Fog is rolling over the expansive field
and it looks so peaceful.
But as tears roll down my face,
the sky bleeds for me.

Brilliant red is spilling across the sky,
as if the sun
cannot live without his moon.
A sympathetic lover
with too much distance
between him and his beloved.

For me and mine, the sky bleeds.
Center stage;
all else is dark, and all eyes-
even my own blurred
are watching a macabre beauty.

Mourning goes on through the
the evening.
Even when the sky is dark,
the moon sheds tears onto
the earth.
Silver-white light pours from the sky.

The distance is overwhelming.
the longest way to happiness
and sometimes it brings sorrow.
We try to stay afloat,
but sometimes it seems
it would be easier to fall-
dream forever
of being in each other's arms.

I see my story
our story
played across the stars.
Silvery light to play across the features
of anyone watching
the twilight.

I'll hold back the tears-
let the sky hold my sorrow.
Look to tomorrow,
and wait for the day
when I can forget
how the sky bled for me
and mine.

A/N: First time posting in absolutely forever. 0.o

I saw something so beautiful, but when I saw it, this came into my mind. It was so sad and haunting... I just had to share. I think this is one of my few pieces that I actually like and *want* to show it to others... =x

Let me know what you think, please =)

- Cae