I sit atop this grassy hill alone, as I watch the colorful others together, way over there, basking in the sunlight. While I am forced to watch from atop this hill, under a tall tree. You may seem to think that I must certainly be lonesome, seeing as I am the only one up in this hill. You may also seem to pity me, for I am colorless and just plain white. How mediocre, I can almost hear you think. Though I appreciate it, there is no need to feel such sorrow for a little one like me. Why? If it isn't obvious already, I am but a simple flower. Just that usual flower.

Besides, the tree gives me good company sometimes, when he is not asleep. Which is probably about... say, once a week. Trees do need to grow tall and stout. I strongly feel that he has grown very tall enough already though. A long, long time ago, he was just a little sapling about my size-

I've steered off from the subject. Pardon me, I occasionally tend to ramble.

As I've said earlier, down this hill, there is a wide field dotted with numerous of my kind. I've never spoken to one of them, seeing as I am up here and they're way down there. You may also notice, that all of them are very, very colorful. In this whole land, as far as I know, there is not a single white flower but me. Yes, only me. It feels rather odd; for my petals to not have any color, that is. It makes you feel very odd indeed.

But worry not, there lies no form of sadness at all in me. You must never feel saddened just because you are different. I'm not quite sure what that means, but that's what the tree says to me all the time whenever he is awake.

Now, I expect you to have a clear understanding of the inner workings of my mind, wherever that is. Vague and absurd as it sounds, I now deem you as my confidant, or ficelle; whichever fits you well.

a/n: That was fun, if I'd ever continue this, I'd drag this on for five or four chapters, but for now it'll be a short story, or oneshot just for fun. Comma attack! Lol. Thanks for reading. Would you like a cookie and maybe a flower on your way out? You can have milk if you review. x)

(P.S. Yes, I know white flowers are quite common in some places. But who cares? The point is that she's the only white flower in that vast field filled with other colorful flowers.)

Thanks again!