That spot of ground that no one claims

That no one keeps that no one names

But no one can it isn't theirs

And of the people, I'm aware

I hide beneath a yellow book

But as I seem to read I look

And to/Upon my right an empty space

Until I see an eager face

He takes a seat and looks around

On this nameless place, this hollow ground

He does not claim with his endeavors

But as it lays to be forever

Boredom sneaks upon his back

I watch the beast go to attack

He gets up from the nomad seat

And makes his way across the street

So I sit, I sit to wait

And place the emptiness as bait

Just as I thought here comes someone

The passing fame returns undone

This girl she has a camera near

And I suppose she'll use it here

She turns and focuses on me

As I pretend I do not see

And as it seems she's satisfied

She takes her lead she leaves with pride

So I sit, I sit to wait

And place the emptiness as bait

As I watch a family pass

A flock of birds arrive at last

They use the bench to sit and rest

So they can fly emotionless

But a single dog scares them away

Attached by leash a man in gray

How sad to see him follow close

And solemn he remains a ghost

Soon enough I get impatient

And find it necessary to leave my station

And as the place I once had watched

My own space becomes the epoch

So I sat I sat to wait

To watch the nameless ground intake

And as each soul is unaware

To reveal in fact how much we share.