Letters from the ship I sunk I let go of the wheel

Regretting that I was drunk and I found I couldn't feel

Upsetting to see people falling trying to appeal

Forgetting ever single calling ensures that this is real

Scratching I am stuck and fallen the ship turns to its side

I watch the people flying, oh how gently do they glide

And that is when the beast we see starts to open wide

Waiting for the innocence searching as they hide

Calls of rain begin to stain the broken swimming boat

Pieces flying quickly hitting bodies as they float

Frantically he's smiling, laughing putting on his coat

And suddenly he jumps across, murdering the hope

I planned to do the same, but I was struck in the head

I tumble past the broken mast and swiftly drift instead

The peaceful quiet screaming, while the water turns red

I relax for awhile sinking, thinking I am dead