"Hey man"


"So don't get mad"

"What Jacob?" Hunter asked warningly.

"Uh, dude, I think I'm totally feeling your sister" Hunter froze in his desk chair not sure what to say.

"Dude!" was all that came to his mouth.

"I know, chill man" Jacob pleaded.

"Is that why you left earlier?"

"Well, yeah" Hunter sighed, not really liking any of this.

"You do know she had a boyfriend?"

"Yeah, you think they're serious?" Hunter rolled his eyes at his friend's lack of compassion.

"Uh, yeah, and besides even if they weren't going out she's 29 she's not going to go out with you."

"Man, I can't help it; can you just like talk to her for me?"

"What! Really man? I can't believe you just asked me that." Yeah, Hunter definitely didn't like this at all.

"I know man, but I'll owe you please! I've never been so… attracted to someone."



"Fine," he sighed "uh, this is weird."

"Thanks I owe you, don't tell her I like her." Jacob said as an afterthought.

"What are you, a 12 year old girl?"


"Whatever, you goin' to the banquet?"

"Uh, yeah, oh there's a party after since we have a late start day Friday, try to make it."


"Invite Steph"

"Yeah, I'll ask, I gotta go." Hunter rushed as he saw his sister enter his room.

"K, see ya"


"Who was that?" Steph asked as she swiveled in Hunter's desk chair.

"Jacob," he stated watch his sister.

"Oh, your gay lover," Steph giggled.

"Ha-ha funny," Hunter narrowed his eyes, "actually it's not this sibling he likes." He said smugly as he observed Stephanie as she slowed her movement and turned her face into a frown.

"Wait, what?" she smiled in confusion. Stephanie was actually flatterd, even if it was just her younger brothers' friend.

"Yeah, but don't let him know you know."

"I have a boyfriend," she said like it solved everything.

"I know, he knows, but he can't help it." Steph sat there and thought of the situation.

"That is so cute," Hunter gave his sister a questioning look.

"Steph, he's 16," Stephanie laughed at her brother mentally. She could see him starting to get mad so she decided to mess with him.

"So?" she said with raised eyebrows.

'So?'Hunter repeated in the same voice, she couldn't really be considering Jacob. "So Steph, that's like illegal. He's MY age! You have a boyfriend!"

"One, it's only illegal for two years and two," Stephanie got more comfortable in the chair, "Aarons been boring lately, maybe I need a baby instead of an old man," she shrugged.

Hunter was at a loss of words, he just sat there on him bed, mouth open. She had to be joking, Jacobs a total wannabe player. What the hell?

"Hunter, I'm just kidding!" Steph laughed, no longer able to keep up the act. Hunter took a deep breath of relief.

"You better be…" he mumbled.

"Or what?" Stephanie smirked at him, "what are you gunna do? Hit me?" she giggled.

"Maybe…" Hunter smiled and then leaped out of his seat tackling his sister to the ground.

"Hunter!" Stephanie cried, "Get off me!" she laughed as he tickled her. He didn't let up though. "Hunter! Hunter, truce!" At that he sat up straddling his sisters' waist. He looked down at her hair sprawled against his forest green carpets. She had a big smile on her face. He loved her smile, so warm; he could help the grin on his face. He watched as she studied him.

"Guys!" came their mothers booming voice from downstairs, followed by the loud thump of the front door. The siblings snapped back into reality, as Hunter got off his sister and helped her up.

"II guess I should be going soon." Steph stated as she picked up her clothes.

"You're not going to stay?"
"I'll stay Thursday, I'll make sure to pack some clothes." She gave a small laugh.

"Okay," Hunter said defeated. "Oh and bring something you'd wear to a party."

"No duh, I heard mom, suit and tie deal." Hunter shook his head.

"No, I mean," Hunter rubbed the back of his neck, he felt anxious for some reason. "There's a party after the banquet, Jacob told me to invite you." Stephanie laughed out loud to this.

"So, you're inviting me to a high school party?" she asked for clearance. Hunter understood why Stephanie saw this as ridiculous. It was one thing for him to hang out with her friends, it was just lame if she hung out with his.

"Uh, yeah." Stephanie smiled.

"Hmm, do you want me to go?" Hunter was caught off guard with this question.

"Do you want to go?"

"Nuh-uh, I asked you a question first." He thought about, did he want her to go? It would actually be really cool if she went, he knew everyone would be jealous, well those of who didn't know she was his sister. Steph was pretty cool.

"Yeah, I mean if you want to go-"

"Hey, I asked if you wanted me to go." Hunter met Stephanie's eyes for a second.

"Yeah, I think it'll be fun." He answered honestly.

"Well then I'll go." She smiled. Hunter could help but smile, feeling relieved for whatever reason. Steph gathered the rest of her stuff and left.

Stephanie flicked her Marlboro off her third story balcony, watching as the white ash hovered before falling sideways down.

"Since when do you smoke?"

Startled, Stephanie let go of the stub watching it drop.

"Crap" she muttered and turned to Jenna, "I'm not a smoker; I'm just… calming down."

"Well, what are you calming down about?" Jenna asked as she joined Stephanie against the rail.

"I don't know… your brother."


"No idiot, Scott" Steph said sarcastically, "of course Aaron, I talked to him and I think he's going to ask me to marry him."

"Oh, was all Jenna could say, she really liked Stephanie, she was good for Aaron. They were in love, or so she thought. "Is that a bad thing?"

Stephanie snapped out of her confusing daze and realized who she was talking to. "No, no of course not, I just don't know if I'm ready for… forever."

"Oh, well I know he really loves you."

"Yeah, I know and I really love him too, it's just a big commitment."

"Yeah, so did you tell him this?"

"Well, I mean I tried to," Steph frowned, "It's just, he seemed so excited, he wants to go to a nice dinner when her gets back on Saturday."

"Well that gives you about two days to think hard about it." Jenna tried encouragingly.

Steph just rolled her eyes, "Yeah well I got to go so I'll see you later."

"Where are you going?"

"I have my brothers' football banquet to go to and I'm staying at my moms' house tonight."

"Wait," Jenna held a hand up, "Dressed like that?" she asked looking over Stephanie's slacks and business top.

"Um, yeah?" Stephanie looked down at her own attire, "It's supposed to be kind of dressy, I think."

"Well last time I went to my brothers banquet people were dressed up more fancy/casual, not professional."

"Shit, I guess I'll go change then."

Stephanie hurried into her room; she already had a dress in mind. A short, white empire dress. It was somewhat plain except for the sparkled bust, the white really flattered her skin. She threw on a pair of matching Steve Madden pumps and called Jenna into the room.

"Well how about this?" she said giving a turn. Jenna gave out a whistle.

"Damn girl, you can get dressed fast, it's perfect! Now what about your hair?"

"I don't know! I'm going to be late though." Steph started panicking she needed to leave in 10 minutes.

"Here, sit down I'll take care of it." While Jenna worked in her hair, Steph worked at her makeup."

"There, finished!" Jenna beamed. Stephanie looked at her now tamed side ponytail. It was nice and simple; her tail had soft curls flowing over her shoulders held by a rhinestone band.

"Oh my gosh thank you Jenna!" Stephanie said hugging her roommate, "I go to go, see you tomorrow" with that she grabbed her overnight bag and left.

"Yeah honey, I'll meet you outside." Karen, Stephanie and Hunters' mother said to her daughter.

"Is that Steph?" Hunter asked a bit eagerly.

"Yeah, she's running a bit late so you go inside and I'll wait out here to give her the entrance ticket."

"Okay mom." Hunter agreed and walked into the museum the banquet was being held at. He didn't understand why the event was here, the place was huge, and there weren't that many people here. He looked around at all the artifacts finally catching up to Jacob and Cody who were lounging at one of the tables.

"Hey guys, "he greeted taking a seat at the table.

"Hey, your sister here?" Jacob smiled, getting to the point. Hunter could only roll his eyes at his friends' behavior.

"No, she'll be here soon, calm down."

"Good, I can't get Jacob here to shut up about here." Cody said annoyed. As if on cue Jacob face went blank as he stared over Hunters' shoulder.

"Jacob? Hello?" Hunter said waving his hand in front of his face. When that didn't work Hunter turned to see that Jacob had been staring at his mom and sister. He did agree that Steph looked very pretty; she always seemed to shine in a room. Stephanie had a big smile plastered on her face and waved breaking from their mother, making her way over to them. Hunter got up to give her a hug.

"Hey, thanks for coming."

"Of course little bro, and look what I brought you." Stephanie pulled out a silver tie. She had bought it during the week, knowing that her mom would forget to buy one. She was glad she took the initiative because she noticed Hunter wearing his old red clip on tie.

"Wow, thanks," Hunter laughed, "now if only I knew how to actually tie it," he smiled.

Stephanie rolled her eyes, "here, I'll do it."

Hunter watched his sister, she literally glowed. Stephanie blushed, knowing her brother was watching her.

"There, finished!" she smiled meeting his eyes. They broke apart when they heard a man's voice on a microphone. Stephanie and Hunter said bye to Jacob and Cody before finding their way to their mom at the designated table. The banquet itself was quite boring. It was pretty much dinner and talk about football. Hunter couldn't help notice Jacobs eyes darted on his sister throughout the whole dinner. It was really annoying. Finally, after awards were given out, everyone started retreating back to their cars.

By the time Stephanie and Hunter got to the party it was somewhat crowded. They were a bit late because they went back to their moms' house to get changed. Then, explained to their mother that there was a football get together at one of the players' house.

"Wow," Steph exclaimed, "this guy must be pretty loaded." It was hard to see much from the outside since it was already dark but she could see the outlining of the two story house.

"Yeah, most of the football players are." They went around the house to the backyard which overlooked the suburban area.

"Oh hey Hunter, and who's this?" a tall guy, who looked like an obvious football player, asked with a mischievous tint behind his voice.

"Oh, hey man, this is Stephanie, Steph this is Cody's older brother Kyle."

"Hi" Stephanie smiled politely taking his hand.

"Yeah, nice to meet you, it's nice to know I'm not the only old one around here." He joked. Stephanie raised an eyebrow. She could've sworn this kid was in high school.

"Really? Well just how old are you?" she couldn't help but ask.

"I'm 19, I'll be 20 next month." He stated proudly. Steph couldn't help but stifle a giggle. "So how old are you? A senior right?" this time Hunter laughed.


"Let's just say I've already graduated." Steph spoke over her brother.

"Nice, a graduate, how's it feel to have some freedom?"

"Oh it's great." She said with a hint of sarcasm that only Hunter could understand.

"Well great, hey you guys want a beer or something? We have beer pong up if you want to play?"

Stephanie looked to her brother her was looking at her for an answer. "Uh, sure, I guess" she shrugged.

"Great we'll play teams, old verses young," Kyle laughed. "Hey Cody, come on man." Cody who had been talking with a group of girls rolled his eyes but made his way over knowing his brother would probably just embarrass him if he didn't.

Once the teams were settled the pairs played two and a half games before either team could mange to get the ball to stay on the table.

"Let's give some other people a chance, I need to sit down." Stephanie suggested.

"Yeah sure," Kyle agreed placing a hand on Staph's back, which did not go unnoticed. Before she could politely move from Kyle's touch Jacob, who had been watching the games the whole time, well more like Stephanie, quickly took her arm and offered her his seat.

"Thanks Jake," Steph said knowing that he was just jealous now that Hunter had told her that he had a crush on her. She didn't miss the unpleasant look Kyle and Jacob gave each other.

"We totally won!" Hunter laughed as walked up to the group unaware of the tension.

"Yeah right you wish." Steph giggled seeing her brother tipsy, she was only buzzed. She was used to liquor so a couple games of beer pong didn't do much damage. "Why don't you sit Hunter?"

"Ok," he smiled and plopped to the ground. This time Kyle and Jacob both chuckled at him.

"How about you sit here," Steph offered getting up.

"Ok," he agreed again taking a seat in the plastic chair just before Stephanie was fully out of it grabbing her by the waist and pulling her onto him.

"Uh, Hunter?" Stephanie laughed surprised.

"Now we can both sit," he said happily. Stephanie couldn't stop laughing at her brothers' behavior; it reminded her of when they were at her apartment. There was an uncomfortable tense from underneath her and she looked at Hunters face that was now solid, almost angry.

"Hunter? What's wrong?" Jacob and Kyle also noticed Hunters scowl and followed his look to a couple standing near the fence.

"Fuckin' asshole, what's he doing here?" Jacob spat. Stephanie scarcely remembered the boy and girl. The girl was obviously Lexis and the guy looked like the one with her at the movie theaters.

"She must have invited him," Hunter murmured. Of course, she was on the cheer team, so even though he wasn't one of the players she probably had him come anyways.

"What's goin' on?" Kyle asked genuinely confused.

"That's Hunters bitch ex," Jacob supplied.

"Can we just… not." Hunter sighed.

"You want me to kick him out?" Kyle offered.

"No, just let's drop it."Hunter knew that if Kyle tried to kick him out more drama would go down then necessary. He didn't understand why he was still upset about all of this; he knew he was starting to get over the whole fiasco though because if this was last week he would have taken Kyle up on his offer.

"Well why don't you go flaunt your date, I'm sure that would make her jealous." Kyle smirked.

Stephanie, who was silent the whole time, was wondering what Kyle was talking about. Hunter didn't bring a date he came there with her. Then it hit and she couldn't help but laugh. Kyle was taken aback by her behavior; he didn't understand what was so funny.

"Yeah Hun, why don't you flaunt your date?" Stephanie sniggerd between words, jokingly raising her eyebrows suggestively. Jacob was also very amused by the situation.

"Fine, hun, let's go dance," he smirked, slightly pushing her off him to get up. That sobered Stephanie's laughing instantly.

"Wait… What? I was kidding."

"But you're my date" he fake pouted.

"Yeah, Steph, you're his date." Jacob laughed.

"Shut up Jacob!" she barked, but he just started to snicker.

"Come on" Hunter rolled his eyes as he pulled her over to the other couple dancing on the grass. He looked over to Lexis to see her watching them with, keeping a fake smile plastered while she pretended to be into the conversation. Perfect, Hunter thought.

"Really Hunter, this isn't a good idea." Steph said seriously.

"Steph just do it for me please," he practically begged as he swaggered to stand.

"This is kind of weird though," she said looking at the other couples slow grinding on each other. "You're my brother and I-"before she could finish her sentence Hunter had grabbed her and turned her around so her back was against them. Hunter didn't really know what he was doing; his focus was on Lexis who was now blatantly staring, unhappy, Hunter buried his face into Steph's hair and ran his hand around her stomach, making the dance look more intimate then it was. Lexis quickly took her boyfriends hand and led him inside the house. Hunter smiled at his success and then came back to reality, he realized the girl in front of him was his sister and he had his hands on her waist. The alert bells went off but he didn't move his hands, instead he turned her back around. She had a warning look on her face.

"That was not cool," she said pissed. He looked around and saw the bitter shock on Jacobs face.


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