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Aggy stood before the house, hesitating to take her first step into the front garden through the gate. Her hand was shaking slightly as she tried to open the gate. It was her first party. She had usually not come with Chace and Rob to parties because she thought going on drinking binges and then embarrassing making out with the neighbour's dog was not the smartest thing to do. Even so, she slowly turned the knob of the gate and walked in.

The party would be called a mess in Aggy's opinion, but to the rest of her fellow peers, including Chace and even slightly Rob, it was a raging party that looked like great fun. She sighed as she saw the girls in the hot tub drinking beer with out a care in the world, for that she was jealous. Not about fact that they were in a hot tub, but that they were carefree. Which is something Aggy could rarely say she was. I mean, she pretended to be on the outside, but on the inside she cared more about getting straight As than trying to impress boys. That was about to change, though.

She strutted up to the house, holding her head eye. She was going in, but she wasn't going to drink, smoke or end up making out with any one, or anything, especially not a pole (she had heard about that one from Rob).

Rob and Chace had let themselves in while Aggy had been deciding to go in or not and were off playing a drinking game somewhere, despite Rob's promise to be the safe driver tonight, Looks like we'll have to walk…

As she walked through the open door, she saw a staircase littered with beer cups and toilet paper (we will never know how it got there). Aggy rolled her eyes and turned to the living room, people were dancing, or what Aggy would call it, grinding against each other. She felt a shiver run down her spine and hoped she wouldn't be in that position tonight. She sat down onto a black leather couch that was only mildly littered with beer cups. She sighed and stared at the flocks of people dancing and chatting. A boy scooted over to her, "Hey!"

Aggy looked around as if he was talking to someone else, when she realised he was talking to her she smiled, "Hi!"

"Agyness, right?" he questioned her while giving her the look down.

"Yeah…" She furrowed her brow in thought, "Toby… right…" She looked at him hopefully.

"No… It's actually Tom…" He laughed, "Close though!"

Aggy smiled and blushed, why did I have to get his name wrong, She continued to blush deeper, now he thinks I'm an idiot! "Sorry…" Aggy smiled uneasily.

Tom laughed and held out his hand, "It's ok." Aggy reached out and hesitated as she shook his hand. It was warm and comforting. There was no tingle though, her pulse didn't race, there were definitely no fireworks. But he was perfect first boyfriend material. He had short cropped, but slightly shaggy brown-blond hair with brown eyes that sparkled ever so slightly. His nose was not too big but not too small and came to a perfect tip. His face was not masculine, but suited him anyway. He muscly built, or she thought he was muscly built from the t-shirt. He wasn't as half as cute as Rob, though.

She shook that thought out of her mind. She had to forget about him. For god's sakes he's your brother's best friend.

She overlooked everything that was going on in her mind and smiled, "Nice to meet you." They slowly pulled their hands apart, Aggy put her hand on the arm of this couch, tapping lightly on the arm, drumming to a song she couldn't remember the name.

"If you like Rilo Kiley, you'd love our band." Tom smiled as Aggy stopped and stared, she clicked her hand next to her head and pointed at her head.

"That's it!" She laughed, "Rilo Kiley! Portions for Foxes!"

"Yeah… I love them too! We are like the Blake Sennett aspect of Rilo Kiley."

Aggy's eyes widened with enthusiasm, "Really, I love it when Blake Sennett sings…" She paused for a second, "But that's not to say I don't love Jenny Lewis and the rest, 'cause I do!" She smiled and laughed.

Tom laughed, "You should check out my band though, seriously!" He paused and smiled, "I'm a lead singer."

Aggy smiled at his charm and shook her head trying not to laugh, deciding how she would respond. She decided to let loose, "I don't know…" She smirked, "You'd have to prove to me you're really good."

Tom laughed and pulled out his wallet. He pulled out of his wallet a small card and a pen writing down a time. "Next week, at this place." He pointed to the logo of the bar, "8 o'clock, this time next week. We're The Elected by the way!"

Aggy nodded and graciously took the card tucking it into her bag. "I think I can make it!" She smiled and continued to chat with him.

Rob scowled at Aggy and Tom laughing, he didn't like it at all. He was heavily flirting with her and she wasn't even noticing it.

What if she's flirting back? Rob continued to shake off ideas that weren't true. Of course she was flirting with him, how could she not. He's a lead singer, and a good one at that. He cringed again, he couldn't stand it anymore. Chace would definitely have something to say about this, there was no way he would let her go and flirt with some lead singer. He'd kick that guy's ass. Rob made his way to the kitchen where Chace was flirting with a girl who was in a bikini, she was slurring and laughing at nothing, so he guessed she was drunk and wouldn't mind if he borrowed Chace for a second. "Hey man." He waved at Chace, "Can I talk to you?"

Chace nodded and followed him to a side courtyard, "What is it man, I was going to get something!"

Rob rolled his eyes and continued to speak, trying to find words to explain what he saw, "Some guy's hitting on Aggy." Rob cringed, "It's that lead singer, Tom. He looks… you know…" Chace laughed.

"Whatever. I don't care, I just wanna go back to that girl, she was hottttt…" He paused, "She's fine. She's a big girl, she showed me that with her outfitttttt…."


"Come on… Tom's good, he'll take care of her."

"No… he's a lead singer." Rob lowered his voice, "And there's always groupies."

Chace laughed again, "Tom's not like that. He couldn't and wouldn't even hurt a fly."

"Yes, he would… and Aggy's more fragile than a fly."

"Aggy is strong." Chace said sternly and then shooed Rob away, going back to the drunk girl who had continued talking to the wall.

Chace slid against the wall directly in front of her, "Now where were we…" Rob took a deep breath and sighed, Aggy can't date Tom…

"Guess what…" Aggy ran up to Chace and jumped up and down excitedly, "I'm going to a gig." She laughed and squealed, "A gig, can you believe it?"

She smiled and looked at her brother who was slouching slightly, his lip drooping slightly, "That's great!" He slurred, "Tom's band, right? They're good!"

His eyes half closed and he slightly collapsed and put his arm around Aggy's shoulder, it was dark and she had to find Rob. She dragged Chace around by his neck hoping to prop him slightly upright.

She searched around the living room and the kitchen. He wasn't there. She climbed up the stairs hoping he wouldn't be in one of the bedrooms doing something (you all know what she thought). She breathed a sigh of relief, as she found he was not there. She walked down the stairs and walked out the door and saw Rob sitting against the fence, his eyes were almost rolling back into his head and his arms were flayed all over the fence.

Aggy sighed, she would have to pull two fully-grown guys, who were in fact quite large and muscly two miles home in the dark at 2 o'clock in the morning. Thank god I can sleep in tomorrow! She decided it was best to not get pissed off at Rob, though he was meant to be the safe driver, in the morning because the hangover would be punishment enough. She smiled at the fact that she wouldn't have to shout at him; she didn't want to strain her voice and sound like a train wreck for that 'Cats' audition.

She groaned again, what song am I going to sing? Not memory, there's too much build up… She pulled Chace and Rob over her shoulders and dragged them out the gate. It was dark and she could hear owls, shadows of cars and trees looming over her, she groaned and pulled again at Chace and Rob. "Come on guys, it's time to go home."

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