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Of test-tubes and future husbands

"Give that to me," I hissed. "What do you think you're doing, you idiot?"

No reply.

"Seth-," I was about to start again when I was interrupted by a loud voice.

"Miss Hargreaves, kindly do not fight with your partner for the test tube," said Mr. Manning. Ha. What does he know? And why is it always me who gets yelled at? Why not Seth? Sometimes, I think even the teachers in the school are in love with him.

Really, life is so unfair.

I saw Seth smile.

"Idiot," I muttered out of the corner of my mouth. "Like you even know what you're supposed to do with it."

"I'm sure I know more than you, cupcake," Seth said. He was referring to I'm sure, my inability to comprehend the word 'science' and anything remotely related to it. Katalina's your girl if you want Science. Not me. I'm more the English kind of girl.

"Don't call me that," I hissed again, resolutely turning my back on him. Seth has always called me that, which for the life of me, I can't understand. I'm pretty sure I do not resemble a cupcake and my name is Mahi. So…?

Seth only grinned.

I swore.

"Miss Hargreaves, kindly refrain from using such words in this class."

"I hate you," I told Seth as soon as we were out.

"I know," he said. Before he could continue, Selena came up to us – apparently, Seth's the new dream guy – and said, "Hi Seth. Do you want to sit with me for lunch today?"

Seth looked slightly exasperated. I mean, three fourth of the girl population is mad about him. And who wouldn't be, what with his messy brown hair, and deep green eyes that seem as if they're uncannily piercing your soul, and his easy-going, debonair manner of walking and talking. And of course, his beautiful, heart-stopping smile that makes you want to kiss him endlessly.

But Seth, as far as I know, has not dated anyone in a really, really long time. My ponderings about this fact were interrupted by a Greek God walking into my line of vision.

Jack McAllister.

He's going to marry me. He just doesn't know it yet.

Mahi McAllister. It's alliteration too.

What could be more perfect?

I sat down on our lunch table carefully – I am known to be rather challenged in the gravity department – and Seth followed me. Lately, he has started sitting at our table, as also has Darren since he and Kat got together.

They didn't even look up, so engrossed they were in each other. I cleared my throat three times before Kat looked at me and grinned.

"Hi, Mahi," she said. "How was Chemistry?"

I scowled.

Being best friends for a very long time, Kat understood the danger zone that she was in and hurriedly backtracked. "So, saw Jack today?"

And that immediately cheered me up. Kat and Darren find my obsession with Jack funny, while Seth gets annoyed every time I mention my plans of marrying him. Like I said, he's an idiot. So it doesn't really matter.

"Yes," I breathed. "And he looked so good, all that blond hair and his blue eyes looked bluer than ever. And he definitely looked at me."

It was more like looked at Gina, his girlfriend who was behind me, but same thing, right?

"He's a total dumbo," said Seth, getting annoyed as always, only he didn't say dumbo. He said something worse.

I scolded him for insulting my would-be husband but he just got angrier. Some people just don't want others to be happy.

Grumbling, I looked at Kat and found her laughing. Immediately, I got angry. They had no right to laugh at me.

"Darren, are you in love with Kat or not?" I asked, determined to make them understand.

Kat went bright red, and Darren said, "Yes."

Awww. How cute. But back to the point.

"And do you want to marry her or not?" I could see that Darren was at a momentary loss for words, so I added, "After you're twenty three, of course."

"I…um, I've got to go," muttered Darren in a strangled voice and left the table.

"See?" I told Kat. "He does. So, I love Jack and want to marry him too."

"I've gotta go too," said Seth suddenly in a very weird voice with an even weirder look on his face, and got up so fast that I was afraid he would fall.

But alas, I'm the only one gravitationally challenged here, it seems.

"What was that about?" I stared after Seth, bewildered.

Kat started laughing again. "And I'm supposed to be oblivious. Mahi, dear, get your frontal and temporal lobes checked," with that cryptic remark, she got up too.


As if I know what frontal and temporal lobes are.

After lunch was over, I walked into the Biology lab with trepidation on my face. Our school has this really stupid rule that partners for Chemistry are partners for the other sciences too. So, I'm stuck with Seth for Biology too. Thankfully, I'm not doing Physics, so I'm spared that torture.

Seth seemed to be back to his normal self, if the way he was bouncing slides from one hand to another was any indication.

"It's my turn now," I told him. "You did all of Chemistry."

Seth looked amused. "I don't think so," he said, as I attempted to grab a slide from him.

My attention was diverted by my would-be husband entering the lab with his partner, Gina. I don't really mind Biology, as I can drool for the most part.

"What's so great about him, anyway?" Seth muttered, his expression turning different instantly as soon as he saw where I was looking.

"Today's the day!" I informed Seth excitedly, ignoring his remark and picking up a spare slide from the surface.

"The day for what?" Seth asked warily.

"The day I talk with Jack!" I'm sure anyone looking at me would have thought I'm hyperactive because of the fact that I was on the verge of doing pirouettes in the lab.

For a moment, I thought I saw Seth's eyes turn sad, but I chalked it up to my imagination since the next moment, he was back to muttering angry swear words about Jack.

I was relieved that he was back to normal, and craned my neck to look at Jack again.

Big mistake.

I was so engrossed in looking at his godly hotness, that I didn't notice my pressure on the slide in my hand increasing and the slide breaking into two pieces.

But I definitely noticed one of the two shards of glass digging into my palm and making a deep cut.

"Ow," I said. That hurt like hell.

Seth looked over at me, and his expression changed when he saw my hand.

"Mahi! What happened?"

"N-nothing," I stammered, trying not to look down at the blood. I hate blood.

"Not nothing," Seth rushed over with deep concern in those beautiful green eyes, and picked up my hand and inspected it gently. "What did you do?"

"Nothing," I said again, as Seth shook his head, and tugged me towards the teacher.

"It's nothing," I said weakly, but Seth shut me up with one look.

Seth mopped up the wound, and even bandaged it. And all the while I was thinking about the sparks of tingly electricity that ran through me whenever his hand tenderly brushed mine.

I must be going mad. That has to be it.

I tried not to think about Seth and his wonderful hands as I walked along the corridor. Finally, it was the time to put my master plan into action.

I was going to walk past Jack's locker, where he would be with Gina and casually say "Hi."

Fantastic, right?

I was executing my master plan when suddenly Seth turned up in front of me, and I don't know why but I felt the blood draining from my head as I stared into his emerald eyes.

Then, it was over, probably because I wrenched my eyes away as fast as I could and hurried towards Jack's locker. I walked past Jack as casually as I could, and said, "Hi," as loudly and clearly as I could.

Jack looked confused for a second, but then he spotted me and gave me that sexy smile. I thought I would die and float up to Heaven in one of those little air bubbles.

It was pure bliss.

Next day, as I was telling my lunch table mates all about that magnificent moment, Seth seemed even more bad tempered than usual.

"He doesn't deserve you," Seth muttered as I was explaining my journey to Heaven.

I got irritated. "Really, Seth, what's your problem in life? Why do you hate Jack so much?"

Seth looked at me in disbelief and then he snorted.

"Mahi, have you yet not understood that I'm in love with you?"

As my eyes widened, Seth went on, "Yes, Mahi. Get it into your head. I love you and that's why I hate Jack so much."

And then he stood up and stormed off, leaving me, Kat and Darren to stare after him.

Erm...I think I'm having hallucination or something. Seth Miller did not just tell me he's in love with me. Obviously, it was my imagination. I mean, why would he evn like me? I'm nasty to him most of the time?

Yes, that's it, I convinced myself. Or tried to.

I felt pathetic.

I was walking as slowly as possible when a familiar voice sounded in my ear.

"Hey….Mahi, right?"

It was Jack. Strange; my heart didn't flop over at all when I saw him. I was sure it was a misunderstanding.

"Yes," I smiled. Maybe my wish was finally going to come true. Jack was going to confess his true feelings for me.

"You were the one who said Hi to me, right, in that sexy voice?"

Jack complimented me. My future husband thinks my voice is sexy. Oh, what other thing can make me happy now? Unfortunately, my heart was not very impressed by this and continued beating as normally as usual.

"Yes," I nodded. Oh God. I probably looked like a total idiot.

Jack smiled and leaned towards me.

Oh my God. He's going to kiss me. He's going to KISS me. He's going to-

"Wait," I said. "So you broke up with Gina?"

He paused in the middle of his journey, confused. "What? No…why?"

"You're going to kiss me, aren't you?" I asked. Now I was confused.

"Yes," Jack admitted. "So?"

"So you still have a girlfriend!"

Jack smirked. "So?"

Okay. This was all wrong. I was so confused. How could he kiss me when he had a girlfriend? That was cheating.

And I wanted him to kiss me, right? Of course. I love him. I want to marry him (after we're twenty three, of course). I do. I-

Oh God. I don't think I even like him anymore.

"I've got to go," I said as I ran. I ran faster than I've ever run on track and didn't stop until I was outside the school and saw Seth trudging along the sidewalk.

"Seth," I called out.

Shit. I was so nervous. What if he didn't like me anymore?

He froze.

I took a deep breath, "I've changed my mind."

He turned around, and I walked the last few feet up to him.

"I'm not going to marry Jack anymore," I blurted out.

I could finally see his eyes and the emotions I saw in them made my heart do somersaults in my chest. I felt sure that I would need CPR soon.

"Oh, yeah?" he asked, and I could see the hope and the wariness in his eyes. Those beautiful eyes. "So who're you going to marry now?"

I smiled.

"You," I said and I kissed him.

Afterwards, when he was holding me tight in his strong arms and staring at me with happiness in his eyes and a huge smile on his face (My heart almost died right then and there) – an expression I was sure, was mirrored, in my face – I realized one other thing.

Mahi Miller.

That was alliteration too!

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