I don't know how long I've been walking, but I know it's been awhile.

I started when the sun was rising, and now the sun is setting. Left my home to find myself. Forty miles later I am in the dark, alone, confused. However, I am not afraid. I can hear the coyotes howling in the distance, and I can see the other animals glare at me, ready to take a bite out of my forearm, but I am relaxed. Dark, alone, confused, but relaxed. The calm air soothing my attitude. As for my apetite, I wasn't hungry. I hadn't eaten since I started, but I didn't feel like I wanted food. What did I want? Well here I go again.

This is why I left in the first place. I think too much. Too much for my own good. But there wasn't anything to leave, really. Except my jars of peanut butter. I was lonely even at my humble abode. The little home in the middle of nowhere. Take the main road south until you reach a bridge, turn right onto that small dirt path and drive. You'll hit my house eventually. Someday I'm waiting for someone to literally hit my house. Give me a reason to move. As for now, I have no reason to move. The folks in town don't know who I am, and I like it like that. It's easier to move around. No one shouting at me expecting a conversation. Near my house there is a field. And on that field are the remains of a boat. Yes, a boat in the middle of a field. No one's quite sure how it got there, but it doesn't really concern half the people. Me? I think it fell out of the sky. And it doesn't sound too crazy compared to the other objects that come out of there. Especially last month, when a refrigerator fell right onto the Grocery Store. But the townspeople and I learned to live with it.

Back to reality, I see a sign that reads 'Zoo: 12 Miles'. And then I remember who I am, and I run back in the direction of my home. My nest. My fucking reminder that I am not like them. I am different. I was on display for my capabilities to talk. To walk. Like a human. But I am not a human. Everyone knows that part. A name you want? I have none. Like the boat, I fell onto this land with nothing. And like the boat, I am displayed. Left alone but never really left alone. And I start planning to run away again, as the cycle of the day continues, I will return to my home to sleep, ready for another journey to the sign. The sign that reminds me who I am.