chapter eight

"chalkzone and miniskirts"

I'd be lying if I said my dream last night had anything to do with Shane. It's a little disappointing, but it makes for a funny story to tell my buds. You know, the standard stuff: "Dude, I had the craziest dream last night!" followed by the "Oh man, me too! What was yours about?"

Mine was about a bright hallway, down which I walked, and when I got to the door at the end, and opened it, I saw a sunny beach full of school buses, juniper trees, and surfing toquitos. I took a step and fell into a white abyss, and when I looked up, I saw Penny cry, "Rudy! They're falling into an infinite abyss, which means they'll be falling forever!"

"Penny? Who the fuck is Penny?"

"Remember that old show, ChalkZone?" I ask. "Penny's the girl."

Another guy says, "Holy shit, man, I remember that show! That's insane!"

Which leads into a conversation about the old Nickelodeon shows we used to watch as kids, shows they don't play anymore, quality shows that have been replaced with bullshit sunshine and rainbows. (Kind of like the mini acid trip my last night's dream sounds like.)

Shane walks by our group, and I want so badly to ditch the guys and go walk with him, talk with him. He notices me, but walks on by anyway. He knows the unspoken rule, too: nerds and football players don't just 'chat'.

My heart sinks into my stomach. I'll see him in science, I guess, but I wish I could talk to him now.

I see Emilie with the cheerleaders. She and the rest of them are glaring at me. Ah, jeez. Why are girls so dramatic? I (naturally, because all my thoughts seem to be headed here nowadays) think of Shane, who is probably sitting someplace by himself with his nose in a book or something. Damn. Now that would be a sexy sight, not the ridiculously short skirts my ex and her friends are wearing. (Who the fuck wants to see that anyway?)

I crack a smile. The bell rings.