28th October 2009

I am not in a good mood, at all. This is for a number of reasons such as my new nail tips are annoying me because I can't get used to them and so they hurt. I feel a little sick AGAIN. Mum and Dad are arguing over money. Me and Dad are arguing over university. Money is low. I have a load of work to do...so what do I do? Write here. And I just am in such a bad mod.

Sooooo, I should be in a good mood, having a good pampered day yesterday and today me and Lou went shopping which I enjoyed. I bought Juno and Meet the Spartans which is just funny and on right now. We had lunch at the local MacDonalds and I enjoyed it.

Sadly I'm in a bad mood though, the major reason is arguments with my Dad over university which we not long had. My Dad (along with a few others) dislike my idea of a gap year which I understand but my Dad is being more extreme by saying I'm kicked out if I do, which is ridiculous ESPECIALLY SINCE I'VE ALREADY PUT IT ON MY PERSONAL STATEMENT AND SENT OF MY UCAS. I know what their saying and their reasons are valid but when Dad isn't listening to me but tells me to listen to him... HE DOES NOT LISTEN. I have tried explaining I'm not to worried about finances, loans and that will sort that out. I will not leave education fully because I'm going to do voluntary work which I have already began planning but I can go on the dole, which for some reason my Dad dislikes. I don't care what he thinks! Yes, the doles not great but it will only be a year and just so I get some form of money, I don't care! I know what I want to do, I have life plans and that does not involve staying in scumcorn on the dole. I would rather go straight into University so I can get away but it seems impossible... So it looks I may go straight into University, not that I want to and get away from these idiots quicker. I will miss, no 'coz I cant leave her...I was going to say Honey but I will not leave her and do not know what I'm going to do with that problem. Unless I move out and take my gap year...then go into University and live there, which means it won't be Liverpool as I said I'll live at home. So I tried talking to him and do not think the discussion is over but it is so frustrating, I wonder maybe if he just wants to get me out or if it's for my own good... I don't known and don't care. I sort of hate my family, my Dad's not so bad and I don't include Louis or my pets in the 'family' hate but my Mum and Helena are totally included, I just don't have such a great bond and I'm just wishing next week, when I get my Nintendo DS goes well. IT'S MU BUSINESS, THEY SHOULD NOT GET INVOLVED THOUGH.

So yeah, workkkkkkkkkkk, the joys... I have about two essays to do which I haven't. I just haven't got the motivation to do it and it is really pissing me off because I have until next week! It's my fault! I piss myself of. Then there's the trouble of last Thurs... I am stupid. If I forget what happened I'm glad.

Feel a bit better from getting it out, going to have a brew and hopefully talk to my Dad soon aha.

A/N: Sorry it's like een ages...writes block and lots of work. Love ya xx