Chapter 1

The Worst Day

The worst day of my life was on a Wednesday. THE Wednesday. The most horrific Wednesday in the history of all of the seven day weeks I had lived through.

Let me explain.

THE Wednesday, February 12, 2011. It was a terrible day. I knew the second I woke up it was going to SUCK.

"Averie, it's eight o'clock. What time to do you have to be to work at?" My eyes snapped open and I stared at my alarm clock in shock. I always knew that piece of crap hated me.

"Seven," I cried, rolling out of bed, the face of my mother was filled with hidden amusement.

"Well, you're late," Was all she said before shutting my door. I could hear her footsteps trapeze down the stairs in their lovely early morning manor.

"Shit!" I cried, flipping open my cell phone. Twelve missed calls, all from The Store. "Mom!" I yelled, tearing through my dresser drawer for my uniform, "Where's my shirt for work?"

"I just put it in the wash!" I heard her call from downstairs.

"YOU WHAT?" My voice was filled with panic at the thought. I only had one shirt.

"It's in the wash!"

"TAKE IT OUT!" I called, ripping through my pants drawer for my black stretchy pair, and of course, they were dirty too, balled at the base of my bed, a huge mustard stain on the thigh. I settled for brown corduroy, (I know, shudder) and the last clean black tank top I owned. I heard my mother's huffing as she came upstairs, tossing my slightly damp work shirt on my bed before turning on her heel and cursing something about 'ungrateful children.' I didn't care about her feelings right now, all I knew was that I was late for work.

I managed to get down the stairs, yanking my hair into a ponytail as the sound of my alarm cut through the upstairs.

"Averie, shut that off!" My mother hollered from the bathroom.

"I don't have time!" I ripped a piece of gum out of the junk drawer and ran to my car, a solid half inch of ice plastered on the windshield.

I managed to scrape off about a two inch section, just big enough for me to see straight ahead. The ride to work was scary and I found myself more than once praying a car wasn't coming from the left as I barreled out into unknown territory. Snow was falling lightly, but the forecast called for an additional twelve inches by tomorrow night. The Store was going to be packed with desperate customers and screaming children, everything I hated wrapped up into one damn day.

Someone in the car to my left layed on the horn, and I gave him the finger as I cut him off, taking a yellow light at about sixty miles an hour. "If I make it through this," I prayed quietly, "I swear to never speed again. I swear."

After another four or five close calls with the ends and sides of random cars and six blown stop lights later, I had my eyes on the prize. The Store.

I barreled into the parking lot, cursing at all of the crazy people who came grocery shopping before a Nor'easter. I cut the engine, running pell mell for the entrance, only to find my way blocked by a teenage boy in a thick black trench coat.

"Can I help you?" I asked sweetly, plastering on my best fake 'I pretend I care, but I really don't give a shit' look.

"I've been waiting here for you for almost an hour! You're so late, it isn't even funny," I gave the boy a shocked expression, tearing my eyes away from The Store and the warmness seeping out of the revolving door.

"I am well aware of how late I am, and you aren't helping." I pushed past him, almost to the door before my way was blocked again, by the same black trench coat.

"I'm Reid Delco," He said, offering me his hand.

"So? Do I know you?" I asked, sidestepping him and finally making it to the entrance where I was instantly bombarded by my boss.

"Averie! Where the hell have you been? The lines are almost out the damn fucking door, you better have a good reason why you're late or I swear I'm going to fire you-"

"It was my fault, my car broke down and she helped me move it," I looked to the boy with the black trench coat, really looked at him. He was about 6'1 maybe 6'3, his black jeans and sneakers were damp, his mass of black curls were stuck to the side of his face. But despite everything, he looked absolutely gorgeous. One thing that was for sure, if I had ever met Reid Delco before, I would have damn well remembered him. He gave me a big goofy smile, his dark eyes lightened considerably.

My boss just eyed him darkly before managing a: "I don't give a shit, get to work Averie or I will make your mother sorry she ever had you."

I ran to register 10, switching on my light before frantically logging in, only to find my first customer was Reid Delco.

"Hello," He said sweetly, offering his hand, "I presume that your name is Averie?"

"What do you want?" I said angrily, smacking his outstretched palm away, but if that had upset him, he didn't let it show. His face was as expressionless as a white board, and he smiled as he placed his hand back by his side.

"You aren't going to introduce yourself? Or even thank me for saving your ass back there?" He cocked an eyebrow and I wanted to shove him out of my line. A frantic mother with two children was loading her cart of groceries on my belt, and I didn't have time to deal with this kid's shit right now.

"No I'm not going to introduce myself or thank you," I snorted, "The day that that man fires me is the day the fucking world ends. I am the best cashier that this place has and he knows it. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to ring these things up before Screamer A or Screamer B," I motioned to the childrens' quivering lips as their mother refused to add two Hershey bars to her already humongous order, "Starts to throw a temper tantrum."

I slid can after can through the scanner. The woman's order just kept coming, it was like she was preparing for a nuclear war, the amount of unperishables she had. I glanced frantically around for a bagger, but of course, they were all already at another register. Then my eyes locked on Reid, he was still standing here, looking at me like I was the bitch. Men.

"Well, if you're going to just stand there, could you at least bag or something?" He opened his mouth as if to retort, but then Screamer A let out an ear shattering wail, "I want the candy bar!" He shrieked, stamping his boots on the ground. Reid looked at the sight in shock before the mother turned her gaze to him, "What are you looking at?" She challenged, gripping her son's wrist and yanking him behind her.

"Nothing I-"

"Just bag will you?" I sighed, reaching for the Hershey bar that had magically appeared at the front of the belt. The little girl gave me a toothy smile before running back to join her brother.

He just nodded, trudging to the end of the belt where he began to throw can after can into the bag. I appreciated the fact he seemed to be working fast, in fact, he caught up with me and was waiting for the eggs as I slid them down the cool metal.

After what seemed like hours the woman finally came to pay, insisting that she had never added a Hershey bar to the order. I just sighed, "Sorry, but it's too late to take it off now." She rolled her eyes and handed the chocolate to her children with a resounded sigh.

I took her money and thanked her for ruining my entire day with her screaming kids. Just kidding, but I was thinking it.

The time passed by quickly and I barely noticed when Reid shrugged off his trench coat and stored it underneath my register. I did notice though, how hot he looked in his tight black t-shirt. It hugged his body perfectly, revealing a slim figure. His arm muscles bulged every time he lifted the ten gallons of water that people were insisting on buying. Like they wouldn't freeze if the power went out.

Finally, after six hours of register work, Bossman motioned it was time for my break. I flipped off of my light, beginning to walk to the break room before I heard a panting to my left. I glanced over quickly, surprised to see Reid.

"That is worker abuse," I said quickly, "God, I'm under eighteen, I'm supposed to get a break every two and a half hours. It's the law. And you know what? It's also the law I work under twenty hours, but that doesn't stop that bitter old-"

"Do I get a thank you now? I just worked six hours, and I don't even work here!"

I sighed, "Alright, thank you Reid Delco. Whoever you are. You can leave now, sorry for the inconvience. If you had other plans, feel free to tell them to come and talk to me. I really am in the mood to bitch someone out right now anyway."

"I didn't have any other plans. Not today anyway, just to talk to you."

"That's really creepy," I glanced at him, scared he might be a stalker or something. He didn't look like one, but seriously I bet Jack the Ripper didn't look like a serial killer either. "Who are you again?"

"Reid Delco."

"I know that," I sighed, wanting to smack him, "Do I know you or something?"

"Oh!" Reid cried, "I'm sorry, that was so rude of me! No, you don't know me, but I came to get you."

"Ha ha. Really? No offense, but please stay the hell away from me, you're creepy as all shit." I reached the break room, throwing my body onto one of the hard plastic chairs, I stretched my arms out, letting out a quiet yelp of pain as my shoulder snapped in an out of its socket.

"You like to swear a lot. You know that? My teacher always said swearing was so unbecoming on young ladies, he was right." Reid threw is body on the chair opposite of mine, stretching out his helplessly long legs. I cringed as what sounded like every bone possible in his body gave a loud crack.

"And my mother told me when creepy boys follow you home, call the police. So scram Dweeb."

"It's Reid actually."

"Oh, wow, do you see how much I care?" I plastered a big fake grin on my face before turning my attention back to the television which was frozen on Fox News. The weather man was droning on about how terrible the storm was going to get. Good thing he was always wrong or I would have been worried.

"I came all the way here to talk to you. Do you know how long it took for me and my teacher to track you down? Years, not months, years. You're a tough one to locate."

"And you aren't helping the fact I'm about a phone call away from calling security."

He sighed, "Teacher said that this wasn't going to be easy, but I had no idea you were such a raging bitch!"

"Awh, thank you Dweeb. Now seriously, leave. I'm not kidding this time." To show him how serious I was I reached for the phone, dialing the first couple of numbers..

He sighed, standing quickly. "Fine, but I'll be back. You'll talk to me eventually, I know you will."

"I wouldn't be so sure there hot stuff," I waved as he finally left the room, his dark eyes pulled into angry squints. There, take that Dweeb. Hot guys didn't always get what they wanted now, did they?

I sighed, glancing at the clock, had it already been fifteen minutes? I dragged my aching body up and back to my register, the never ending lines of people ceased to end even as the snow increased and Bossman announced The Store would be closing in ten minutes. It was like a mad dash to see who could make it to the register first and I found myself so busy I forgot all about Reid Delco.

Well, that was until I got out to my car and saw a note tucked into my windshield wiper. The paper was soaked through and the ink was barely readable as it had seeped down the paper in thin black lines.

See you soon,


Reid Delco

What a creep! Seriously! I managed to make it home in one piece despite the fact the snow was falling in sheets now, the black sky was even darker with the ominous clouds, threatening even more snow. Like we needed more.

God, I hated winter, although I hated summer even more.

When I got my wet and tired body through the door, my ears were instantly filled with yells from my mother. "Averie! Close the door, it's cold as hell outside!"

I slammed the door as loud as I could manage, just so she could see how much I appreciated her nagging before I even set foot in the house. I set two bags of groceries on the countertop (all you really needed in a snow storm was soup and crackers, don't let anyone tell you otherwise) as my mother bustled into the room, her hair tied back into pigtails, a pair of glasses perched daintily on her nose.

"How was work?"

"It sucked, like usual. I brought home some soup though, just in case something happened."

My mother snorted before answering, "Those weathermen are full of shit. Nothing will happen, I don't believe them for a second."

Do you see where I get it from?

I just rolled my eyes and went to my room, really needing a shower, what had it been two days? I was late to work yesterday too.

Like I said, my alarm clock despised me. The hot water felt amazing, that was until the power clocked out on me. Right in the middle of me washing my hair. Of course it did, right? I squealed as the cold water shot out, making me jump up and down while I screamed. I could hear my mother laughing from downstairs and I let out a string of curses directed in her directions before I slammed the shower knob off.

I wrapped myself in my robe, cursing each time my poor cold, sore feet touched the icy hardwood floors. I cracked open the door only to be washed over with the scent of vanilla.

My candle. My body stiffened at the thought that someone was in my room, lighting my scented candle. That was mine. I picked up the softball bat I kept tucked into the corner of my room just for this reason when my mother's yell carried up the stairs.

"Averie! Your friend Reid is here! I told him to wait in your room!"

"He's not my friend! He's an imposter!" I cried, scared for my life, I heard a faint chuckling from inside my room, but an even louder laugh from downstairs.

"Well, he's a sexy imposter!"

I fumed in silent anger, slamming open my door. "What the hell? How do you know where I live? And why did you light my candle? That's a HUGE no no Dweeby boy."

"Well because, a voice answered through the dark, "your room smelled like wet dog and cigarette smoke, and I know where you live because I've been looking for you for years, I told you that already."

"Please leave, seriously. You're scaring the hell out of me right now."

"Has anyone ever told you that you have the mouth of a truck driver?"

"Yeah, I've been told. Now get out," I held out the door for him to leave, shivering as a curtain of warm air blew in my face.

"I'm not leaving. Not until you listen to what I have to say first."

I glanced around, wondering what type of person let in some guy that her daughter didn't even know, but quickly stopped myself from screaming out for my mother to call the police. Reid hadn't really been terrible to me, what could be so wrong with listening to him talk?

Are you crazy? My sane side said. I could have sworn I saw Reid's startling white teeth smile at that thought, but he couldn't read my mind. What a creep!

"Fine. Talk, but make it fast, I'm dripping cold shower water and am not in the mood to listen to anyone talk, let alone you."

He snorted, and tossed something at me, "Here, put this on."

"What is it?" I asked, the fabric was soft and stretchy, it felt warm.

"The blanket off your bed. Now you can't complain that you are cold."

I struggled into my room, wiggling my butt as far up my bed as possible, searching frantically for a flashlight, my hand only tracing over my cell phone. It would have to do. I sighed, and flicked it open, casting it around, looking for Reid. I found him lying outstretched on my floor, his hands behind his head.

"Geez, just make yourself comfortable why don't you?"

"Thanks. I think I did," He gave me a huge smile, the blue light making his teeth look eerie.

"Okay, so talk please. You really need to leave me alone."

"Okay," He said.

"Okay? I said talk."

"I don't take orders from you," he barked, "I'm getting sick of your bitchy persona."

"You want to know something funny? Every other day, except for this one, I actually am a really enjoyable person to be around. You just caught me on a bad day. Lucky you."

"Why was it such a bad day?"

I sighed, if he wanted to know, then I was going to tell him, "Fine, if you really want to know, I was supposed to get up at six so I could shower and be to work at seven. I got up at eight, got to work for eight twenty and I almost died about ten times. I hadn't showered in two days because that," I motioned to my alarm clock, "hates me and never goes off at the right time, no matter how I set it. Then I ran into you, then Bossman, then to add to the joy of the male gender, I realized I was bloated, which made me hate you even more because you're a guy. So basically that's the low down, but don't tell anyone, I don't want to seem like a whiner or anything."

We sat in silence for a moment before he answered, "Well, that sounds shitty."

"It was shitty."

More silence, I was just about to ask him what he wanted again, but then be broke the silence himself.

"Okay, I'm ready to tell you my story. But you can't laugh, say anything, or judge until I'm done and show you legit proof that I'm not lying."

I cocked my eyebrow, but nodded anyway. "Whatever Dweeb. Talk away."

He let out a breath of air, "Okay, so a thousand years ago-"