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"What do you want to do now?" Hunter asked after they got into the car. Stephanie was somewhat relieved that Hunter didn't end up noticing the two girls as they kept "discreetly" looking back at them. The one Lexis girl got real comfortable with the boy that was with them earlier. She wondered what exactly was going on there and if he was part of the problem discomforting hunter.

"Let's go to my place?" Steph suggested.

"Why?" Hunter asked a bit surprised.

"Well what is there to do at moms?" She challenged.

"I guess nothing, but what is there to do at your place?"

Steph thought this over, "well Jenna did just get the new Rockband and..."

"Hell yes! Let's go!" Hunter was beaming. Stephanie gave a small laugh.

"O-kay." The drive took about 20 minutes. Stephanie drove; she never let Hunter drive on the freeway. Not to say he wasn't a good driver, she just didn't want to be held responsible if anything happened.

"Hey guys'," standing in Stephanie's apartment was Jenna, Stephanie's roommate and Aarons sister, who was currently making drinks while her boyfriend sat channel surfing in the living room.

"Hey Jen," Hunter greeted. Hunter used to have a crush on Stephanie's roommate when they first met. Jenna was pretty and really nice. She had simple looks with her medium length light brown hair and hazel eyes. Like Stephanie she had a really tiny frame but instead of curves she just fell flat. After he discovered she had a boyfriend he felt a second of hurt but it passed quickly but the teasing from his sister, who had quickly caught onto his infatuation, lasted long after the whole thing had finished.

"What're you guys up to?" Steph asked as she threw her purse and keys down on the kitchen counter. Hunter went and sat next to Christian.

"Uh!" Jenna scoffed pretending to be offended, "have you forgotten what today is?"

Realization hit and Stephanie understood. "Saturday Margarita Madness." She answered as she gave out a small laugh. "I did almost forget. Good thing I decided to come over. So are Jessie and Eric on there way then."

"No," Christian hollered, "they're at Eric's dads' birthday party they said they'd try to make it later but I doubt it."

"That sucks," Stephanie pouted, "so I guess it'll just be the three of us then?" "Well four of us, you brought hunter." Jenna looked confused.

At this Hunters' ears perked up. He and his sister never discussed anything about drinking, drugs or sex. They were close but not that close, he always thought it'd be awkward to do so.

"Umm," Stephanie thought for a second, she never factored Hunter, and she didn't know how much he had experienced. Sure when she was in high school she drank and did other illegal activities but then it was just her and her mother. Once her stepdad showed up it became a lot harder, she had no freedom. Hunter was probably sheltered.

"I guess, I mean if he wants to but then he'd have to spend the night?"

"Yeah that's okay!" Hunter said a little too eagerly.

"I guess I'll call mom then," Steph said a little unsurely. She grabbed her phone and headed to her room. As she called her mom she changed into her old yellow cheer shorts and a white tank top. She told her mom that they were at the apartment and didn't feel like driving back so Hunter was just going to spend the night. Her mother approved after telling her to have fun.

If only her she knew...

Stephanie walked out of her room to find the guys setting up the Rockband. Four pink margarita glasses were on the kitchens bar complete with umbrellas and salted rims. Jenna grabbed two and handed one to Steph. They both smiled as the "cheered" and took a sip. Jenna always had a heavy hand when making drinks so even though the margarita was sweet she could still taste the tequila as it went down her throat.

"Damn Jen, are you trying to fuck us up?" She laughed.

"That's the point silly!" Jenna laughed.

"It's all set let's play!" Hunter smiled excitedly. Stephanie couldn't help but think how adorable he was. He is becoming such a man but still has the innocence of a kid sometimes. She remembered when her mother told her she Stephanie immediately felt attached to this unborn kid. Her love for him grew immensely when he was born and she held him for the first time at the hospital. She cried, she actually cried she was so happy. After that she never wanted to let go. She was practically the third parent to him. It wasn't until college that she became distant because the commute was so far. By then he was about three so he still remembered her but even so they weren't as close as before. And now, now he will be graduating in a couple years and become a man. Stephanie wanted to cry again. She quickly shook it off and took another sip.

"I call microphone!" She yelled.

After a couple song, and refills, everyone was happily buzzed and hunter was borderline tipsy. He had only drunk twice before this. Once at a wedding he went to with his parents where he was allowed a half glass of Champaign and the second was at a party he went to and he sipped on the same beer the whole night to keep up appearances. Compared to the beer the margarita was amazing, it wasn't bitter after his 1st glass he couldn't even taste the alcohol.

Jenna asked if she should make more but everyone decided that they should start to settle down. So they put on some music and just started talking.

"So little man how's school going?" Jenna asked from the recliner chair where she was nestled into Christian. Stephanie and Hunter were on the couch. Stephanie was lying down with her head in his lap as he stroked her soft brown hair.

"It's whatever man." Hunter giggled. Stephanie laughed at her brothers' appearance. These margarita madness nights were made up by Jenna and her so they could unwind from the week. They weren't meant for becoming drunk, just happy. And Hunter was definitely happy.

"I mean… schools okay but fuck everyone, you know?" Hunter said this while swaying a bit. Jenna and Christian also giggled at him.

"Yeah man, we know I probably wouldn't have made it through without Mary." Christian laughed.

"Christian!" Jenna warned hitting him light with her limp hand.

"What?" He smiled as he gave an innocent shrug.

"What? What am I missing who's Mary?" Hunter face was total confusion.

Stephanie scowled at Christian. "Nobody."

"What? Come on just tell me!"

Stephanie sighed, "He's talking about Maryjane." When hunters face didn't change she continued, "you know weed, pot?"

"Oh!" Hunter gave an understanding nod.

"You ever smoke hunter?" Christian piped up.

Jenna and Stephanie both listened in with general curiosity.

"Well no not weed, I tried a cigarette once but didn't really see why it was so great.

"You want to try it?"

"Christian!" Both Stephanie and Jenna yelled this time.

"Yeah," Hunters tiny voice cut through the commotion. Jenna looked at Stephanie who looked a bit torn. She sat up resting on one hand; did she really want to corrupt her little brother?

"No Hunter, I will not be the one responsible for getting you started on this stuff."

"Steph please! I would rather do it with you guys then get a bad trip with people I don't know."

Stephanie considered this, she sighed, if anything shed blame the booze.

"Fine, but btw you don't trip you get high idiot."

Hunter smiled widely, "thank you!" He whispered into her ear as he wrapped his arms around his sister. She let him finish the hug before rolling her eyes.

"Yeah just don't get caught or else mom will have my ass on a stick."

"I'll go get my stash, Jenna lets use your bong." She nodded to Christians orders and went to her room coming back with long black almost duffle bag. Hunter watched as she laid it down on the glass coffee table unzipping it to reveal the glass bong. It was beautiful, the colors changed in the light it looked like oil. She set it on the floor in front of Stephanie. Christian came back with a baggie full of bittersweet smelling weed and their adventure began.

Christian filled the bowl and put the water in. Since Stephanie had shorter arms he even lit it for her. Hunter watched as his sister sucked on the glass making a grey cloud form in the cylinder. Then when filled to the top she gave a nod with her eyes to Christian who pulled then piece out and like a pro the smoke was now consuming Stephanie's lungs. She lay back and relaxed a bit as she let the drug absorb her. Stephanie felt somewhat embarrassed, she was still unsure of this whole situation. She knew her brother knew that she wasn't so pure but now she couldn't deny it as she let the smoke seep back out her lips.

"Alright lil'' man your turn." Christian smiled devilishly enjoying the corruption way more then he should. Hunter was amazed at his sister, he knew she drank, legally she's allowed to but drugs... he never considered it. He became anxious as he leaned closer to his sister and put his head down to the bong.

"Now you saw how Steph did it, just try to suck up as much as you can and when you're ready I'll take out the piece and just keep inhaling. Since it's your first time you probably won't get it down in one shot so just put your hand over the top to take a second and then inhale the rest." Hunter gave a nod and did as his instructor said. He ended up getting a lot of it but started coughing once it hit his lungs.

"It's alright man. When you get the rest take it slow, and hold it in as long as you can, gulp it if you have to."

"Okay," and so he tried again and this time he did as Christian said and felt relaxed.

"Much better." Christian smiled. They continued passing it around until everyone was satisfied.

"Wow this is fun," hunter smiled as he lay in his sister's lap as she played with his hair. Stephanie laughed and looked over to Jenna and Christian who were staring deeply at each other. Giving secret messages through facial movements.

"We're goin' to bed okay guys?" Jenna said smoothly. This was really code for we are going to go have sexual intercourse.

"Okay bed, right." Steph laughed.

"Shut up!" Jenna smirked. They left to her bedroom and left the siblings on the couch

"So what is goin' on with school?" Do you not like it because of Lexis? Stephanie blabbed.

"H-how do you know her name?" Hunter questioned.

"She and her friend, uh Megan were trying to scoop up dirt while I was in line. She an ex girlfriend or something?"

"...or something," Hunter mumbled. Stephanie gave her brother a look to continue.

"We talked, for awhile, I thought she liked me. I really liked her and when I told her this she got excited and told me she felt the same. We went on one date and then she found out that some senior liked her and dumped me like that!" Hunter finished with a snap. "What a slut that little bitch," Steph growled. "Well I think she still likes you."

"Why what'd she say?"

"Oh well I think she assumed you and I were going out and green eyed monster called jealousy popped out. I thought she was going to piss herself."

"No she was probably just curious besides you too old for her to think we are going out."

Stephanie scoffed "uh! I am not that old!"

"Oh Steph you know what I meant, no kids at my school would believe you and I were going out. Your way out of my league. If it wasn't set in stone that you had to like me because you're my sister you probably wouldn't even take a second look at me."

"Um first of all, I don't just like you I love you stupid. Second, I don't know what mirror you've been looking in lately but you are a good looking guy if you weren't so shy you could get any girl you'd like."

"Yeah sure, you have to say that." Hunter said rolling his eyes.

"No I don't, I'm serious butthead, you're so young but you'll see Lexis is just the first of many more and you'll find one someday that you can trust and love whole heartedly and she won't be a backstabbing whore." Hunter laughed.

"That was almost corny."

"Yeah, well I try," Stephanie smiled before placing a kiss on his head.

"Thanks Steph."

"Anytime, now let's go make pizza bagels."

"Hell yes!"

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