Jeremy was a small lad. Never wanted much. Never liked too much. He was a strange lad. He ran over birds for fun on his bike. He caught squirrels and tortured them. Skinned them just to skin them. He liked the feeling of life or death in his hands. Whether a living organism would die or not. What a strange boy Jeremy was. But this fish. This stupid fish he saw one day. Glaring it him through the little aquarium glass in the store. Jeremy was confused. His usual feelings (or lack of) for animals did not exist at the moment. He felt attached to this fish. He knew he must have it. This animal he would let live in his hands. What a feeling - desire. He gathered up a couple cents to buy this fish. Hoping to death that it'd still be there. And it was. What a sight. With its golden scales and magnificent blue eyes. He didn't think fish could have blue eyes. But he saw something in those blue eyes. Was it a soul? He saw himself in them. He would never kill himself, even if he were a fish. So Jeremy brought the goldfish home. Junior was his name. His little brother wished to see it. Jeremy snapped at him. He would let nobody see his fish. Not another person could set their eyes on his fish. It was his. He bought it himself - with his own money. He brought the fish everywhere to keep it with him. But one day, it fell out of his carrying fish aquarium and onto the cold dark ground. It died on impact. Jeremy didn't cry. He could not cry. But we wondered if crying was appropriate. He stomped on the ground and grabbed a squirrel passing. He had gained a great skill of catching. He ripped the squirrel apart, and laid it next to the fish. He wanted that thrill back. He sat on the ground and waited. Waited for anything to happen. Jeremy's parents found him lying on the sidewalk. Next to him was a squirrel. Jeremy was not breathing. Jeremy was dead.

No fish was found.