You were my guide when I was lost

You were my beacon when all light was gone

You were the sun in my rainy day

You were the warmth in my frozen heart

You did so much for me

Yet in the end you went away

What did I do that caused that

How did I fail you so

I gave you all I had

Yet it was obviously not enough

But I couldn't give you all of me

I didn't have it all to start with

I tried my best to love you

As much as you loved me

But in the end you left me

I know I let you down more than words could say

I couldn't give you my whole heart

My heart no longer beat

But how could I give my heart to you

When another had already destroyed it

You deserved more than a broken friend

You deserved much more than a broken heart

You were my brother when I needed comfort

You were my friend when I needed guidance

You were my lover when I needed love

You gave me all yet I couldn't give you my whole heart

In the shadows you were my angel

You pulled me from my void

You help me mend my heart again

You helped to make me whole

But before I could finally give my heart to you

What happened mere words could never tell

I do not understand all this

What happened, went wrong, changed all

For two days you were a stranger

Four months you were my friend

Six months you were my lover

My ultimate best friend

I'm sorry that I failed

I'm sorry I let you down

I promise I'll be there for you

Whenever you need me next

Now that you've mended me

I'll tend to your wounds now

Whenever you need a sister I'll be there to comfort you

Whenever you need a friend I'll be there to help you through

And whenever you need a lover I'll be there to love you always

For you've given me a heart again

A heart that's truly whole

I can finally give you everything

Everything that I've got I give to you

Please take this dear heart of mine

Treasure it and keep it safe

For I know that I will love you

Forever and always