Day 1

2300 Hours

Many thoughts ran through the boy's head, "Oh, Crap" being the main thought. He was blindfolded and tied in the truck of somebody's card. He didn't want to be kidnapped. The boy believed his kidnapper was going to rape him then kill him, then throw him in the woods left to rot. The journey to his kidnapper's home felt long, and seemed to drag on forever. Or maybe it just felt that way because he didn't know where he was at. But eventually, the car stopped.

He heard the engine cut off. The boy gulped away dry mouth. His heart beat fast. As soon as the guy would open the trunk, he would make a run for it. He didn't know how, but he'll think of something as it went on. The boy heart the trunk opening, and instantly felt hands close around his neck. Choking, the boy was forced to obey wherever his kidnapper went.

The boy was then thrown over his kidnapper's shoulder. He started kicking, and tried to elbow the man's head. He didn't know where the man was taking him, and the boy could feel his thumping heartbeat in his ears. A door clicked open and the bright lights invaded the cloth that was over his eyes. He was then tossed down onto something comfy. A sofa, perhaps. He gasped for breath when the stuffed tissues were taken from his mouth, and licked the inside of his dry mouth.

"What's your name?" The voice demanded. It was loud, and sounded like it could control an entire stadium. The boy hesitated. He didn't want to reveal his name to his kidnapper. He's dangerous, and who knows what he would do once he found out who he was. However, when the boy hesitated, he was slapped

"My friends call me Kal." The boy sputtered out immediately, mentally kicking himself. On top of that, it had come out in a squeaky voice. Great. The boy, Kal, prepared to talk again, and prepared to be touched in any way.

Nothing happened. Instead, he heard a door slam some short distance away. Kal scrunched himself up. The air smelled musty, and then the lights went out. Slowly, panic start to set in. Moments later, his kidnapper hoisted him up again and tossed him somewhere different. When his butt made contact with the hard floor, Kal winced. "Ow"