Sorry for anyone who thought this was an update. I've been doing a bit of a revamp when it comes to my writing style starting with this story. When I sat down to write the next chapter, I decided to reread Alexa's story. This book as it stands is completely terrible, in my opinion. The characters are ill developed and the plot has some major holes. Basically, I couldn't write the next chapter because the first couple frustrated me so much. I've reworked the story a bit and tried to focus more on developing the characters of Alexa, her brothers, and Dominic. As of now I've been posting on the website . Anyone who is interested in reading the rewrite can find it there. The link to the story is: inkpop DOT com/ projects /109673/ the-youngest-malone / read-project /?chapterid=180759#chapter (Just remove the space and replace "DOT" with an actual dot.)

If anyone is interested I can post the rewrite on fictionpress as well. It's still about Alexa and her ridiculous older brothers. She still has the same kind of bantering relationship with Dominic and a growing relationship with Samantha (who just goes by Samantha or Sam instead of Ting). The biggest change will come about ten chapters in. Instead of Alexa's Mom coming back into her life, Alexa is going to hunt her Mom down to try and understand her family dynamic a bit better. I'd love some feedback from those of you who've read this story so far and I really do appreciate all of your support. I just don't feel like I can complete this as it is right now.

If you have any questions or concerns, PM me or reply to this note. I'd be happy to discuss it with you or hear any criticisms/ suggestions you might have.