My name is Jane, plain old I'm not old, I'm seventeen since last month.I have short bobbed brown hair (my Mum insisted on it) and brown eyes.I'm small and thin, my older brother Callum says I'm breakable.I live with my Mum, Dad and Cal, we have a dog and I own a cockatoo.

I suppose this is my biography I write here, I can't explain why I am writing this, I just am, sound stupid?

I hate my life, I'm totally life is full of vampires, werewolves and even magic but only when I pick up a , it's even full of love and there is mainly love in the books of vampires.I loathe the love in books, why?It is false, giving girls like me false makes me look out my window mindlessly and wistfully.I know I should know that it isn't real love, but I bet if your a young girl with no real life, you'll know where I'm coming from.

Sometimes, when I'm looking out of the window I see neighbours about their daily 's one particular neighbour that always catches my attention though the same can never be said about me catching his name is Oliver, Oliver is stunning, not like sparkly stunning, but actually humanly 's not tall, dark and handsome either, he's tall, slightly olive skinned and friends all like him, in fact everyone does because he's Mr 's the one that will never return my crush, the one that doesn't even notice me as he goes sit with some popular kids.I suppose I'll move on, the geek with a crush all ways , I'm a geek or so the popular kids/ bullies think.I'm used to them and the pushes, trips and verbals, they don't hurt and I don't care any more.

I'm flicking through a book right now, some textbook I should be revising from but there is something playing on my mind, my Mum and Dad had their third argument this week and it is only Tuesday they do is bicker these days and it's bringing everyone down.I try to concentrate on the words, they just seem like black splodges that swirl on the white page.I hear my Mum yelling at my Dad again, I wish I didn't have to mention this but I suppose it's part of the 'story' and I can't keep it out of it for much longer.I wish someone would hug me, tell me it was okay but I kneow it won't happen, that is just in stories.

I know what will happen, if they split you think about it rationally, logically and consider fiction as a opposite to real life, which it is for me, then my Dad and Mum will move from each other, they will fight for custody of me but not Cal since he's Mum will win me but some weekends I'll stay at Dads, he will become a alcoholic so my visits will stop and my Mum just might marry Dad.

My mind flickers about, trying to remember a good moment of my life and there is , I'm not usually such a down person, but you know what family arguments are like.I guess it'll be fine tomorrow or something, well I can I cast my book to the floor and lie down fully clothed, not sure if I will fall asleep yet.

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