A Vision of You

A Vision of You

I find myself at the top of the waterfall.

The waterfall of my childhood, and I begin to fall.

The white frothy water surrounds my body as I plummet.

My pace slows and I begin to glide down, down, down. Farther and farther

I look around, frantically groping for something to grip.

And I see you, my love, the spark in my heart and the thorn in my eye, resting on a boulder.

I call out to you but you can not hear.

You can not see the love I throw at you, and you continue to stare into space,

Sitting on your rock, your platform in time

I accelerate again, and I reach up to grab you, I want to stay with you,

But it is not to be, and my hand misses merely rubbing against you,

…And I drift further down.

As you leave my site, I think I see a tear stream from your face,

But your blank gaze is unbroken and I continue to fall.

I know I will meet you again, somewhere down the waterfall,

We have met countless times before,

I thought you would be the one, and you will…

In some form, I know you will.

One day you will reach out too, and our hands will meet in mutual longing,

And you will pull me up,

And together we will sit on the rock, frozen in time,

And always Together.

It is you, always, and someday, forever…