Analyze Me

She was the expert and he was another subject but somehow they had just switched roles.

Chapter 2: Wonder

Another day.

Another hour.

Another doodle decorated my piece of paper.

As my head lies on my desk I listened to my annoying clock echoing in my ears. I contemplate just going ape-style, ripping it off my wall and jumping on it until I hear nothing but silence. A slow smile makes its way on face as I laugh lowly about my imagination.

"What's so funny?" He questions and I immediately look up to see him casually resting on the sofa like he owns the place.

"Darn I thought you left already." I say as I go back to my position and continue to doodle more stupidities.

"Are you bored Cassie?" He asks me and I'm wondering if that's a rhetorical question or not.

"Of course not." I scoff. "I'm smiling so widely right now, you just can't see it."

He snorts at my response and I do my best to shrug which from a distance looks like I did mini seizure. Sitting up I rest my head on the inside of my hand and stare at him, our meetings have become pretty scheduled and every time it was same thing. I am beginning to wonder if this was my sister's idea of a joke. We don't talk or at least when we do it somehow goes back to me.

Curious, I decide to test theory.

"Is this a joke?"

"Excuse me?"

I stare at him with narrowed eyes. It seems he is going to be difficult. "Answer the question Mr. Dering, are you fucking around with me?"

He raised an eyebrow. "In what way could I be doing this?"

I felt myself twitch. This guy is pretty smart if he believes he can mess around like that. I mean honestly, what kind of kiddie thing is that to answer a question with a question. My mind is spinning at how this is playing out. I'm the therapist damn it and there is no way I am going to let this pompous ass get the better of me.

"You look a little crazed." He commented pointing to my face.

"Not at all Mr. Dering it's quite the opposite." I muttered getting my things together.

He did not look convince however as he prompted himself up and watched me. I felt like and animal in a zoo up to be observed for countless of hours while little children pointed and made crude gestures. A shiver ran pass me just thinking what he could be imagining.

"Are you cold?" he whispered and I jumped when I see him behind me.

"Mr. Dering-"

"Elliot." He corrected.

I gave him a confused look. "Huh?"

"Just call me Elliot…Mr. Dering makes me seem old." He explained still having not backed away.

"No. That's just weird; I'll stick with your last name thank you."

He rolled his eyes. "Look, it's a just name why are you so difficult?"

I smiled at his irritation which is a lot better than his calmness.

"Exactly, since its just name you won't mind me using which one I prefer." I smirk.

"Cassie." He grumbled.

"That reminds me. Who in god's name gave you permission to address me like that? We aren't friends we have a professional relationship."

Suddenly a silence transcended between us and that's when I noticed what he has done. Without realizing it I was pinned to my desk…how awkward. Pouting I looked at him hoping he'd get the hint and move.

"Who said this needs to be professional?" He asks his voice dipping to a deeper level as if he had the means to seduce me.

Inside I am partly shocked at the seriousness he presented. It's as if I'm some sort of forbidden tree and he's some guy who came from far away just to see my bearings. In a way my analogy is a little misplaced, but at this moment I think it does justice to this situation. Fed up with his attempt to look desirable I decided to what I'm best at…which is to utterly shatter his confidence.

"You're new at this aren't you?" I say in a bored tone.

"New?" he questioned with a raised eyebrow

"You know this scene is cliché. You, the troubled male trying to seem dangerous and alluring, me playing the role of the alleged romance-craving female who is supposed to be melting and thinking about what this will lead to and finally my desk, who just somehow fits in all this."

"I don't think I quite understand." Elliot said with uncertainty as he took a step back.

"Oh it's quite simple Mr. Dering, you don't turn me on and thus your attempt was a complete failure and so now we stand here in utter embarrassment. This is more on your part because you initiated the first move when I, although being a female and do understand the primal instinct for sexual interaction, do not crave any whatsoever." I said patting him on shoulder, "don't worry by tomorrow it will be like it never happened." With that said I brush pass him and headed for the door.


I stare down at my lunch inquiring why I chose to eat in the cafeteria this time around. Everyone knows their food sucks, and some of the stuff they serve are leftovers…but from how long ago is always the surprise. Pushing away the disgusting plate of mush I sigh and lightly pulled on my strawberry blond tresses. Last night had been a nightmare; I don't remember how many times I woke up from dreaming about my latest patient. Although my plan did go accordingly something ate at me and I suppose my dreams are my Jiminy Cricket preventing getting any decent sleep.

"Well you look fresh this morning." Kari said plopping in front of me.

I groaned at her noted sarcasm. "You're quite the observer Kari, but thanks for joining me. Did you do as I asked you?"

"Yeah but I still don't understand. Not that I blame you because he's one hot piece of ass it's just so…so…not you?" She said trying to word it out in a way as to not offend me.

"Trust me Kari I know this but for reasons I can't divulge I do appreciate your help." I said as I took in the file.

"I won't tell." She insisted but I knew better. Just like that time when I first got my period. I told her to keep it quiet and what do know happens? The whole soccer team knew and left me a whole bunch of condoms. Apparently when a girl gets her period it means she's had sex. From that day on I don't tell Kari much of anything worthwhile.

"I believe you but until I'm sure of anything this will be our little secret hmm" I tell her smiling as I begin to read through his file.

It's not illegal. I am his therapist and these sessions are getting me nowhere. I needed to strike hard and get him to admit to something…anything! And this piece of classified information was going to do it.

"I wouldn't read that out here because our golden boy is behind you with his very appealing friends" Kari said as I turned around and turn to her words there he stood. Being a jock and surrounded by pretty girls twirling their hair.

"Once a jock, always a jock." I whisper going back to the file.

"Apparently if you stare at him long enough, you'll get an orgasm." Kari informed as eye stayed glued to him like a magnet.

"I'm guessing you're trying out this assumption."

"Rumors need answers and I'm ready to deliver." She said grinning as I rolled my eyes.

"Have fun while I do something more productive." I tell her but she's too far gone to hear me.

Going inside the building I opt to go to the library when I feel a hand on my shoulder. Stopping in my tracks my face cringed when I saw who it was. "Are we doing this again?"

"Cassie I think we need to talk." He wheezed out as pulled out his inhaler and took a breath. "I just want to understand. We're compatible in every way why won't you go out with me?"

I blew my bangs away and crossed my arms over my chest. Don Weinstein is president of the math club, president of the feel-good club and does many hours at the community center. In all a really great guy, he has been after me ever since my first year, I made the mistake of going on one outing with him which was a disaster and since then he believes I am his soul mate.

"Don, do I really need to repeat myself? I just can't see you as boyfriend material. Therefore, stop wasting your time and find someone else." I insisted desperately.

"But we have something you just need it to let it blossom!" He encouraged and I tired not to throw up at his choice of words. "You must let go of your denial and come to terms with your feelings."

"I'm feeling nauseous if you'd like to know." I mutter looking for a way out.


"I will not go out with you even if you beg me or are on your death bed! Truthfully our time together was an agonizing pain and if you care you won't put me through it." I said and I know I'm taking a leap using the guilt card but it needs to happen.

"Is there a problem here?"

I cursed when I heard the voice of my suppose knight in shining armor.

"This is between Cassie and I, don't interfere Dering." Don demanded trying to seem tough but that image was broken because…well its Don.

"From where I'm standing I think you're done or do you have a hearing problem too." Elliot said and I can already tell that he wants to hit Don.

"What are you doing?" I hiss but he doesn't answer me as the two keep glaring at one another. It was like I was back in kindergarten with two boys that need to take a time-out. Tiredly I decide to intervene "Well this has been lovely, Don I'm still refusing and if you care about your face you'll walk away."

"But Cassie I can take him." He said taking another breath.

"Don't kid yourself." I told him flatly before grabbing Elliot's arm and dragging him away.

Once we were far enough and out of Don's sight I snapped. "Just what the hell was that?"

"What do you mean? He was harassing you and I was in the process of kindly telling tell him fuck off." He explained.

"Oh really is that what you were doing? Honestly it just looks like two cavemen fighting to be boss. Besides I don't need you to be my bodyguard, remember what I said about professionalism?!" I exploded. Mind you a part of me was glad that he sowed up because maybe now Don will think twice before talking to me. However, the method was just so high school.

"Excuse me then for trying to be nice, you know most girls would be grateful and you—god you're getting upset for nothing."

"Oh so I should just throw myself at you like some brain dead bimbo." I sneered, but then exhaled when I felt a migraine take place "I can't do this right now and I'm going to get a coffee."

He let out a bitter chuckle. "You can't even stay and argue properly, god you frustrate me!"

I wanted to say that he did the same thing but held my tongue. "Is that all?" I asked annoyingly. Why is it males feel the need to prove who's manlier?

Elliot of course does not answer and continues to stare at me like he always does and once more I encounter an uncomfortable feeling. Making as clicking sound with my tongue I took a step towards the emergency stairs.

"I'll see you later." He said before I got chance too and turned back around and left.


Tic Toc

Tic Toc

Here I am again playing this stupid game of his. Today I am going to get some sort of answer or at least a reaction. If I play this card two things can happen, one he will seriously try to injure me or two just walk out. I don't even consider him acting rational, after all if it were me I'd be a unreasonable person myself.

"The things I do for work." I grumbled.

"What are you thinking about now?" Elliot questioned lying down comfortably.

"Who says I'm thinking, I could have just develop another self and are having a perfectly civil conversation with her." I told him casually.

"Then you shouldn't be in this type of business." He smiled and I cursed at how appealing I find it to be. I really need to go on a date.

Clearing my throat I open the file and skim over the information. Right now I'm having seconds thoughts, we don't exactly have security checking in here and there so if something happens I don't think I'll be rescued in time.

"Mr. Dering your mother was a stay at home woman right?" I begin. "Would you say you're relationship with her was…decent?"

He shrugged. "Yeah she was decent…as decent as any mother would be I guess."

I breathe a sigh of relief so far everything was pretty good. "What about your siblings?"

"Last I heard they were fine." He said curtly.

I notice there a shift in his tone; he's suspicious, meaning that the game might just be up before it even begins.

"What about your father?" I inquired.

"What of him?" His voice was a little lower than usual and I did the cross in my mind.

Clearing my throat I stood up and turned some pages from his file. "Well according to my file your father was a peculiar man. Is that why your mother abandoned you?"

"Stop it." He whispered.

But I didn't. "How many times did you and your siblings go to hospital?"

"Cassie, don't go there"

"Did she care? Did she ever call?" I asked as my voice went low, "Do the scars still hurt?"

My eyes widen when he suddenly picked my new, and not to mention expensive since I bought it off eBay Mario-shroom-lamp and crash it onto the floor. He didn't stop there though. It was as if I set off in tantrum mode, he just started to kicking and screaming until he stopped and looked at me.

His expression was something I was accustomed to seeing, he just looked so angry and hateful, and if looks could kill I would be rotting in hell.

"Never!" He spat as he pointed his finger at me, "never talk about my mother like that, or I swear Cassie I'll-" he didn't finish though as he let out an infuriated breath and walked out the room.

I couldn't sit down for the longest time; my heart is beating as if I had just run a marathon. My fingers are clenched the inside my palms and I think I might have caused some skin to tear. Slowly lowering myself to my chair I exhale and picked up the phone.

"Amy, could you call a janitor to my office? I've got a bit of mess on my hands."

Putting the phone down I let a low chuckle escape my lips. A complete inappropriate gesture considering what has just occurred, but finally after so many times of meeting each other, I think I've finally managed to make some progress. Only question is...

Is he willing to get help?

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