Scene One- Introductory scene. Art class.

Maisy (sitting but slumped and thoughtful)- I just wish Mr Robinns wasn't a teacher…

Sam (shocked but amused)- Maisy!(from sitting back in her chair she moves forward to be near her friend) You don't half say the stupidest stuff!

Maisy- Its true! I bet you want him to!

Sam- No! I've got Damion, who's the same age as me!

Maisy- He's two months younger, you got yourself a toy boy!

Sam- Least I don't want a sugar daddy!

Mr Robbins- Excuse me girls. While I am trying to teach I want everyone to listen!

Sam and Maisy- Sorry sir.

Mr Robbins-As I was saying…. So Van Gogh did a variety of work with paintings, drawings, water colours, graphic work and self….(quietens)

Maisy(whispering)- Don't you think he's dreamy?

Sam-(shouts)- NO!

Mr Robbins-(Turning around from board)- Out now Samantha!

Scene two- Lunch hall

Maisy-(Smartly)You need to get over yourself. Sam… its only school, (turns to face Sam and points fork with food on at her) not important.

Sam- (grumbles but continues to eat burger on bun)

Natasha-(joining table with tray in hand)- Hey! Guess what I've heard?

Sam (desperate to ignore Maisy)- Huh?

Natasha-There's a new girl who's been looking around the school with her Mum- she might be here next week!

Maisy (Smartly)-how innocent and naïve this place is… to hear the excitement of new children joining, aww. How they don't realize what love is! (Exits to bin)

Natasha- (moves in to talk to Sam)-What's goin' on with her?

Sam (sighing)- Stupid crush on Mr Robbins!

Natasha (laughs)- Ha! (as this happens in the background Maisy is bumped into by Mr Robbins who mimes and leaves)

Sam- So what's this girl's name?

Maisy (flustered and runs over just as Natasha is about to speak)- guess who just bumped into me and said sorry!

Sam (stressed)- Who?

Maisy- Mr Robbins… could he like me?

Sam and Natasha- (laugh, Sam covering mouth almost choking)

Maisy- (little laugh) huh huh…. I was only messing with you'se anyway, I must go. (Natasha and Sam still in hysterics)

Natasha (calming)- Ohhh, listen, I'm here if it ever get to much.

Sam- Thanks.

Scene Three- Maisy's and Sam's bedrooms

This is ideally best in a split stage, starting of with both Maisy and Sam doing the same routine and then Maisy phoning Sam, then both on their bed.

Sam- Hullo?

Maisy- Hey hun!

Sam (instantly down)- Oh, hi.

Maisy- You k?

Sam- Ye, ye….. whats up?

Maisy- I really like Andrew!

Sam- Who?

Maisy- Mr Robbins! He's so gorgous!

Sam- Get over YOURSELF! (Hangs up. Maisy exits stage)

Mr Robbins- Whats all that about?

Sam (turning over to face Mr Robbins in her bed- Nothing Andy, babe… (they embrace)


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