First I was at the bar-
sipping one too many drinks.
The fire slipping down
-past my tongue-
setting me alight.

Then I got to the dance floor.
I felt the liquor
felt the heat.
I was melting down.

Meeting your eyes, across the room,
I could feel the spark,
the electricity in my veins.
Meet me halfway-
we'll melt together.

Meeting your eyes,
I saw you-
wanted you.
I need you.
I want you.
I want to lick you-
melt you
screw you-
fuck you

everything you.

Join me on the floor,
so we can melt together.
One less night of lonely,
replaced by heat.

Our bodies can mingle,
let our hearts melt to one.

Last we can be together-
singles melt to one.
Our nights can be filled
with fire.

A/N: This just kinda came to me one night when I was laying in bed and thinking... I don't really like my last stanza, but it felt like it needed to be wrapped up more...

I'm glad to be posting again, and it's making me realize I need to write more. 0.o

Thanks for reading, and as always, I'd love to know what you think! =)

~Caecilia Bellz