"Kadate, the girl has seen us… what shall we do now?" Mitso said, looking out the window of their air ship. (other wise known as a Ufo.)

"I am very well aware of that, Mitso….. Bring her up here, she seems to be in shock at the moment, once we have her we can wipe her memory's so she'll never know she saw us."

"But Kad, she's only a child… possibly a teenager…"

"NO EXCUSES!, She has seen our ship, she'll go off and tell everyone that Aliens really exist and we don't want that to happen, now do we?!" Kadate said more sternly this time, making Mitso cringe at his voice, then he walked over to the control panel and pressed a big red button, which made a blueish light ray appear around the girl, named Saiu Matsuyama.

Then she had been lifted from ground and appeared in front of Mitso and Kadate.

She had got knocked out of her shock once she had been set standing in front of the two Inhuman creatures that looked just like normal humans.

"W-who are you?!, why is your…. thing… flying,.. but it has no wings.. no.. engines… what are you?" Saiu said stuttering, slightly yelling from her fear then collapsing onto the ground, Mitso and Kadate looked down at her, then Kadate spoke,

"The question is, who are you… and why where you here at this time, and how in the world did you see our ship?! it's invisible to all humans!"

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes, which made Mitso turn to Kadate and hiss,

"Now look what you've done, you've made the poor girl cry!."

Then she walked over to Saiu and knelt down by her,

"Shh, sweetie, don't cry… we won't hurt you, please forgive him, he's not very nice, epically about humans…" She said oh-so-motherly-like. as she put her arm around Saiu.

"Humans… dose that mean your not?" Saiu said quietly, still sobbing.

Mitso looked up at Kadate who looked back with a evil stern glare, which Mitso ignored.

"Yes… we're.. not humans.. we're aliens…" She said, looking into Saiu's eyes,

"Oh…. that's what I thought… but.. you don't look like aliens… you look like normal humans…I thought you where suppose to be green and have huge black eyes and antennas…." Saiu trailed off.

"Those are just silly human myths, my dear sweet girl…" Mitso said smiling, and softly touching Saiu's cheek.

"I know you don't want me to tell anyone that I've seen you,.. you'll probably erase my memory… but let me tell you this… I've seen things like this before, not just alien ships and non normal things, I can sometimes see…things other's cant…" Saiu trailed off.

Mitso looked at her, surprise in her eyes.

"I promise, I won't tell anyone, no matter what…Trust me, I'm different then others… he said that your ship was invisible, but I saw it…clear as day… once when I was 7, my grandma died, and about a week after I saw her walking in a park, it scared me at first, but she came up to me, smiled at me and told me she loved me, I tried to hug her but when I did I went strait threw her, -she was a ghost.. but to me she looked like any other person in the park, she didn't look transparent, like a ghost should… but she looked real, then a couple years later, my bestfriend Mark died in a car wreck, same thing happened, about a week later he appeared in my room, we talked and played like he was alive, but I knew he wasn't, he could touch and pick up things, he could touch me, but I couldn't touch him I just passed right threw him when I did… after a couple of years I got used to it, because it happened a lot, but the ghosts weren't scary and mean like people say their suppose to be, like the paranormal people say, that they hold grudges on some people so after they die they go and haunt them, but that's not true, at least with the ghosts I've met, they've all been so nice to me, protected me… like they had to, but it all made no sense to me, I mean I'm just a normal 15 year old girl….." Saiu said quietly, leaning her head on Mitso's shoulder.

"Oh…. Well my dear your very special… I think, no I know we can completely trust you with out secret, no matter what Kadate says, I trust you… if we let you go, what will you do?" Mitso said calmly, standing up and helping Saiu up.

"Go on normal, like nothing happened… but… I like you, Miss, Mitso… your kind to me.. and I'd like to… be able to keep in touch with you, like some of the ghosts I meet -that happen upon me- they come and visit me once in a while…" Saiu said, a tear falling slowly down her face, Mitso wiped her tear and pulled her in for a hug, then she pushed Saiu back, turned around and went and grabbed a little round, remote kind of thing, she walked past Kadate who was sighing and mumbling 'shouldn't trust her.' but Mitso ignored him hit him on the arm while passing him, then walked and stopped in front of Saiu.

"Here my dear, take this… and we'll -at least I'll - always be with you." she smiled warmly, handing Saiu the circle remote-like-thing, Saiu looked up at her, tears in her eyes and smiled.

"T-thank you… Mitso… it means a lot to me.." then she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Mitso's waist and hugged her tightly, Mitso also put her arms around Saiu and hugged her back softly.

"Now my dear, you must go, it is late… your family is probably worried about you.." Mitso said softly stepping back a step away from Saiu.

"Wait Mommy!…. you never got her name!" a little boy came running into the room, he had brown blondish hair and he looked to be in his teens.

"Your right, Shinichi…" Mitso smiled, looking down at the boy who came to stand beside her.

"Oh, by the way, this is my son, Shinichi, Shin for short…" she said smiling at me,

"Nice to meet you, Shin… I'm Saiu… Saiu Matsuyama…I'm 15." she smiled, stepping towards them.

"What a pretty name…Saiu.." he smiled, stepping closer to Saiu, and examining her closely.

"Yes, quite a pretty name." Mitso smiled.

"Momma, can I get my cell phone… and give my number to her… I'd like to know more about Humans… epically her." he smiled up at her.

"Sure, Shin.. go ahead." Mitso said smiling back, at that Shin ran back to where he came from and came back seconds later with a little silver phone in his hand.

"Here, I'll give you mine, you give me yours and we'll put each others numbers in them." he smiled, stepping up to Saiu and handing her his phone, she quickly got out her black iphone and handed it to him.

They both put their numbers in each others cell's , took pictures of each other to put in when they call each other, he handed her back her phone and she handed him back his, she smiled bowed her head and said,

"Thanks.. I look forward to talking to you, and learning more about you."

He smiled back, stepped closer to her then wrapped his arms around her and hugged her, then whispered in her ear,

"Same, I can't WAIT to learn more about you… and everything."

then he let go of her, smiled then leaned in and kissed her cheek which made her blush, he went and stood back next to his mother, who smiled at Saiu.

"Thank you very much… for being so nice, and for not erasing my memory…. Well, goodbye.. for now."

Saiu smiled, then turned around and went back to where she had been earlier, Mitso walked back to where Kadate was, and pushed a little red button, and Saiu disappeared, back down onto the ground, she stood there looking up at the ship, then she saw a window and Shin was pressed up on it, waving to her.

She smiled and waved back, and with a flicker of their lights they took off, back into the stars.

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