a strong resemblance to a bratty five-year-old in that moment, but she didn't care.

"I don't know, cu—Remy," Logan said, "I just don't know."

…Except he did know. And he knew that it was partly his fault that Aiden had turned her down.

Logan had, of course, known about Remy's crush on Aiden long before Aiden himself had found out. He had figured it out about a year ago, and once he had realized it, he couldn't see how he hadn't spotted it before.

Aiden, on the other hand, had been completely oblivious, up until last month when Remy had confessed her feelings.

Aiden had handled the situation with more grace and sensitivity than Logan could have in his place. Remy, too, was surprisingly cool and collected about the whole thing, initially at least. It wasn't until she was back at home in her room and on the phone with Logan that she really showed signs of being affected by the whole thing.

Logan, naturally, had come over with a tub of ice cream and some girly movies from the video store (that he watched without complaint, just this once), because that's the sort of good friend he was.

It wasn't until the next week, on the way home from soccer practice (in Aiden's car, as Logan's was in the shop), that he had gotten to discuss the matter with the source of his friend's heartbreak.

"Aiden, can I ask you a personal question?"

Aiden raised an eyebrow quizzically. "Sure, anything."

"What in the hell were you thinking?!"

Aiden was so startled that he almost drove off the road. "When? What are you talking about, man?"

"Remy. Why'd you turn her down? Have you seen her? Have you met her?"

"I just didn't think it would work out, is all."

"So you really don't like her in that way at all?"


Logan's eyebrows shot up. "Then why did you tell her you didn't?"

"I didn't—" he paused, trying to figure out how to best phrase a reply. "I do like her in that way, a little. And I feel like maybe it could be more. But-" Logan made a noise of protest, but Aiden continued quickly, "I don't think that could ever like her as much as you do."


By this time, they had reached Logan's house, and were sitting in the driveway, with the car in park. "Oh, don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about, Lo." Aiden crossed his arms and turned toward his friend. "I've seen the way you look at her. And I know that I've never felt about anyone the way you feel about Remy."

"She doesn't – It doesn't matter!" Logan exclaimed. "She doesn't like me that way, she likes you, and if you care for her at all, you'll go for it. Is that what you were waiting for? My permission? Because you've got it, dude. Go for it. Make her happy."

"I can't do that, Logan. I mean, listen to yourself! You're in love with her."

"I'm not…I can't be."

"All that shit about making her happy? And she's still my best friend, so I know about you coming over with the ice cream and the movies to cheer her up. Honestly, man, chick flicks? If a guy willingly watches a chick flick with a girl, he's either gay, trying to get into her pants, or in love with her!"

Logan groaned. "I can't deal with this. Seriously, don't worry about me. I'm fine. Just go to her, tell her you made a mistake, and then you watch a chick flick with her. Or just make out. Actually, that'd probably be easier and less painful for the both of you. Remy doesn't actually like chick flicks unless she's upset."

"Are you hearing yourself, Logan?" Aiden said, obviously frustrated. "I know I can be a jackass on occasion, but no way am I going to go for a girl that my friend's this bonkers for."

"Aiden, shut the fuck up."

"Remy, do you want to dance?" Aiden asked, extending a hand.

Remy knew he was just being polite; they were best friends after all, and she had already danced with just about every other guy her age, but that didn't stop the uncomfortable twinge in her stomach.

"Uh, okay," Remy said, placing her hand in his and allowing her to pull her halfway up before she was tugged back down again. She turned to glare at Logan.

"Actually, Remy and I were just about to go outside and get some air," Logan said, tightening his hand around hers. "You understand, don't you, Aid?"

Aiden looked surprised at first, but then winked at Logan. "Yeah, sure. Don't get her into too much trouble, Logan." And with a wave, he was off, twirling his little cousin across the floor.

Remy sighed. "And I'm replaced by Anna Marie."

Logan stood up, tugging on her hand. "C'mon, let's go outside."

Remy complied, not that she had much choice, as Logan was practically dragging her across the dance floor and out to the balcony. She found her way to the railing, and hooked her feet in the grating to better see out into the ocean. Logan noticed and smiled softly.

He rested his hands on top of the railing. "I'm sorry, Remy," he said, sounding oddly sincere.

Remy turned to look at him. "What for?" she asked, confused.

"This whole mess with Aiden. It sucks."

"Nah, don't worry about it. I'm actually glad you pulled me away, I was feeling awkward about dancing with him."

"Yeah, I kind of figured. That's not what I meant, though."

"Oh?" she prompted.

"I'm sorry about Aiden wanting to be just friends. I can tell you really like him."

Remy smiled sadly. "I'll get over it eventually."

"You think?"

"I have to, right? I mean, this sort of thing happens to everyone." She paused, glancing over at Logan. "Well, maybe not everyone. You've probably never had this problem."

He quirked an eyebrow. "Why do you say that?"

"Oh, I don't know. You just always seem –and I don't mean this in an offensive way at all – untouchable, you know? You'll have girlfriends for like, a month, and then you break up, and you're never torn up about it. You just wait for the next one to come along."

"You obviously haven't been paying attention. I haven't dated anyone since junior year."

"What? No way."

"Yes 'way.' I broke up with Monica last April."

"...I guess I haven't noticed any new girlfriends lately." She paused, cocking her head as if seeing him in a whole new light. "And why is that?"

"I like this girl."

"And you've liked her since April?"

"Probably longer, actually. That was just when I figured it out."

"So why aren't you dating her yet?"

Logan shuffled uncomfortably. "She doesn't like me that way."

"What's not to like?" Remy asked, grinning up at him. "Have you even asked her?"

"It's complicated, cupcake."

"What's so complicated? Just tell the girl you like her!"

"It would make things weird between us."

"How do you know? And if she likes you too, it would be a good kind of weird."

"Oh, Remy," he said softly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, "you have no idea."

She frowned. "Well, then, give me an idea! Tell me who this girl is, so I can go beat some sense into her!"

Logan laughed softly. "Remy, I can't expect every girl in the universe to like me."

"Yes, but I can expect this one to," she huffed.

"You're cute when you're angry on my behalf."

Remy blushed slightly. "Don't call me cute. It's a little kid word, like cupcake, remember?"

"You're like a little kid, Remy," Logan laughed, pulling her into his chest for a hug. "Look, you even fit under my chin. Actually, you're the perfect height for a chin rest. I'm going to need you to stay right there for the rest of the afternoon."

Remy groaned and pulled back. "I'm not a little kid, so quit treating me like one!"

"Sorry, you're about the height of a little kid. The rest of you is very much..." his eyes trailed down her figure, "...Grown up."

"Logan!" she admonished, smacking him on the arm, "Don't do that!"

He smirked slightly. "Do what, cupcake?"

" were checking me out!"

"Can you blame me? I haven't had a date in over a year!"

"Ah, I see. It's been so long since you've gotten any, I'm even starting to look good. That's just sad, Logan."

"Aw, cupcake, you've always looked good. But yeah, I guess eighteen years is a long time to go without."

"Eighteen years?"

"And a couple months."

"Are you saying that you've never..."

"You surprised?"

"Well, honestly...yes." Remy frowned at him. "You dated all those girls."

"Yeah, but my longest relationship was two and a half months."


"I was never ready for that."

"...You sound like a chick, Logan."

He shrugged. "Whatever. It's no one's business. That's actually why I broke up with most of the girls in the end."

"Because they wanted to have sex with you?"

"Nah, none of them ever said anything about it. But it would always reach a point where the guys would start asking me if I'd nailed her yet. And I just couldn't see my first time being with any of them, you know?"

"Now you really sound like a chick. I didn't know guys cared about that 'first time' crap."

Logan fidgeted uncomfortably. "Yeah, well. Depends on the guy, I guess."

"Logan, are you gay?"

Logan snorted. "Me? Gay? Hell, no. Didn't you just say I was checking you out a few minutes ago?"

"That was before you told me that you broke up with your girlfriends so you didn't have to sleep with them."

He shrugged. "That doesn't make me gay."

"...Not wanting to sleep with girls? Actually, Logan, I'm pretty sure that does make you gay."

"I didn't say I didn't want to sleep with any girls; just that I didn't want to sleep with the ones I dated."

"Then why did you date them in the first place?"

"I dunno. Just trying to take my mind off this one girl, I guess."

"Did it work?" Remy glanced up to find him looking at her intently.


"I'm sorry, Logan."


"For assuming you were like that."

"Well, I can't really blame you. I try and put out that kind of image. I guess I just always thought you saw through it."

"Maybe you're a better actor that you think."

"Guess so."

"...Are you sure you're not gay?"

"Yes, Remy. I'm sure."

"Okay, just checking."

"You still don't believe me."

"Believe what?"

"You still think I'm gay."

"It's none of my business, Logan."

"I'm not gay, Remy."

"You don't have to justify yourself to me, Logan. It wouldn't change the way I think about you, you know. It doesn't matter."

"But I'm not gay!"

"It's okay, Logan."

"I'm not. Really. I'm straight as an arrow."

"Whatever you say."

Logan sighed. "Fine. But just remember, you asked for it."

"Asked for wha-"

Logan cut her off smoothly, tugging her close and bending down to press his lips on hers. Remy hesitated for a few, tortuous moments before standing up on her tiptoes to kiss him back.

She pulled back first, and stood stunned for a few seconds. "What was that about, Logan?"

"Told you I'm not gay, cupcake. Believe me now?"



"I should go. It was good seeing you, Logan!" She waved at him and was back through the door and lost in the throng of people before he could even ask her to wait. Logan sighed and leaned back against the railing.

On her way out of the party, Remy grabbed her best female friend, Megan, and dragged her along.

"Remy, what is this about? You know I love you to death, but did you see that guy I was dancing with?"

When they finally reached the car, after the doors were closed, Remy took a deep breath. "Logan kissed me."

Megan laughed. "Oh, is that it?"

"What do you mean 'is that it?'? Is that not enough of an emergency for you?"

"That's not any kind of emergency, Remy. The only problem I see with the whole thing is the part where you're out here talking to me instead of off making out with Logan."

"Why would I make out with Logan?"

"Oh, please. There's all kinds of crazy sexual tension between the two of you. Honestly, I'm surprised it took you this long."

"What are you talking about? I like Aiden! I've liked him since the eighth grade!"

"Which, coincidentally, is about how long Logan has been in love with you."

Remy raised her eyebrows skeptically. "Logan? In love with me? No way."

"Oh, yes way. Ask anyone. Ask Aiden, for that matter."

"Maybe I will."

Megan opened her car door and stepped out. "You do that. You go find him, and I'll go find Mr. Tall, Dark, and Gorgeous from earlier."

Remy rolled her eyes, getting out of the car as well. "Good luck with that."

"Yeah, you too." She paused a second, before calling out again. "Hey, Remy?"


"Did you kiss him back?"

Remy didn't reply, instead choosing to stare down at her feet.

"Yeah, I thought so," Megan said, before starting off in the direction of a boy who looked about her age.

Remy had waited for the song to end before pulling Aiden away from his girlfriend, and off to the side.

"What's up, Rem?"



"Does Logan like me?"

Aiden's eyebrows shot up. "What? Who told you that?"

Remy rolled her eyes. "Megan. I told her it was ridiculous."

"Remy, why aren't you talking to Logan about this?"

"Because that would be awkward! Plus, I'm kind of avoiding him right now."

"Oh? And why is that?"

"Because he kissed me."

"And you ran away?" he glanced at Remy for confirmation, and apparently her sheepish look was enough. "God, Rem, what were you thinking?"

"Well, how else was I supposed to handle it?"

Aiden groaned. "You know I love you, Rem, and you're my best friend...but really?"

"What, really?"

"Logan put it all on the line for you and then you just ran off like that."

"He wasn't putting anything on the line. He was just trying to prove he wasn't gay."

"Well, of course he's not gay."

"How would you know? He hasn't dated anyone in a year!"

"Remy, trust me, he's not gay."

"You can't be sure, Aiden. I mean, he does dress awfully well for a straight guy. Plus, he came over and watched chick flicks with me!"

"You're stereotyping, Remy."

"Yeah, well, that doesn't change the fact that he never shows interest in girls."

"He's not gay, Remy."

"Ooh! And remember, Mark tried to set him up with Lana, and he wouldn't go for it."

"Maybe she wasn't his type."

"Did you see her? She's everyone's type. Except for Logan's apparently, since he's gay."

"Logan is not gay. Trust me."

"How would you know? Really, maybe he's just worried-"

"Because he's in love with you!" Aiden practically shouted, causing several people to turn around and stare. Luckily, Logan was not among them.

Remy blushed crimson and grabbed Aiden's arm to pull him through the nearest door, which happened to be to the ladies room. "But...he can't be!"

"He can, and he is."

"But I'm in love with you!" Remy exclaimed, blushing slightly.

"Are you? Are you really?" Aiden put his hands on her shoulders firmly.

"Yes, of course!"

"Who's the first person you call when you get back from a long trip?"


"And who helped convince your mom not to ground you after we snuck out of that house to go see Steven's band play on a Thursday night?"


"And who do you spend hours studying biology with even though we both know that you could make an A without cracking the book?"

"You! See!"

"No, you see. We do stuff like that because we're best friends, Remy."

"I've already heard this speech, Aiden. I know you don't like me that way. It's okay."

"But you don't like me that way either!"

"What are you talking about? Of course I like you!"

"Remy, after I told you I didn't feel that way about you, who did you call to come cheer you up?"


"And who is the first person to notice when you're having a bad day?"

"I guess it's usually my mom. Or Logan."

"And who is the last person you think about before you fall asleep at night?"

"Well, it depends."

"What about last night?"

"Uh, Logan. But that was only because I was reading this book and the main character reminds me of him."

"The night before?"

"Well..." She pauses to think. "Logan. But only because he made me really mad when we had that argument about tomatoes."

"Tomatoes?" Aiden snorted. "You guys are so weird. But how about the night before that?"

"Logan. But that was just because-" Remy clamped a hand over her mouth. "Oh, no."

Aiden grinned. "Oh, yes."

"No, no, no, no! This is not happening."

"It's been happening for awhile, actually."

"What am I supposed to do now?" Remy groaned.

"You know, some people are actually excited when they find out they like someone who likes them back."

Remy rolled her eyes. "Yeah, well, I guess I'm not like 'some people.'"

"No, you're certainly not." Aiden grinned at her. "Well, first, we have to get out of this bathroom. After that, I suggest you go find Logan and then drag him back into the bathroom."

"Why would I do that?"

Aiden smacked his palm to his forehead. "Really, Remy." He gave her a significant look.

"Oh. Oh." Remy blushed. "But what if he doesn't want-"

"Trust me, he wants."

Aiden reached for the door handle.

"Wait a second, Aiden," Remy called. "Are you sure you're not gay?"

Aiden rolled his eyes. "What?"

"This is a very girly conversation we've been having."

"Remy, you're stereotyping again."

"Right, right, sorry!"

Someone pounded on the bathroom door.

"Just come on! People are waiting to get in here." He grabbed her hand and tugged the door open to find Logan waiting in line.

"It's about time, you were in there for-" Logan stopped when he saw Remy and Aiden's joined hands. "Er..."

Remy released Aiden's hand as if it had scorched her. "Logan, it's not what you think."

"Don't worry about it. I'll go and find another bathroom; you two love birds can have this one." And with that, he turned around and headed for the stairs.

Remy stood slack jawed for a moment before Aiden's voice pulled her to her senses. "What are you waiting for? Go!"

She took off after Logan whose larger presence seemed to encourage the crowd to part for him where it wouldn't for Remy.

"Logan! Wait up!" she called, standing on her tiptoes in an attempt to see over the crowd. She ducked in between an older couple in the midst of some kind of square dance. "Sorry!" When she finally made it to the stairs, Logan was nowhere to be seen. Even from a higher vantage point (the second floor), she couldn't see him anywhere. Resigned, Remy headed out to the balcony.

Sighing, she leaned out on the railing.

"Where's Aiden?"

Remy spun around to find Logan leaning in the doorway.

She shrugged. "Probably dancing with Lila."

"Five minutes after he hooked up with you?" Logan looked skeptical.

"Of course not! We didn't hook up, Logan."

"What were you doing in the bathroom then?"

"Just talking."

"Fine, don't tell me!" Logan crossed his arms. "I just thought he was with her now."

"He is with her. Nothing happened, Logan." She glanced up at him, a hint of a smile on her face. "Well, not between me and Aiden, at least."

Logan's face softened slightly. "Right. Sorry about that, then."

"It's okay." Remy took a step closer, and placed her hand on Logan's chest. His eyes widened.

"What are you doing?" he asked nervously.

"Finishing what you started."

She pressed her lips to his, tentatively, worried that he might still be mad about the Aiden thing, but he melted the moment their lips touched.

When the kiss broke, Logan rested his forehead against hers briefly before grinning, placing his arms around her waist, as if for a hug, and then lifting her up off the ground and spinning her around in a circle.

"I knew you had a thing for me, cupcake!"

"Shut up. I just still wasn't convinced that you're straight."

Logan raised an eyebrow challengingly. "And did that convince you."

Remy's mouth twitched. "Not quite. One more time?"

Logan grinned, leaning in to capture her lips once more.

A/n: Yeah, so...I'm not really sure about this one. Every other one-shot I've written has been done in one sitting, this one just kind of sat on my computer for a couple months. And I don't like it quite as much as I like some of the others.