The walk back to the conference room wasn't comfortable, by any means, but it wasn't as awkward or frigid as the walk to her office was. This time, when they passed Bailey's office, her blinds were open. Thankfully though, she wasn't in. This might be a good day, Keller thought with a small smile, her black heels clicking softly against the carpet.


"Hm?" She didn't want to, but she automatically responded. Well, at least I didn't squawk out "WHAT?" like I did when I was younger, she thought with an amused smirk. Turning her head over her shoulder, Keller locked eyes with Trevor. She hated how she was still completely affected by him. His hair's longer, she noted. He also left you for a year. That thought sobered her. "Do you need more information on the book, Mr. Wyatt?" she asked in a professional tone. She didn't want him to know how affected she was by him.

That phone call was enough for him to know.

Trevor paused and seemed to be thinking over his words before shaking his head slightly. "Nothing," he told her.

His voice got deeper.

"Took you two long enough," Alex remarked when Keller and Trevor reentered the conference room. The twenty-five-year-old was lounging back in his chair, his feet crossed on the table surface. Kyle wasn't in the room. "He went to get coffee since we got bored," Alex said, nodding his head towards Kyle's empty seat. Keller made a face at the older man before taking her seat, crossing one leg over the other.

"It wouldn't have taken as long if you had gotten off your lazy ass and picked up the manuscript," she replied, raising an eyebrow as if challenging him. Alex put his hands up in defeat.

"Sorry doll."

Rolling her dark green eyes, Keller dropped the heavy stack of bound papers onto the table. "Might as well edit a little now," she told Alex, leaning back in her own plush chair. The older man grunted before pulling a green pen out of his pocket and reading the manuscript. Each of the three editors had their own trademark colored pen: Keller's was light blue, Alex's was green, and Kyle's was red. Almost every single page had three or more blue marks on it, which wasn't an uncommon sighting. Keller was a stickler for tiny details, which had earned her a few recognitions, both from inside Fisk and out.

"You certainly have a lot of awards at Fisk," Trevor remarked from somewhere behind Keller.

"Yeah, no shit."

Stunned silence followed Keller's outburst. She inwardly groaned and put her forehead on the wooden surface of the table. Behind her, Trevor turned with a surprised look on his face. Next to her, Alex was trying hard not to burst out laughing.

"Well, uh, y-you're having a good da-ay, aren't you?" Alex remarked in between snickers. Keller turned her head towards him before shooting him a nasty look.

"I swear, if you even think about tell Bailey..." she threatened before straightening and running a hand through her hair. Just turn to him and be professional, she ordered herself before doing exactly that. "I'm sorry, Mr. Wyatt, for my outburst," she said solemnly. When Keller brought her eyes up to meet Trevor's (she was being professional, of course), she saw laughter dancing in his light blue ones. That, and something else. But that something else flickered away. "I'm not having a very good day," she admitted before turning forward again and glaring at Alex.

'Tell no one,' she mouthed to her co-worker, who mimed zipping his lips together.

He is going to tell everyone, Keller thought dryly. Alex couldn't keep a secret; he was too much of a social butterfly to do so. Of course, things that were really important he could keep to himself, but other than that he was an open book. I wonder if he would keep Trevor and me a secret, Keller couldn't help but think. Alex was one of her closest friends, as was Kyle. Still, some things should be kept secret. The only person who knew about their history was Bailey and Keller decided that she wanted to keep it that way.

"Anyways, yeah we do have a lot of awards," Alex replied to Trevor, composing himself. "The ones on the wall here are just overall awards that the company got. Each of us have our own share of awards since we're the department heads." He paused before leaning farther back in his chair. "I think Keller has the most so far."

"I've got ten," Keller said to Alex, still trying to ignore Trevor. After her outburst, she really only wanted to go home and sleep. "I think Kyle has eight and you have eight, right?"

"Yeah. Aren't you getting another one soon?"

She sighed before pulling her blonde hair over one shoulder and folding her arms on the table. "I'm nominated for one," she said simply, resting her head on her arms. Eyeing the manuscript, she inched it closer to Alex. "Edit."

He pouted before complying. "I swear, you are a child," she muttered. Without lifting her head or turning in her chair, she acknowledged Trevor. "Mr. Wyatt, you're welcome to come back to the table," she told him. Being professional sucks balls, she thought. "When's Kyle coming back?"

Alex shrugged, engrossed in his editing. Oh now he's focusing, Keller thought, shaking her head before grabbing her phone. Before she could dial her friend and co-worker's number, it began to ring.

"Hey, you're a crazy bitch but you fuck so good, I'm on top of it," her phone sang. Alex burst into laughter while Keller groaned. "When I dream, I'm doing you all night," he sang along before Keller got up and pushed him over. He fell out of his chair and onto the ground, though it didn't deter him from singing.

"When the hell did you change your ring tone?!" Keller demanded as soon as she answered the call. She felt flustered and she knew her cheeks were turning red. It was her brother on the line. And in front of Trevor. Of course.

"Probably a while ago," came the voice of her brother. "Your phone's always on vibrate."

"There's a reason it's always on vibrate," she hissed, rubbing her face with her free hand. "Like right now, I'm at work."

"So that's Alex laughing in the background?"

Keller quickly left the table and headed for the door while the person on the other line spoke. "Of course it's Alex. Who else would it be? And why that song? Of all the ring tones in the world..."

"Sorry sis. It's just so catchy."

"I hate you."

After a few more pleasantries were exchanged with her brother, he got down to the reason for his phone call: a girl.

"So I met a girl..." he began.

"Did you sleep with her?" Keller quickly interjected. She saw Alex's head peek up from behind his chair and decided to leave the room for this conversation.

She pushed the doors apart but not without sneaking a quick glance at Trevor to see what he was doing. To her surprise, he was looking straight at her. Keller faltered for a second before swallowing and continuing her conversation outside the conference room.

Keller was just finishing her conversation with her brother when Kyle finally returned. "All right, good luck," she spoke before snapping her phone shut and eyeing the older male. "Took you long enough," she remarked, folding her arms against her chest.

He shrugged before handing her her drink. "It took me a while to get your drink, Missy," he shot back with a challenging smirk. Keller childishly stuck her tongue out at him before pushing open the door to the conference room with her back.

"I am the only girl. I deserve the best," she told him mock-haughtily. He scoffed good-naturedly before ruffling her hair. "Brat," Keller spoke, putting her phone and drink in the same hand before running her free one through her hair.

"I'm older."

"Most of Fisk is older than me." Taking a sip of her drink, Keller walked back over to the table, noting that Trevor had taken the seat next to her empty one. Inwardly sighing, she pulled back the chair and sat in it as gracefully as she could while avoiding Trevor's gaze altogether. The phone call, the sudden appearance, the staring—it was getting to be too much for Keller.

"What'd I miss?" Kyle asked, settling into the chair across the table from Keller. He passed out the coffee—black for himself, black with milk, sugar, and cream on the side for Trevor, and black with a lot of milk for Alex. Keller had a hot vanilla crème, like she had a few days ago. When Trevor first showed up. Taking a sip of the hot drink, the twenty-three-year-old brushed her hair out of her face before speaking.

"Nothing. I have the manuscript edited and I just gave it to Alex." She turned her head towards Alex, daring him to mention Keller's earlier outburst. "I told him to edit, but I don't think he's gone past the first page."

"You guys are just so productive," Kyle remarked, taking a drink from his coffee. He rubbed at his short hair briefly before sighing and glancing at his watch. "We've basically wasted this entire day doing nothing. Trevor, do you have the basic plot idea?"

The named man shrugged one shoulder. "Keller gave me a rough outline while she was looking for the manuscript," he answered. Keller pretended not to feel affected simply because he used her first name. "But that's really all I know about it."

Kyle nodded before taking a moment to think. Eventually, he just sighed and waved his hand loosely. "No one but Keller has actually read the book, so we'll just call it a day. When're we meeting with the author?"

Alex pulled out his phone and checked his calendar. "In about three weeks," he answered.

"So we have a good chunk of time before we actually need to come up with something," Kyle reasoned. "And Keller, you're not going to be there for the meeting, right? You have that award thing."

The blonde shrugged. "I can skip it."

Both Alex and Kyle responded to that with a firm "No."

"Have you even been to one of those ceremonies?" Alex asked, spinning his pen in his fingers.

"I think I have. They're boring and stuffy anyways," she replied. Next to her, she heard the faintest of chuckles from Trevor.

"Sounds like you haven't changed much," she heard him say under his breath. For a moment, she wanted nothing more to turn towards him. Not to kiss him or to have passionate, passionate sex with him, but just to turn towards him. She wanted desperately to know why he had suddenly popped back into her life. That phone call was supposed to be closure for her—and it only seemed to have made matters worse. Worse and complicated.

As Keller was finishing her drink, her cell phone began vibrating. Thankfully, it didn't spit out "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry, although she half expected it to. It just vibrated a few times on the table before she answered the call.

"I think that asshole of yours got me sick," Bailey moaned over the phone. It took Keller a few moments to realize that "her asshole" was a reference to Trevor and not... Bailey needs to learn how to choose her words, Keller thought. Covering the receiver, she said "I think we're done here and it's about five anyways. See you guys tomorrow."

Alex saluted her while Kyle nodded and smiled. She didn't stick around to see what Trevor did. Waving once, Keller gathered her notes and her empty cup before leaving the conference room, pushing the door open with her back, as Bailey whined into the phone.

"Bailey, I don't think he gave you a cold," Keller answered while laughing, interrupting her rant about "asshole germs." Tossing her Starbucks cup into a trash can, she entered her office, letting the door swing closed behind her. "And you looked fine this morning when you were lying to all the interns," she pointed out.

A sneeze before Keller heard the delightful sound of Bailey blowing her nose. "I felt fine this morning," she grumbled, sneezing and blowing her nose again. "And how did Kyle like his name?"

"He wasn't exactly thrilled, Bails."

Keller heard some stuffy laughter before another sneeze. "Ugh. Fuck this. I'm going to bed," Bailey decided with a groan. She sniffed. "Come visit me tomorrow, please. And good night."

Keller couldn't help but laugh. "All right, Bail. I'll bring you some coffee. Night," she replied before closing her phone with a smile on her face. She put her phone on her desk and deposited her notes into a drawer before looking up and locking eyes with, none other than, Trevor. Her smile slowly faded as she stared at her former boyfriend.

With a sudden dry throat, Keller greeted him in her most professional voice. "Hello Mr. Wyatt," she spoke, standing up behind her desk and smoothing down her skirt. That seemed to be a new habit of hers: smoothing out her clothing. "Do you need help to your car?" He's not retarded, Keller, she told herself, mentally rolling her eyes at her question.

Trevor just stood in her doorway, silent. Behind him, she could see a few people glancing over to see what was going on. Shit. I don't need any rumors about me. "Please come in, Mr. Wyatt," she said graciously, moving towards him to close the door. Oh yeah, that made it a lot better. Inwardly, she winced. Outwardly, she was as professional as a person possibly could be.

"Is there anything that you need?" Keller asked, turning towards him briefly to be polite before walking back over to her desk. She took about two steps before she felt warm fingers graze her wrist. With her back turned towards him, she closed her eyes and forced herself to keep moving. She hoped that he didn't notice the slight falter in her steps.

Trevor's touch lasted only a second before she heard him speak. "Who was that on the phone with you?"


"The one with the Crazy Bitch ring tone?" She could practically feel him raising an eyebrow from behind her.

"That was my brother."

Silence from him before Keller heard Trevor sigh and her door opening and closing. As soon as she heard her door click shut, she ran a hand through her hair and took in a shaky breath. I need to go home, Keller thought, grabbing her coat and checking to see if her keys were still in the pocket. Possibly not the safest place, but Keller wasn't a purse girl. She shoved her cell into one of the pockets before turning off the lights and leaving the office.

What a day.

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