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Vows were made swearing blood and body only to one another—Wrath found the ordeal to be a little pointless. Prowls had their ways: everything was understood. It would be the way of thinking, "Give your blood to anyone and you won't have a drop left." Or "Crawl into someone else's arms, and you'll be permanently there six feet under"—not that he ever told me that, but oddly enough I told him at the altar, gaining a delighted grin from him.

This union didn't change the hostility between our bloods, especially during the remainder of my pregnancy. Yes, the Prowls had forgiven Wrath and taken him back into their family after the Orien situation had been ironed out and they wouldn't have to worry about having the entire family being taken over by a psychopath (Wrath swore that he'd tear Orien apart if he even caught a whiff of his scent in the air… since then, Orien disappeared). However, that didn't change how sickened the Prowls were that there would be a half Morose in the family. Until my darling, little boy was born that is.

Delivering him was such a swift, painless process since I was doped up on Wrath's blood that acted better than any kind of morphine ever could. The sound of his cry brought me back to reality, that beautiful, melodic sound that made me want to burst to tears. He was colder than me, warmer than Wrath but he set both of us on fire, which was why we decided on the name Blaze.

So strange how infants are so innate when they take in their first breath and open their fresh eyes to the world. He knew the difference between Wrath and I by simply taking a few whiffs of our skin. And when that tiny mortal part of him needed the nourishment of milk, he'd suckle at my breast with care not to bite. But when his throat ached for the relief only blood could bring, he whined for Wrath, who gave without hesitation and kept him until his was glutton with it. That was a beautiful thing, him needing and wanting the both of us.

And the Prowls agreed since their young (like most from every family) solely depended on their mothers. With Prowls, their children only needed blood and since they were so connected to their mother with all that time in the womb, they'd want to only latch to her those first months. I was the same way with my mother since her and my father equaled in blood quality, I didn't have one to favor more than the other when it came to flavor or energy. Our case with Blaze was different since Wrath's blood was rich and untainted.

Bedelia was the first one of the Prowls to agree to him, and I could feel her anxiety the moment she stepped into the room. She came in with the mindset that she'd love him because he belonged to Wrath, but the half breed idea still made her queasy. But as she came nearer to the bed, after she made a face to his unkempt bleached hair, she peaked at him and her porcelain face lit up with awe.

"Such a gorgeous bebe!" she shrilled and reached for him without asking, snatching him, and cradling him in her arms like he was her long departed child. She started cooing him in French, and Wrath snickered at the bewildered look on Blaze's face. She'd rub her nose to his and whisper reassuringly to him when she caught him reaching a fretful hand towards Wrath.

"Oh, my darling," she said to Wrath. "He looks just like you." She rolled her eyes when she chose to overlook his stark white hair that couldn't be forgotten.

"How unfortunate," Wrath said in jest as he took him back from her.

She danced off to the hall and dragged Dmitri in while the others hovered outside the door. Dmitri was dragging his feet and his eyes made it obvious that he didn't want to be there. He let them venture about the room, purposely missing anywhere he might catch a reflection of Blaze. Wrath and I didn't show malice towards him for it though, knowing how much of an adjustment this would be.

"You feel it, can't you?" Bedelia asked him quietly. "That power he's emitting is just like ours."

Dmitri wrinkled his nose.

"One look," she pleaded. "Just one and I'll never ask for anything else from you. You can leave and wait downstairs if you want."

He'd meant for it to only be a glance, but that millisecond was enough for Blaze to meet his eyes and hold him there in a daze. We didn't know what was going on at first; Dmitri was just standing there for a second. Then slowly, each step taking a couple seconds to complete, he ventured over to where Wrath was holding Blaze and leaned into him. Blaze reached his hand up and tugged on a loose strand of Dmitri's black hair and got him to gasp himself awake again.

What's with these men and lusting after power—because since that moment it was hard to get Dmitri to move far away enough for Wrath to walk Blaze back to me. After that all the other Prowl children came in to get a glimpse of him and all fell in love not if mentioning the difference in scent or that his power was less than normal. The only differences they noted were physical and how perfect and seamlessly they all fit together.

My family, on the other hand, still disgusted anything that was Prowl, though my mother's cold shoulder towards my Blaze was likely due to my father, who didn't want to have anything to do with him. He was probably glad that I had taken on the Prowl name just so Blaze couldn't be associated with the Morose bloodline.

Despite that, we remained in the Black Manor (I also stole Adei). Only now, I made frequent trips away from La Dona.

And so the years past…

Blaze had grown and his hair had darkened to black leaving the tips bleached white. His skin was as delicate as mine, which made him able to play in the sun as long as he wore some sunscreen. Wrath and I would watch him run around in the grass with Adei from the shadows of the doorway that was blocked from the sun by the overhang. Wrath stayed as close as possible, the line of light on the floor acted as an impenetrable barrier. I took turns between the two of them during daylight hours when we had that set back.

That was something that Blaze couldn't grasp. He saw me in the sunlight and Adei, Brennan, and Ellora and all the other vampires of La Dona. But never his daddy, not even a step or a flinch to take one.

Blaze stopped running after Adei and looked back towards the house, catching Wrath's easy smile. He wandered up the steps and grasped the bars of the railing with his tiny, stubby fingers. He stayed bathed in light as he approached Wrath with a pouting bottom lip.

"What's wrong?" Wrath asked him in a tender lull as he bent down to be eye level with him. "Daddy prefers a smile."

Wrath lifted his hand as if he'd set it to glass as he kept a faint distance between his flesh and the light. Blaze set his palm to his.

"Why," Blaze whispered in puzzlement as he lifted his ruby eyes to meet his father's. "Why does the sun hate my daddy so?"

Wrath laced his fingers with Blaze's, the touch of light singeing his knuckles has he pulled our son into his arms. He whispered into his hair, "It's too in love with you, my little one. But I'm never missing out,"—he kissed him on the forehead and glanced up at me—"I've found far brighter lights."