I sighed with relief when I heard his friends behind sighed to, but it seemed to be an unhappy sigh as he slowed down to catch up with them and left me on my own.I walked a faster pace when I could see my best friend waiting at the school gates for was Owen, my best friend for all of my life since our mothers met each other in high had scruffy styled blonde hair, a pair of piercing green eyes and was medium was funny, always there for me and knew me as well as he knew himself.

"Hey Jane," He smiled, moving the square framed glasses he wore up to the bridge of his nose.

"Hi Owen," I said rather dully, not over the fiasco of my morning.

I could feel his eyes search me from beside of me as we kept walking into school, "Bad morning?" I told you he knew me well.

"Yeah," I mumbled, "Mum and Dad argued last night so Mum is staying at Aunt Lo's and I made a fool of myself in front of Oliver on my way to school."

He sighed, he never liked my crush for Oliver and I always wondered if he was jealous, "Don't worry yourself over your parents and Oliver, he doesn't even notice you hon."

It was my turn to sigh, he was right, "I can dream?"

We went straight into class for our first lesson, and Owen had most classes together, always working together and getting good took our usual seats at the middle of the class, unpacking our bags.

"Have you seen Beth this morning?"I asked, opening my was our other best friend, she wasn't as close to us as me and Owen were but she was still a good friend.

"Yeah, we talked until she headed to Drama before I saw you," He explained, opening his own textbook.

I looked up instinctively as the door opened, Oliver and his mates walked through the door, I forgot we had Maths with was top set Maths, so he either cheated or was actually heartbeat became a bit faster as his eyes flickered over to me and he ?Why was he doing that?It took me a minute to calm down, maybe it was my imagination that he looked at me and smiled.I looked at Owen next to me, his expression readable; he pitied ?I don't know, I think maybe he thinks I believe I have a chance when he knows I don't but doesn't want me to 's sweet but wrong, I also know I don't have a chance.

"Owen, don't worry, I know I have no chance. I love you," as a brother.

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