Zoe pushed her hair behind her eyes flickering on Zack as she scribbled some notes on her pad from the textbook she was searching through in the hazelnut eyes widened when she noticed he was looking back, a confident and cocky but crooked smile in slightly waved from his table a few away from her, miming 'hi'.Zoe blushed, miming 'hi' back laughed a little, receiving a stern look from Mrs Hewitt the librarian.

They both went back to their work in the library which was kept in total was the only time Zoe didn't like that started scribbling again, her blush slowly friend, Claire, shuffled slightly closer from her seat, her long brown hair tickling Zoe's neck as she whispered, "What's up?"

Zoe frowned, was her blush that noticeable?She kept working, whispering back, "Nothing."Even if she tried not to, Zoe's eyes kept flickering to Zack, the cute guy from a different was so handsome, pools of blue that were his eyes always seemed had a strong oval face, surrounded by long brown hair that was never neat.

Out of the library Zoe walked to her next lecture with were on a course together, quickly becoming friends and helping each other pulled her bag up onto her shoulder and she noticed Zack stood with a few of his friends heartbeat picked up as she recognised him, like it always did whenever she saw him.

As she passed him to go into one of the university blocks she looked at him, he was looking at blushed, looking down at the ground."Hey," He said, walking up to her.

"H-hi," She replied, glancing at stopped as he did, tuning to face him.

"I'm Zack," he continued.

"I-I'm Zoe," She smiled, brushing her blonde hair out of her face again.

"I have to go now, but would you like to do something one time?"

She paused, confused and in shock. He wanted to do something one time with me? "Sure."

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