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Monday Mornings


Monday morning I stepped inside school, scarf wrapped around my neck, hands hidden in finger gloves and still shivering in my red school jumper, black blazer and stockings. Not two seconds of welcoming the warmth of the building I was tackled by Cassie, who was way too chirpy and happy for a cold winter's Monday morning.

"Watch the drink." I glared at her, motioning to my precious hot chocolate. I was sleep deprived and had been kept home all weekend by my parents who were bent on me getting straight A's until I finished school, which wasn't for another year and a half. The consequence of being allowed to go out with Lukas, every second weekend I spent at home studying.

"Drink! Drink and walk!" She continued merrily, her blonde curls tossing this way and that, her blue eyes wider than I had ever imagined possible. Cass grabbed my free arm and started to drag me towards the couches us juniors exploited.

I plonked on one of the couches and rested my warm drink between my frosted fingertips. Perching on the corner of the nearest couch facing me, she told me the story of her Saturday night fun, while I sat only half listening, envious of her freedom and joy.

"Nellie!" She exclaimed waving a tiny hand in front of my blank face. I blinked myself reluctantly back into reality.

"Weren't you listening to me?" She badgered me. Her puppy dog eyes making me feel guilty I replied,

"Sorry, I'm just really tired. Start again." I managed to form an apologetic smile, and back she started from the beginning.

"Well, you know how Caitlyn had a party on Saturday?" I nodded.

Lukas wanted me to go with him, everyone's going to be there, he had said, but of course I couldn't. Due to that one condition of allowing me to go out with him – even if my parents knew it was only to get another girl off his back.

"So I went, and so did like everyone else, I swear I have never seen so many people in one place before! Well okay, maybe at like a concert or something – ohmygosh, like when we were at that concert and Tommy Lee was playing the drums. Damn he is so hot." She added on a random tangent, as she was prone to doing. As interesting as her stories were, you often only had to listen to a few sentences to hear the whole thing; otherwise you would be hearing her entire thoughts the whole time.

I raised my eyebrows and catching my look she understood.

"Right, back to the story! Um, so anyway," she trailed off and checked her watch for the time. We had 5 minutes before the bell rang.

"Okay!" Cass continued hurriedly. "I met this really cute guy! Well, actually he's way more than cute, try fuck-me-now hot, but – sorry, sorry!"She apologized as I raised my eyebrows again.

"And so we were sitting on the couch and I think he had maybe a little too much to drink, but so did I so..." I coughed and raised my eyebrows again, giving myself a headache – I should really stop raising my eyebrows. When has Little Miss Cassandra never got drunk at a party?

"...So I was drunk! So what! That is irrelevant!" She flipped her hands around as I laughed at her; we heard the bell overhead and started to head to our lockers.

"The long and the short of it is, we were talking and then we hooked up and I really, really like him!" She ended her story with a flourish.

Now, it's not that I don't believe her, in fact I believe her entirely. However, when it comes to the liking of the said guy, or any guy for that matter, it's a different story. Oh sure! She likes him, for now at least. But come next weekend there'll be a new guy and a new hook up and the old guy will be forgotten!

I smiled at her disbelievingly; shaking my head I grabbed my books from my locker and turned back to her.

"And how many guys have you 'really really' liked this year already?" I asked her teasingly.

"Nope, this is different. I think I really like him, Nel." She stopped in front of my as she said this and her big blue eyes shone with honesty.

I sighed and inwardly consented to play her game, "Okay, so what's his name?"


"I thought you said you were talking!"

"Well not about unnecessary things like that!" She replied defensively.

"You are completely mental." I stated, swinging into my own homeroom class while she stalked off to hers.