Luckily there is no ending to keep the worlds pretending

Who is left descending to the shadows of my mind

So while the thoughts are pending, open sending broken headings

Treading water, upsetting slaughter, I caught her letting go a sign

Fine, she scares me, down she wears me, I can't trust her, let me go

Why, she says, she's happy now, how? She's selfish well, I'm left behind

Back into a world of attitude and gratitude of going home

No, I can't betray myself, let me know when it is time

She falls through the cracks I drew the paintings true in black

And white a fact tonight to light the fire I can try

So upsetting, all forgetting letting go with all my tactics,

That's it regretting, light is shedding, tears of sorrow years go by

She gets older life gets colder, I'm a solder with no fight

War is only seconds further, is it worth it just to die

Killed in battle, will I shatter? Scatter me across the light

For when the sun goes down you'll see the sound of the distant cries

Please ignore the explosions blowing throwing me across the line

You must go to save yourself and know that it is time to go

Screaming moving on and dreaming nightmares we must leave behind

All in time to show the answer shifted by the undertow

Pull me in I'm losing conscience all I have is gravity

Following a trace of ancient listening to all I know

Nothing's left to show the best of anything I have to be

Gently moving only proving life is lonely, this is soul