Dear Hero-

You had been hinting for the longest time that you would leave. Simply pick yourself up, disappear, and hope I'd forget about you. Love doesn't work that way. I know you; your motto is run like the Flash and never look back. Yet I always held onto the hope that one day you would return, if only for a fleeting glance at what life once was. To be honest, I always expected a goodbye.

But all my initial anger and loneliness have evaporated. I still miss you, and I always will. You stole a chunk of my heart and ran with it, around the world in an instant.

I can no longer force myself to be mad at you for I finally understand what you've been telling me for years; you need to find yourself.

So do I.

It never occurred to me before you were gone, but I was always incomplete. Don't worry I won't go searching for you, if you wanted to be found it would have been simple.

I see myself as I was and you as you were as if the world had stopped turning just for us to be unchanged forever. We have changed though. You and I are not the same person, and my adventure will take a different path. But I will journey and travel nonetheless. I will make a name for myself before we meet again.

We will meet again, I am sure of it. Once I have honed myself to be swift, silent, clever, and whole, I will find you. But never to keep you for myself. I know how it feels to be locked away by another's love, and I would never do that to you again. Not to you, never to you.

We spoke of this one night, of journeying and adventures, and all things magical. You asked me if I went on a journey would I return. At the time I had answered yes. Now however, I am unsure if I can return from where I seek to go.

For I will pass through time and space, and forgo all limitations before I am satisfied.

And even that may not be enough.

But with all my love,

One you may not recognize