Pure Midnight

I died twice in one night, each time the same.
He pressed himself against me, his hot breath stinging my eyes, "you know better than that, my dear." and then snapped my spine in half and I fell onto the pavement.
I waited for the sky to darken, for the heavens to part with my final breath, but the clouds remained gray and still.
He towered before me. "So it is written," he said and walked off to seduce the next victim.
And then I was flying down the stairs in my house, the walls and ceiling glowing an unearthly blue. I hovered in the living room, a beautiful youth standing before me with shining brown eyes, whispering, "I love you" and for some reason i shouted it back, although I knew he couldn't hear me. I flew out the window into the wind.
And then I was back, on that cold pavement under that awful sky, my bones burning and sweet bile building in my throat. Asking myself, "where is that light, that light with a million pictures flashing behind my eyes, WHERE IS IT?"
And I broke into tears. Because I already knew.