"You're going as the tooth fairy?" Chace questioned disbelievingly, as his little sister, Aggy stood before him with a bright bubble gum pink fairy costume. The costume had a large picture of a white gleaming tooth stuck to the crown. Her baby blue eyes lit up and her white alabaster dimpled at the cheeks. Her brown head of curls swayed slightly as she nodded simply. Chace didn't know what to say. His little sister was ridiculous, in his opinion. You have to be scary on Halloween. But, she was a 5 year old; not very smart. While he was a 6 year old; extremely smart.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed her arm, his blonde hair whipping in the wind. "Come on. All the candy will run out!"

Aggy giggled and hesitantly walked awkwardly down the stairs, her left hand gripping the wooden rail as her brother pulled her excitedly down the stairs.

Next door, Robbie, or Rob as he liked to be called was watching. His father was behind him, on the couch, drunk no doubt. Although, Robbie didn't know this, he just thought he was sleepy.

He watched them, smiling and laughing. He wished he could be there with them.

The girl was pretty too!

I can go with them, Daddy won't notice.

He got up and ran to their house with the intention of Trick-or-Treating with them. His little legs ran as fast as he could as his brown hair bounced up in down falling down to his ears. He smiled at them, "Can I come with you guys." His voice was full of cheer and anticipation.

"No." Snapped Chace, "I don't want to share." It was bad enough he had to share with his sister.

Robby's face drooped as Chace turned and yelled, "Come on Aggy!" He started walking by himself, waiting for his little sister to catch up.

"You can share my candy." Aggy whispered leaning towards Robbie, her lips just brushing his ear.

He smiled and nodded in acknowledgement and followed her along the pathway.

Chace spun around, turning to face Robbie and Aggy, his face pulled in to a firm frown. Jealousy took over him, "You can't be friends with a boy. Boys are only friends with boys."

He would never admit he was jealous that Aggy had made a friend and he hadn't, though.

He grabbed Rob's arm and pulled him towards himself. "You can come with me now." Aggy trailed behind them the whole night.

A week later they were pronounced best friends. Aggy was a third wheel. She always had been. She always was going to be.

Or was she?